1998 Fiat Brava SX 1.6 from Norway


Underestimated car

General Comments:

Great car, good design and very good engine for just a 1.6.

The car is spacious and takes a lot more luggage than many other cars in its class.

The biggest problem for Fiat in Norway is bad customer service at some of the Fiat dealers. Fortunately Fiat cars are so good today that I seldom have to visit my dealer between the service intervals.

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Review Date: 14th November, 2000

1998 Fiat Brava SX 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Bad, bad, bad, I'd rather walk everywhere, and I'm disabled


Intermittent engine cut out at low revs, dealer unable to trace the fault. Despite more than 12 attempts at a remedy, inc. 4 TDC sensors, revs still drop off the bottom at idle.

Noisy, whiny, rattly engine - sounds like a diesel when cold.

Windscreen washer pump broken and replaced 3 times, needing a tailgate cover replaced first time as Fiat bonded it to the rear window.

Car pulls to left under braking.

Rattles and squeaks from interior trim.

FFSR drips.

Battery drained and went flat for no reason. Not repaired, problem went away.

Passenger side electric window slows and sticks.

Needed new exhaust at 10 months/8000 miles.

Another at 24 months/15,000 miles.

Radio suppression poor and deteriorating.

Gearbox clunky and difficult to engage 1st and reverse. It's often dropped out of 1st when pulling off.

General Comments:

Don't go near these cars. I've previously owned 3 Fiats - never again. It's underpowered, unreliable, expensive to run for what it is and has no redeeming features.

Hell, even visibility is appalling, rear mirror is useless with rear head restraints fitted, and the front pillars are so thick they're almost dangerous.

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Review Date: 24th September, 2000

14th Mar 2001, 13:50

Totally agree with comments on the front (and rear!) pillars. I've nearly taken out several other road users in a Brava, without ever seeing them coming. Scary!

26th Oct 2001, 19:30

Yup, I pulled out in front of a guy who was hidden in the Fiat's blind-spot/pillars. I now hate this car. Gearbox - BOOM - 40k miles??? That's bad.