2013 Fiat 500 Abarth 1.4 turbo from North America




The car has been very reliable so far. We have noticed that it will pop out of reverse gear when backing up, every once in a while. We are keeping an eye on this and may bring it up to the dealer when we bring it in for service. It could be nothing, or perhaps an adjustment is needed to the linkage. In the worst case, it could be a syncronizer in the transmission.

The metal body seems to be very thin and prone to dents/dings. We have one or two already. Plus, when washing the car, I notice that very little pressure is needed before you start to "push down" on the roof. It seems very flimsy.

The quality of the hands free may not be good. When my wife calls me from the car, the sound is poor. Not sure if it is the car or her cell phone. Calls straight from her cell are OK, so I think it may be the car.

The ride is very choppy and those who are prone to motion sickness may suffer, especially as a passenger. This isn't as bad when driving. I think it is a combination of the short wheel base, sporty stiff suspension, high center of gravity, and tendency to roll/lean in corners.

General Comments:

My wife and I bought this new in the winter of 2014 as a dealer left over from 2013. We considered other cars like the Mazda 3, but found none offered the bang for the buck that the Abarth did. There are roomier, faster, more reliable cars out there, but none offered the same level of excitement in our opinion. It looks and sounds like an exotic car! There is no better exhaust note this side of a Ferrari. This car has a very big "bark", and with a red exterior and red leather interior, it's very flashy, too. We have 2 tall teenagers and the car fits my short wife and the kids just fine for the commute to school. We deduced that the kids could "tough it out" if things were tight, because they would be gone in a couple of years and we will still have the Abarth. LOL.

The car has a short wheel base, so the ride is firm and choppy. We did not realize this during the test drive, because the dealer took us on a windy road. But, after the purchase and on a smooth highway, we could notice a lot of porpoising. It is a very sporty ride, firm, somewhat harsh. It fits the nature of the car so it's OK, but took us a little by surprise. We've gotten used to it to the point where it doesn't bother us now. In fact, we recently took it on a 700 mile road trip and it performed very well, getting about 30-33 MPG.

You sit relatively high in the car and the seat is high off of the floor. It's like sitting in a dining room chair rather than a low slung lounger. And, your right knee sort of rubs on the hard console. There is a huge blind spot to the left rear. You MUST use the side view mirror to know what is back there. Looking over your shoulder is a waste of time. Not a big problem when you are used to it, but it took an adjustment for me.

It seems to consume about 1 quart of 5/w40 synthetic oil every 3,000 miles or so. This is the most expensive oil you can get at the local auto parts store right! It's about $12/quart!

We get lots of compliments about the car. Some, from people who don't know what it is. Others didn't know it came with the cool sounding exhaust on it.

There are a few other pocket rocket cars in the same sort of market that come to mind; Cooper S, Fiesta ST, GTI. They are all great cars in their own right, but none can really claim to be a Pocket Exotic like the Abarth can.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2014

16th Nov 2014, 04:53

Very nice review :)

The oil consumption seems reasonable. The reverse disengagement, not so much. If the shift linkage is properly adjusted, that leaves you with a bad transmission. Typically, when I encountered a transmission that would jump out of gear, the trans was worn. In your case, I think you should bring this to the attention of the selling dealer. This trans is too young for stuff to break ;)

3rd Apr 2015, 09:04

Having been a Pop owner, now a Sport owner and still loving my 13 Sport, I am considering an Abarth after taking a test drive not long ago. I am in love with Fiats after owning two of them. Not a single complaint so far. I just liked the "growl" and extra kick from the Abarth, so that will be my next car. I understand they are not for everyone, but I'm hooked.

2013 Fiat 500 Sport Multi air from North America


Most fun car to drive on the market



General Comments:

After putting a bit over 13,000 miles on my 500 Pop, I decided a wanted a black Sport model instead of my red Pop. I had zero problems with my Pop, just wanted a black Sport model. I was offered a deal that I could not believe or refuse, so the exchange was made without hesitation.

There are not many changes between the Pop and the Sport; the Sport has more comfortable seats in my opinion, with the sporty look, it has fancy low profile tires, a rear spoiler, stiffer suspension, and seems to be a bit more peppy.

I have fallen in love with the 500 over the past couple of years, and like passing up gas stations. They start out getting 38 MPG until broken in (around 2,000 miles), then the fuel mileage keeps getting better. I was getting 42 MPG on my Pop.

My local Fiat dealer is the best dealership I have ever done business with, and will buy my next 500 from them, without any doubt.

It is the most fun car that I have ever driven; plenty of power, and holds the roads like it's stuck to them.

The rear seats fold down for extra storage.

These little cars are built so solid that it is amazing. I would not even consider buying any other brand car; that is how much I am impressed with the Fiat 500.

Also, my Sport has metal flake paint and is absolutely beautiful. You would never regret buying a Fiat 500; it is the best value for the money on the market today.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2014

29th Jun 2014, 20:18

I gave the review on the black 500 Sport. Less than 1000 miles on it and guess what? I'm sitting in my Fiat at a store lot, when a car drives by, one of their wheels came completely off, rolled and hit the passenger side of my 500 Sport so hard that it shook my whole car. I'm afraid to even get out to check the damage, it hit so hard. After checking, very closely I might add, there was not a dent, not even a scratch on my 500. These little cars are built like a rock!

This is no joke. I sure do like my Fiat!

12th Oct 2014, 06:51

Just an update on my 2013 500 Sport (black). I took it to a closed airport runway in a rural area, wanted to open it up as per the manual. I got it up to 125 mph, very quickly I might add. It had plenty of gas pedal, but thought that 125 was enough for one day so I backed off. Speedo says max speed is 140, and I have NO doubt that it will do it. Even at 125 mph, the 500 Sport felt extremely solid, safe and quiet. What a fantastic little car. Once the secret gets out, you will see more and more of these gems. Mine averages 42 MPG, mixed driving. Love the Fiat 500 Sport. Best of the 500 series, no doubt.

30th Dec 2015, 04:29

Just a quick update on my 13 Sport. Going on 13,000 miles and could NOT be happier with it. NO problems at all, the fun factor keeps going up. Never get tired of driving this little car. No doubts, my next car will be a Fiat, either another 500, or maybe a Spyder, which is coming out in the summer of 16. If you are thinking of getting a Fiat, you will NOT regret it... true story.