14th Nov 2004, 13:18

My advice to ANYONE who wants a new car and is considering a Fiat Punto DON'T DO IT!!

The amount of problems I've had with my 2001 1.2 is unbelieveable! Emissions light flashes at high speeds on the motorway (after I had my engine and clutch changed, remember this is a 2001 car!) Airbag light had come on over ten times and still is after being fixed by Fiat (apparently). Juddering wipers, Headlamps misting up, Car heater not working properly, whirring noise from water pump, headlights adjust without being prompted to do so, rear suspension knocking and squeaking - the list goes on! The best bit was when I bought the car and drove it off the forecourt, apparently it had been serviced. When I was driving home the engine started to overheat which is when I found out they had not put ANY coolant into the engine, the bottle was dry! They also sold me the car with one wheelnut missing on one of the front wheels! I've been to Fiat over 25 times with problems on my car and I'm not exaggerating! (lucky it was under warranty.) Fiat and the afterservice are both absolutely abysmal. No one should trust their cars or the clowns who sell and service them.

12th Sep 2005, 10:31

I was wondering whether someone could help me with my X reg fiat punto!! Last Wednesday I hit a stone in the road and bust my wheel as I phoned my break down company I switched the hazards on! I was picked up and was taken to a local garage I bought a new wheel etc I drove out the garage, but there was a problem! I now have no lights (only side lights), indicators, windscreen wipers, city button, hazard lights, back demystifies. The car starts and runs OK the blower inside also works, but the main electrics don’t.

I have taken the car down to a local scrap dealer and swapped the fuse board inside and under the bonnet and also swapped the hazard light panel on the dashboard, they did think because my hazard lights were on so long its damaged or even burnt something in the fuse box, but this is ruled out now as we changed it! has anyone else experienced this problem? can you advise us on anything because its getting very frustrating!


28th Dec 2005, 05:54

I had the same problems with my ELX 2001 from day one.

The power steering had electrical problems, the side mirror controls didn't work from the second week, the dealer said that this is out of warranty. The accelerator pedal get stuck as if there is no spring to bring it back and I have to manage to bring it back with my foot somehow while driving.

Also the Clutch has several problems. The engine leeks oil from a lot of places.

I hate punto and will never by a fiat again. Really if you want a reliable car DO NOT BUY FIAT.

13th May 2006, 08:52

I don't agree with your comments, every brand of vehicle has problems. I once purchased a new vehicle which was not a fiat, the next day I took it back to the dealer with a page full of faults. After visiting the dealer a number of times, the dealer agreed to replace the car, I felt the same way. The real problem was not the manufacturer, it was the dealer, unfortunately the manufacturer has to improve their dealers. I have owned a few Fiats and I have had no problems. I currently drive a 69 mod runs like a dream. I disagree with your comments, I would buy a Fiat any day and can't wait for the new Punto Grande.

9th Aug 2006, 16:54

I've had problems with mine too... exhaust back box parted from the car 3 days after sounding hollow... serious judder from the clutch from day one, and its just been replaced... terrible groaning from the rear suspension... going through headlamp bulbs every 9 months.

I have found a fabulous dealer now, but the earlier treatment by other dealers and the car quality means I am unlikely to ever buy Fiat again...can't wait to get rid of it.

4th Oct 2006, 12:50

I have had a lot of problems with my car too. I have a six speed gear box Punto Sporting and so much has gone wrong with it. The recent problem which happened today, was that when I was driving, my engine light came on and the whole car was jerking and a vile burning smell started happening. The engine light was constantly flashing, but only when I'm driving. I have no idea what is wrong with it.. anyone know?

25th Oct 2006, 21:43

Sounds like either your head gasket is about to go, or your Head cylinder is heavily corroded in which if you have the money and patience still isn't worth keeping her, as I say to anyone who head gasket or Cylinder head has gone/blown your car is dead, gettin it repaired is basically putting her on Life Support eventually shes gona Keel over again.

15th Nov 2006, 06:31

Recently my Fiat Punto Mia 1.2 has been making a funny noise when changing gear, sounds like something is stuck in a fan?! also sometimes when starting a journey (usually in the morning) my punto starts jerking when taking off and taking longer to pick up speed, sometimes it feels like the car is going to stall.

Any ideas what this could be?

23rd Nov 2006, 07:23

Hello... Well this is all very interesting.. I have a Fiat Punto, 1.2 Y reg, and I have just had to shell out £600 for a new gear box, and clutch! Although, its the only thing that has gone wrong (knock on wood) I have owned a Punto before, and really like them. Great on petrol, nippy, and quite * big* for a small car. Like someone said... any car will have faults. I just put it down too bad luck.


25th Jan 2007, 08:04

I have a 1.2 2000 punto, its my 1st car. I have also had problems with sometimes very extreme juddering when the car starts up, causing the car to set off quite slowly and feeling like it is going to stall...

Do you think I should get a new clutch, would this fix the problem???

Linzi xx.

4th Feb 2007, 17:23

I've just got my punto 1.2Mia as my first car today. Iam very pleased with it at the moment as you would do as it my first car, I've read some of the comments on this page and seems to me that I have got a problem car, touch wood mines ok, could any body give me any advice to try and stop any problems they have had?


6th Feb 2007, 06:11

My daughter has had a Fiat Punto for the past 3 years. It is W reg and has been in the family from new (it was her sister's). for the first four years all was well, except for a fault from new with the heater fan control which blows a fuse if it is switched to the fastest position. The dealer never was able to fix it. Then at 33000 miles the head gasket blew. That was fixed by a local garage within 2 days. At 55000 miles it went again, and was fixed very quickly by an engine overhauler. On both occasions the head was skimmed and I am confident the job was done properly. The problem is that the cylinders are too close together giving a very thin wall thickness. This thin section gets too hot and thus burns out the gasket. The hot gases then 'cut' a groove in the aluminium head. (I have dealt with engines all my working life so I do know what I'm talking about). On each occasion it cost £400.

The next thing to go wrong was one of the rods from the wiper motor to the wiper arm fell of. Cost of new wiper motor assemble £150. Here's a tip for all you Punto owners: Remove the wiper assembly from under the intake grille (it's easier if you first remove the bonnet; only 4 Allen screws), put the wiper rod (s) back in position and then press on an 8mm 'starlock' washer, the sort of thing used to hold wheels on children's toys. You can get them from any industrial fastener supplier for a few pence.

Simple! and it only takes 1-2 hours.

Now the power steering keeps failing intermittently. It seems the likely cost of this is around £700 so the car is to be traded in to a car supermarket who were not interested in its condition. They have offered £1000 so we snapped their hand off as we would not attempt to sell privately with a fault like that.

Would we buy another Punto? Never, nor any other Fiat for that matter!