2004 Fiat Palio ELX Sport Mk. III 1.2 16v Fire from Chile


A great economic, smooth and trust able car


The car is great, but it has 2 faults: the button of the driver power window is broken, but it's still working, and there's much vibration in the front suspension when I pass in a bump.

General Comments:

The experience with this model is until today, very nice.

The suspension is soft, as well as the gearbox, the power steering and the pedals. The engine and exterior noises are quite silenced in the cabin. Is a very "roomy" car, even considering that is one of the cars with less wheelbase measures (2.370m) ; the trunk is also spacious with 290 lts. and the possibility to extend to a total of 660lts with the rear seat folded.

The fuel consumption is quite okey (14,5 km/Lt - 6.9 l/100 in city traffic and 18 km/Lt - 5.5 l/100 en highway) and the economy is great with the 48 Lt fuel tank.

The brakes are OK; smooth and with a very fine line (but the cars tends to "sink" in the road).

This is a very equipped car for it's price. For M$4.990.000 (USD 9.230) -5 door version- has a 14" alloy wheels with pirelli P4 tires, power steering, power windows, central lock with alarm and fiat code system, trip computer, etc.

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Review Date: 7th November, 2005

1998 Fiat Palio HL Full 1.6 from Turkey


If you like using sport car and speed with fiat, this car is for you


First of all, the fuel consumption in city life is much more than I expected before. In spite of its low weight, it uses over 10 liters per 100 km in city.

It has also many problems in its different parts, I have seen. The spare part prices are low compared with others, but it creates much more matters which in conclusion makes this car expensive. I had spent my money on spare parts more than the fuel.

Furthermore, its comfort was not as good as I expected.

General Comments:

My car was 1600 cc and 103 HP. That's why the acceleration is good. Design of the car is well. I saw 200 km speed with this car, with air condition open and fully filled by 4 persons and heavy luggage. According to me, it is designed for people who likes using sport cars, who loves speed. Also its length is small enough for parking bringing a good advantage.

It's not a family car. Its consumptions is not cheap compared with the same class cars.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2005

20th Jun 2005, 05:39

Hello, you mentioned you "saw" 200 km/h with a very loaded and ac on Palio. I say it's a +15-20% faulty gauge.

2nd Jul 2005, 01:41

Hello. As I mentioned, its true I saw 200 km on a motorway which is straight forward. It was just for several minutes. But I had driven 170-180 km/h for several hours at the same journey.

As you may expect, at that speed, I was clearly able to see the gradual decrease of fuel indicator. The engine sound was also perfect.

29th Jan 2006, 07:56

Its indeed a great car.

2002 Fiat Palio GTX 1.6 petrol from India


Great Car-Poor Quality and Dealer Service


Lambda Sensor.

Brake Pads-twice.

Shoch absorbers - front.

Aircon Thermostat-twice.

Fuel pump.

Irregular idle - continuing since purchase despite several dealership visits, tune-ups and part changes.

General Comments:

Good handling, comfort and performance.

Roomy cabin makes a good family car for a hatchback.

Good suspension makes comfort driving on potholed roads (atleast in mumbai.

Unfortunately, a disaster on mileage (irregular fuel consumption levels) and quality of parts (high and random failure rate)

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2004

1997 Fiat Palio EDX 1.3 mpi from Colombia


Good balanced machine, though wouldn't buy it again


Noise form the trunk cover.

Noise from seat.

Windscreen already scratched.

Irregular performance of the engine, particularly the fuel supply.

Poor head lights.

Poor speaker output.

Noisy break system.

Low top speed. (140kms per hour without forcing the engine)

Instrument panel is very poor.

Unforgivable the lack of RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) indicator.

General Comments:

The fuel supply seems to work improperly, since acceleration is irregular sometimes.

The dealer's service center doesn't seems to handle mechanical problems very well.

Poor technical display, though great attitude on attention.

Seats are confortable, but noisy.

I had to install high performance lights since factory headlights are very poor, specially on the highway.

Besides the noticed problems, it's a great car, with great performance.

I've flashed out Clio's, Corsa's and even Civic's.

But, I would give anyone a good advice, since I've driven almost all type of cars: from the price rate of this car, I would definitely recommend to buy a Ford Fiesta 1.3 or 1.6 16V, either one, since its performance is really stunning. That's the best car you could buy for this price.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2003