21st Feb 2007, 22:02

Hi all well here goes, I've had an old mark1 Punto for some time, thought the world of it, fantastic, never had any problems whatsoever, didn't want to get rid of it, fast as anything for a 1.1. All my mates used to say what the hell did I have under the bonnet, and all I had was this 1.1 engine.

Anyway, an addition came into the family, my wonderful son of whom I adore of course, and I thought new son, new car. It's got to be time to get rid of that old trusty Punto for a new shiny trustworthy, safer,and problem free up to date model, just like my old model.

Mmmm well how wrong I was, 1st day of purchasing my brand spanking shiny should I say, 1.2 active Punto it went straight back after experiencing all my electrics flicking on and off, causing the car to stall. Fiat said they were sorry it was just a fuse that was loose; OK I thought, just a teething problem.

Mmmmmm well how wrong I was, from that day I've been in and out of the dealers more times than I've changed my son's nappy. The airbag lights have been on twice, reset and changed sensor, the steering went on me going round a corner whilst my son was in the car; if I'd crashed I don't know what I'd have done.

All Fiat could say was bring it in with the fault, have you tried it again, the fault might have rectified itself. How can a fault rectify itself by switching the ignition on and off? I went outside and switched the ignition on, and it had the fault.

They wanted me to drive my car as they didn't have a tow truck to let them look at the fault on my steering, not a chance I said. In the end I sent for the AA to tow it up there, and yeah there was a sensor fault on the steering they found. Since that my bonnet wasn't releasing, you needed two people to open it; one pulling the lever while the other shakes the bonnet.

There is a noise coming from my heater - an annoying whistling noise. My windscreen and windows are always misted up whatever the weather.

The latest fault at 4000 miles - I've just had it in for a crunching noise when putting into reverse, and guess what I was told? The clutch is on its way out and needs a new one at the cost of 300 quid because it's not covered under warranty. I can say my left foot isn't lazy at all, and at no point do I hold the car on the clutch for it to burn out like that, and for me that's the only way that I could ever wear the clutch out at such low mileage.

9th Jul 2007, 15:30


We own an X-reg Punto and have a problem on starting the car intermittently. I think it is mainly when damp, but it seems to struggle to start, or if it does start cuts out straight away, but then restarts perfectly.

I have called the AA out several times, and have been to a garage; had new spark plugs, and they were going to change the coils, but the mechanic advised this definitely wasn't the fault, as he fitted them to show us and then it cut out!

Just wondering if anyone has had anything similar or has any suggestions I would really appreciate any feedback. Hope I can fix this as I love my Punto!!

5th Nov 2007, 20:24

People who are losing power in low revs on damp mornings or poor idle:

Change your lambda sensor. Engine management won't go on until its fully gone, garage won't change if the computer doesn't pick it up.

The 2 white wires on the sensor helps heat the lambda sensor as it doesn't start working until 100+ deg; the lambda could be damaged, hence the car running poor when cold.

Had the same problem myself, got a universal lambda sensor for £20 and problem sorted.

Hope this helps, Dan.

21st Apr 2008, 11:18

I bought a Fiat Punto ELX 1.2 Speed gear for my first car, it seemed a great buy at first although it was over priced at 3,700 it had done just 20000 miles on a 51 reg. The list of problems I've had has been neverending!

1. Exhaust pipe 'too short' required new exhaust over £150.

2. Dealership didn't provide a spare key, £80.

Heres the daddy.

3. Gear box starts making noises, taken to a gear box specialist and fiat refuse to sell us the parts and only offer a whole new gear box (£1800) plus installation (£500)

Eventually after waiting over a month my gear box is fitted by the specialists and after 3 days it cuts out on an A road, AA arrive (sign up £70) and after inspecting the gear box the mechanic tells us that fiat have installed a 'reconditioned gear box' (one that had broken, been fixed and then sold off for £1800!!!). Due to guarantee they had to replace it, BOOM another month and half without a car. Eventually I got my car back and now I'm smelling a strong burning smell at all times.

My advice... NEVER EVER BUY THIS CAR... don't be a mug, read the reviews first!!!

22nd Sep 2008, 14:37

Just bought fiat punto 1.2 Xreg. Accelerator seems to stay on high revs but pedal doesn't stick. when applying accelerator can hear fluid moving, presumably down the fuel line, but makes an unnerving noise. Any Ideas ANYONE?

J, Somerset.

23rd Jan 2009, 09:04

I have had my 1997 Punto for 7 years. The timing belt went not long after I got it, but the car was fine. It starts every time and runs perfectly. My mechanic says that it's not worth buying a Punto if it was manufactured after 1998, as they are now nothing but trouble. I have never had anything replaced or repaired except for the timing belt, and I get it serviced once a year.

12th Mar 2009, 13:40

I own a bright yellow Fiat Punto and I regret buying it!! It has has lots of problems like a squeaking coming from the back of the car, window wipers coming off, but the worst problem I have experienced is that the cluster is not working, which means I have no rev counter, speedo, clock or lights! I have taken it to a mechanic, but they said that they can't fix it! I don't know what to do, any suggestions please HELP!!

6th Jul 2009, 20:15

I have had my Fiat Punto MIA 1.2 Y Reg for just about a year and it's been terrible.

I used to have a 53 plate Hyundai Getz 1.1 GSi until it was stolen and burnt out, so I had to get a replacement car.

My Hyundai was at 65000 miles and had no mechanical fault whatsoever.

To date the following work has been done to the Punto, which is now at 65000 miles.

Head gasket blew on a dual carriageway road.

The lambda sensor was replaced.

3 crack housing oil seals. After the first replacement, it fell off. The second attempt, a Fiat part was used. It wasn't the correct size. On third attempt, the mechanic used a super glue gel to hold it in place.

The wiper blade motor had to be replaced.

Once starting the car in the morning, the car shudders and frequently stalls for the first 10 minutes of running.

The drivers door is warped and drivers door seal is damaged.

The front near side light lens mists up.

The new wiper blade motor makes a horrible grinding noise.

The EMU frequently flashes or remains on for a couple of days, then automatically resets itself.

The passenger lock doesn't work from outside. You must unlock/lock from the inside.

Clutch has been replaced.

The High setting on the wipers has never worked. Now today none of the settings work.

In terms of driving, it's awful in comparison to the Hyundai!

My advice; if you see a Fiat Punto Mia on the forecourt for sale, just run; don't look at it, and don't be tempted by the price tag!