2001 Fiat Palio EX Hatch 5-door 1.0 FIRE 8v from Brazil


Unreliable piece of crap!


CD Player drained the battery 5 times

Driver's seat faulty and causing noisy

Steering wheel has a strange rubbing sound when turn corners

Indicators refused to cancel almost causing a serious accident

Camshaft sensor fault

Engine management system replaced once

Clutch replaced twice

Alternator replaced four times

Noise and knocking from many parts of the car (since I purchase and still without a solution)

Steering column fitted twice

"cracking" noise from the dash

Noise from the front suspension

Dashboard illumination replaced.

General Comments:

My first and last car from FIAT!

I Will sell this car and return to buy Volkswagen and maybe I will buy the New Polo.


Never buy a FIAT !

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Review Date: 11th March, 2003

2001 Fiat Palio ELX - 1.0 16v from Brazil


Trendy and nice built, but slow


There have been some noises in the dash, but they are not serious ones.

General Comments:

This new Palio generation is extremely good and reliable. Nice design and an unexpected quality.

The car has some difficult to get to the 100km/h, and since it is a 16V engine, the accelerations are somehow slow, but in general, is it a superb urban car.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2003

2001 Fiat Palio ED 1.2 MPI from Russia


A very pleasing way to spend US$10k :)


Front brake discs were replaced by the dealer at ~11000km.

General Comments:

Pretty attractive exterior. Comfortable interior. Performance is better than anybody expects from 1.2l engine, even with the air conditioning turned on.

Can't really judge on reliability yet, but first year and first 20,000km showed only one problem (see above).

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Review Date: 30th March, 2002

15th Apr 2005, 00:57

I had my Fiat Palio with 80 000 Km, by this time I had replaced the front disks 4 times!!! Apparently the Palio has a manufacturing flaw with their braking system.

7th Jan 2007, 04:10

I have a Palio which was supplied new in 2003 and it is a nice car to drive. Fantastic for a 1.24 litre motor. Have experienced two failures of the "phonic wheel" which shears off at the mounting flange behind the alternator drive pulley. At around 45000 and 61000 km. Looking for somebody to advise on why. The dealer says that they have never had such problems.

1998 Fiat Palio EL 1.6 from Argentina


Tough and roomy


Original pads and disc brakes must be changed at 25000Km.

The driver's seat is broken at 35000Km. After that I had a problem with the wiper windscreen motor (changed), the rear right wheel brake, the throttle wire is broken at 80000 Km (changed), and finally the car was overheating and I must change the heater radiator.

The horn never works correctly.

General Comments:

The Palio is a very easy to drive car, easy to park (even without power steering) in the city. When I drive it on the highway, the car has found its natural habitat, is fast (170 Km/h, at least that's what the clock says) and economical (15-16 Km/l).

Inside is roomy (five passengers seated, no problem), the trunk is a little small. Almost 100000 Km. and the car still runs with the original clutch and shock absorbers!!!

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2002

1998 Fiat Palio EDX 1.3 from Venezuela


Great performance/value


Nothing at all!

General Comments:

In three years I have not changed even a light bulb. My only expenses were a new battery. I believe this was normal after two years of use, since I use air conditioning all the time.

Visibility could be better at left (11 o' clock), but besides this spot, visibility is great all around.

Very, very silent car.

I own a hatchback with four doors, and space in the back seat is great. People can get in or out easily.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2001

1999 Fiat Palio EDX 1.3 from Colombia


Excellent return in performance for its price


Absolutly nothing has stopped working with the car. Everything remains as new after 25000km. Only problem I've encountered is a slight aligning problem in the front suspension. The problem could not be solved with minor alingment, so it was necesary to turn to the dealer. No major work, but surely something you would like to do at the dealer's.

General Comments:

Ive driven almost everything, from VW Beetles, to BMW's, and I think this is an excellent car for its price. It won't probably outrun a 1.4 Clio, or a 1.4 Corsa, but it certainly outperforms them in braking (by far) and sharp cornering.

The gearbox works perfectly from third up (it accelerates uniformly), but there is a considerable "hole" between first and second. I don't know if the gearbox is the same for most models, but my car is an 99 EDX 1.3 MPi made in Venezuela.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2000

16th Feb 2005, 08:19

I own a Fiat Palio 16V 1.6 EL and I have to say I am very impressed by the performance and handling of my car. Having had 14 cars (I am a car addict ha ha!) in the last 16 years I have driven from BMW to Mercedes, VW and others.

I am sticking to my Palio!

Next to my two Mercs I can in all honesty say this is the nicest car I have ever had. Its fast, dependable, lively, roomy, OK on fuel, modern, and has specs only bigger cars boast. It will outrun most other 1600 cc cars on the road, both with acceleration and topspeed. Viva Fiat, viva Italy!

1996 Fiat Palio EL 1.5 mpi petrol from Brazil


Gear box needed replacement after 1000km or so. Alarm refuses to work properly. Lots of parts failed during warranty, thank God they stopped failing after warranty was over.

General Comments:

It'a a great car for driving. Despite the small engine, it is very fast. The rear has a annoying tendency to go out of the track when hitting the brakes real hard (no ABS in my car). Dealers suck.

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Review Date: 14th February, 1999

5th Jan 2001, 07:54

I recently purchased the Palio 1.2, 5 door from Fiat in South Africa. Since then the timing is constantly out, sluggish, the car rev's when it is a hot day, so much so that I think the engine is going to explode!

I have also had water coming inside the car, apparently due to the antenna.

I have had the front windscreen replaced because they scratched it.

Finally the visor broke off. Granted they have fixed the Visor, replaced the windscreen and apparently stopped the water, but they don't know what the engine's problem is.

This car is 2 and a half months old!

4th May 2006, 06:55

Bought a second hand Palio 1.6 HL, first 2years no problems, then head gasket blown, then steering rack (took 2 months to get part) then head gasket no 2.

Feel bad selling it to someone, I used to be a big FIAT fan (I'm an Architect), now buying a JEEP.

Fiat SA also never came back to me (contated them 3-times)

Cape Town.. SA.