7th Feb 2005, 22:02

Bought my Stilo Abarth from new 2003.

They lost the car at the docks!

Eventually found it, but it arrived 1 month late and no Sat Nav, just a hole in the dash. Had to wait another 3 weeks for replacement.

First inspection found that one of the front wings was incorrectly sprayed - Dealer re-sprayed wing.

I have had the car now for almost 2 years and it has been backwards and forwards to the dealer well over 25 times! Everything has gone wrong with this car, the first Sat Nav they fitted went wrong after 1 month and had to be replaced.

The air bag warning lights on the dash was continually bleeping at me and it still does even today!

Had new front tyres under warranty due to problem with tracking. Car pulled to the left from new and despite attempts by dealer to fix, still does it today!

Had new steering rack under warranty due to excessive wear.

Second Sat Nav turned a purple colour and the internal telephone cannot find a signal.

Engine using colossal amount of oil, dealer says its emissions are fine and no leaks.

Kept complaining about the oil until eventually they monitored the amount it used over 200 miles. They rang me after the 200 miles to say new engine needed under warranty! They think it's 'dropped a valve'?

On the whole, the car has everything you need for a person who loves gadgets - But as they keep telling me, the more gadgets, the more to go wrong and they are certainly right!

1st Jun 2007, 19:25

Had my Abarth for over two years now, and after some rather high miles I have to say that this car puts my Merc Sports Coupe to shame at times!...the dealerships are the biggest let down with absolutely no intergrity. I think I got a good one and I just can't bring my self to part with it.

30th Jun 2007, 19:24

Power and performance are pants I'm afraid especially as it such a big engine. looks loverly though.