10th Mar 2008, 07:56

It is surprisingly well planted on the road, but the steering is quite light making faster lane changes feel nervous. It is certainly more stable than the Berlingo.

Long motorway journeys are reasonable as the seat has multi adjustment allowing you to get comfy and wind noise is acceptable apart from around the huge mirrors, which can whistle a touch in a crosswind. The hard rear suspension is horrid over bridge expansion plates as it thumps and jars the car.

The Berlingo is more comfortable and relaxing on longer runs, but the Doblo is perfectly fine, and more stable in an avoidance/swerving event.

I bought mine from a very large dealers in Aylesbury who sell 30 a month and could not be beaten on the price.

If you need carrying capacity with reasonable economy, and cannot spend more, I would recommend either the Doblo or Berlingo diesels.

2nd Jul 2008, 09:33

See various recent comments on 2004 Berlingo "like a badly..." thread-contains comparisons between Doblo and Berlingo, and notes alternatives and further advice on Doblo engine choice.

28th Jun 2009, 04:07

Just wondering if there is any way of curing the wind whistling noise coming from the mirrors on the Fiat Doblo, as it is very annoying. Thanks a lot.

24th Mar 2010, 15:34

The mirrors are large and are in the strongest wind blast area, especially with the upright stance of the Doblo.

Check your doors are correctly aligned, and pull the seal tight shut, as any air leak will also bring in the mirror air flow sound.

Mine were comparable to the mirrors on the Berlingo, which were similar, but not too noticeable.

New Doblo shots now on www.netcarshow.com

1st Jul 2011, 07:41

The vortex area is between the mirror mounts; interrupt this and it will make a difference; you may have to experiment a bit. I have a little plastic deflector made from part of an old toy. Driver's side only.