2008 Fiat Palio Active 1.2 from South Africa


Don't buy


Had idling and overheating problems after having the car for 6 months (bought the car new), temp gauge would go slightly past half - then the engine would cut out (while driving on the highway at 120 km/h); was fixed by the dealer.

Then overheating started again, mentioned it to the dealer when taking the car for service at about 46000 km; they said they flushed cooling system. My head gasket blew at 50,000 km.

Dealer replaced the head gasket, thermostat, temp switch, water bottle, water bottle pressure cap (Palio's don't have a radiator cap). Also had engineering works skim the cylinder head, plus they tested the valves and confirmed the cylinder head is OK.

Collected car from the dealer after repair, took the car to a radiator shop, they pressure tested the cooling system - no leaks. They then did a block test (the blue liquid turned yellow - meaning that there is carbon monoxide gas in the cooling system - so the head gasket is leaking exhaust gas). Seems the head gasket has blown again, dealer does not respond to my emails.

Had a few Toyota's and VW's, Nissan's, Citroen's - never had this issue. I will never buy a Fiat again.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2012

1998 Fiat Palio EDX 1.3 from Uruguay


If you get it cheap, it's OK. That depends on your country's market


It's a piece of junk! At 25000 km a pipe that is in the lower part of the water pump was corroded and should be changed. The piece was an iron tube without any protection, and the refrigerant that came with the car wasn't anti corrosive.

At 48000 km, the distribution belt tensor failed (it loose all the bearing balls) and all the valves were bended. They should be changed.

At 100000, the clutch was changed.

Now with nine years and 130000 km, the body has some holes in the running board under the driver's door.

General Comments:

This is a Brazilian made car, and the quality is really poor. The economy isn't good. In city use it does around 9kpl, and in driveway around 11.5 kpl with a 1.3 engine.

My previous 94 Sentra was a lot more of a car!

In my country cars are rather expensive. A new Palio costs around US$ 15500. And this one of mine is about US$ 6500. I wouldn't buy a car of that age at this amount.

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Review Date: 15th August, 2007

2006 Fiat Palio HLX 1.8 8v from Chile


Nice small car for the price if you don't mind the extra fuel expense


Right air vent went permanently closed, the wheel that opens the vent apparently disconnected from the air gate, fixed at dealer within two days, but they broke the piece and now doesn't fit right.

Occasional metallic sound when accelerating, apparently from the exhaust pipe, dealer didn't really fix that, they only told me there was nothing wrong. No damage to the exhaust line, I'm the only driver of the car, put a small rubber piece inside the rubber shock absorber of the pipe and the noise almost disappeared.

Reverse gear occasionally doesn't engage, second try or letting the car move a few centimeters fix the issue, haven't take it to dealer because of this yet.

General Comments:

Nice small car, third generation of the Palio, Brazilian made, Giugiaro restyled.

Nice car for the price, engine has guts on the torque department, but being an old 8v from the GM-Fiat alliance, it lacks more Hp, smoothness and fuel economy.

Its high setting makes it a little scary on curves, but safe for our bumpy roads.

HLX here is the higher equipment level, mine came with all the electric pack plus Air Conditioning, no ABS, EBD or Airbags. Fog lights, but no alloys. Factory speakers sincerely makes you feel nauseous. This bunch of cars didn't came with the original MP3 radio so no comments on that.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2007

2002 Fiat Palio EL 1.2 petrol from India


As sturdy as the best German cars, will last forever


Rear view mirror keeps falling off.

Wheel alignment, especially front, required to avoid tyre wear.

General Comments:

I purchased my 2002 Palio petrol EL second hand in 2004 for half the price, at 19000 km.

It has had no problem whatsoever, and is very smooth and silent.

Mileage with relaxed driving is around 10 KPL in the city, and 14 KPL on the highway. I've driven about 15000 km (about 10000 km on

the highway with very high speed driving), and never had any issues, except tyre wear, which was rectified after a wheel alignment.

Only 3 services with oil changing done so far. Good service by Sundaram Motors, Chennai.

Maybe I am very, very lucky, but I see no reason for all the cribbing. I am aware inconsistent quality is an issue with Fiat India. Hope the Tata alliance sorts things out. Here's to a long innings for the Palio in India.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2006