2003 Fiat Stilo MultiWagon Dynamic 1.9 Jtd from Italy


The best Fiat I ever had


Absolutely nothing!

General Comments:

I change my 5 doors Stilo Dynamic with a new Fiat Stilo Multiwagon, I am very satisfied, it is comfortable, spacious (the boot is huge), seats are comfortable, the engine is very good and the running costs are very low (One liter - 18/20 Kilometers).

The road-holding is absolutely perfect in all conditions.

All the small noises of my "old" 5 door Stilo are fortunately disappeared because Fiat, in 2003, had made some changes due to eliminate a lot of imperfections that had afflicted the "old" versions (for example an horrible noise from the rear wheel suspensions and so on

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Review Date: 8th November, 2003

15th Mar 2004, 14:42

I am very interested in purchasing a multi wagon, but I have read a lot of bad things on this site

I hope somebody with good experiences will write an honest review so I'll get the courage to go for one.

2003 Fiat Stilo Dynamic 1.8 from Sweden


Well equipped car for a moderate price


Poorly fitted registration plate.

Plastic part of left passenger seat was loose.

General Comments:

The car works great both on the highway and in city traffic.

Easy to park with the "City" mode (servo).

A good dealer, so far. Quick response and repair on the initial faults.

Noisy cabin when exceeding speeds of 100 km/h.

It is thirsty, 0.9 to 1 liter per 10 km in city traffic.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2003

2003 Fiat Stilo 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Good - but there are better alternatives


This was a Hertz Hire Drive car that I had for one week.

Nothing appeared wrong with the car when I picked it up, and nothing went wrong in the 900 miles that I covered.

A few bits of trim looked fragile and might not last well.

General Comments:


Powerful engine mated to good gear ratios - car accelerated willingly from almost any speed in any gear. At 70mph cruising on motorway there was a lot of power still available.

The high centre armrest that allowed the left elbow to rest comfortably.

Big easy to use controls on the radio/cassette.

The reverse warning radar which bleeped on close approach to an obstruction - very useful in an unfamiliar hire drive car.

Good fuel consumption - driven hard for 900 miles, and with no regard for economy the car returned 36 miles per gallon.


Although the gear ratios were good, the gearshift was baulky, obstructive and sometimes needed a hard push to engage.

Radio was easy to use, but sound quality was mediocre.

Nowhere to rest left foot to the left of the clutch pedal.

Car tended to wander in side winds and road camber. It was not that it "pulled" to one side - it just tended to wander off the straight line and needed constant correction.

Tyre noise and road rumble quite noticeable at higher speeds.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2003

2003 Fiat Stilo Arbath 2.4 from UK and Ireland


A stand alone bargain


Dealer has been unable to obtain Sim Card Holder. Therefore telephone is inoperable.

General Comments:

Wonderful Italian feel, handles precisely, with plenty of feedback through steering wheel.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2003

20th Jun 2003, 15:44

You wait till all the electrics go wrong!

Having had my Stillo Abarth for one year now I have experienced pretty much all the electrical failures in the manual throughout the year. It has been back to the dealer 7 times so far!

That said, It is my opinion that the actual driving of this car is second to none in its range. The sat nav, inbuilt telephone and paddle gear change is still a wow factor to any passenger I have taken.

Just sort the electrics out FIAT, and you will have one hell of a car to offer!