1993 Eagle Vision TSi from North America


More trouble than it is worth


Driver's seat won't adjust properly.

Knocks when driving and really bad when turning.

Overheating when driven for only a few miles.

General Comments:

I love the car itself. It is a nice car and very pretty for a 4-door.

However with all the problems I am having, I am ready to just junk it.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2005

1993 Eagle Vision TSi 3.5L from North America


What a Dream


Ever since my sister had purchased this car from a friend back in 1997, we never really had any major problems with it... until recently. I am in the United States Marine Corps and just recently had a bad vehicle experience. My previous car was stolen and then burnt. For a while I drove my wives car, but we were definitely in need for a second car since I would be at work most of the day and she would not be able to accomplish anything without a car. So my sister had decided to give me her car. The only drawback was that she had added a fair share of miles to the car since the last time I saw her.

Little did I care since I am a mechanic and there was over 1000 miles of test strip between my sisters house and Base. I put back 930 miles before the timing belt tensioner snapped both bolts off and was launched down the highway as I was doing roughly 85 mph.

Since we had just replaced the water pump and it is in the same area, my father and I just figured that we tightened it too much. not only was it a pain to find that part, but it was also a nightmare to get what remained of the bolts out of the block. Three days later the part was found, the bolts were pulled and the car once again ran like a sewing machine.

General Comments:

The car itself still looks stylish and was well-maintained by my family and on rare occasions was driven hard. Once I started driving it and pushed it a little more, I discovered a side of this car that I had never seen. On the mechanical side it is really easy to work on since it is a front wheel drive car, but the engine sits as if it were a rear wheel drive. a Spark plugs, Wires, and Sensors are accessible. The rest of the car is easy to work with also. So far I replaced Struts, Shocks, Brake Disks and Pads, Starter, Alternator, Timing Belt, Plugs and Wires, and the fuel level sending unit. Considering the mileage of the vehicle, these things were not particular mandatory, but with a family of five, I'd really hate to get stuck on the side of th road knowing I could have prevented it. To all other Eagle Vision Owners, enjoy the ride and maintain it, to all those thinking about becoming an Eagle Vision Owner don't reconsider. It is a beautiful car with all the luxuries of a cadillac, and the handling of a sports car.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2004

4th Dec 2006, 06:14

The reviewer is absolutely correct. These are great cars. Mine was one of the original Vision Ts-i's, purchased new off a dealer's lot in the summer of 1993. It is now 13 years old and has over 262,000 miles on it and it looks and runs as well as it did when new. Minimal maintenance has been needed. Road handling is superb. I am aware that any vehicle with this much mileage on it may start to become too costly to keep, but I thought the same thing 100,000 miles ago and I am starting to really appreciate just how solid this machine really is.

1993 Eagle Vision TSi 3.5 liter SOHC from North America


A first car you will keep forever!


This car was wonderful when I took over the payments from my dad. I'm rough on cars, so it's stood up pretty well for what it's gone through.

Every January it finds a reason to become too expensive to keep on the road. I don't exactly have a lot of money to spend on car repairs, being in college. If I made $30000 a year, I would be very satisfied with its reliability and cost of ownership.

I have to replace the tires once a year (my fault). It's just too fun to spin tires and win a race at the same time.

The transmission went at 70k miles, just like every other 3.5 liter Intrepid. My dad had it replaced for free through a 3rd party warranty company. Funny how Chrysler's current warranty is to 70k miles... Every Intrepid owner I know has their transmission last if they change the fluid regularly and have a cooler installed. 95 and up have the cooler stock.

I killed the engine by Evel Knieveling into the side of a hill, cracking the oil pan, then driving it again without watching the oil level. At a Chrysler dealership, for $62/hr I had my engine replaced with a used one. $2600 for a 60k mile 3.5, parts and labor. The only way you can kill this engine is to run it without any oil or any coolant.

Right now the car needs tie rod ends and lower ball joints. Quoted $450 parts and labor. These parts have stood up very well, considering 12 years on the road, and... well... me.

General Comments:


If you drive this car as your first car, you will be disgusted and disappointed with every other car you ever own.

Everyone in my family is about GM except me. Why? This car was VERY well thought out.

The body style and chassis are superb. No other 1993 model car is anywhere near as curved and styled as this car. The fully independent front and rear performance suspension is a definite plus. Drive this car, then drive a 93 Lumina or Cutlass, and you can tell which is superior right away.

The engine has great get up and go. A little wheel spin is a problem if you tramp it from a red light, but on 2 lane and 4 lane highways, watch out! For the even more power hungry, this car also offers more upgrade options than other 4 door sedans. dodgeintrepid.net

This car is very easy for the home mechanic. In the engine bay, everything is in a place that makes sense. All 6 spark plugs are accessible from the top of the engine. The oil is easy to change yourself with ramps. When you buy a Haynes manual for the car, it only covers 2 engines (not 5 like a GM W-body), so they can cover them in more depth.

Sitting in the car, you can see everything extra you would want in a car. CD player, A/C, power everything, trip computer, cruise control, tach, electronically shifted transmission, leather seats...

A sweet body shape, AND you can see out the back window - imagine that.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2004

1st Jul 2006, 23:54

You're certainly right about the Vision being a fantastic car. It was my first car and (even though the a/c didn't work) I absolutely loved it. It was stolen after only a year-and-a-half and I have owned two Intrepids since then. As much as I enjoyed them both, I still crave the opportunity to own another Vision.

6th Mar 2008, 16:03

I agree with you both. The vision was and still is my first car. I have had it for over two years now and it is working exceptionally well, especially since it has 240,000k on it. Overall, they are fairly well engineered cars. Comparable I dare say, to the Japanese.

10th Aug 2009, 22:00

The phrase "A first car you will keep forever" really caught me eye, because that's exactly what mine is. My parents leased it new & then decided to buy it. It has made countless trips from Kentucky to Georgia, Florida Texas, and back. When it came time for my mom to get a new car (in 1999), I couldn't bare to part with the Eagle. So it has been "mine" since I was... about 11. I am 21 now and it has been my only car. I fully intend to keep it forever, even when it's not really drivable anymore.