2003 Fiat Stilo Multiwagon 1.9 JTD turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Decent car at a good price


Broken front suspension springs after 100,000 miles.

Air conditioning and heating system after 120,000 miles.

Loose/rattling roll bar joint after 90,000 miles.

Intermittent dashboard electrics failure after 120,000 miles.

Fault with engine management computer (don't know exact name of component), leading to loss of power after 110,000 miles - cheap to fix.

General Comments:

I have had this car from new, initially on lease. It has been pretty reliable. Things have gone wrong on it, but you have to expect that over 134,000 miles.

It runs very well, has never failed to start, and generally has been very good for the money it cost.

The worst problems have been electrical, some of which are prohibitively expensive to fix. For example, the heating/air conditioning system no longer works, and would cost around £1500 to replace. I'm not particularly bothered, and certainly don't want to spend that much money; just wear a hat when it gets cold!

Inside is very comfortable, with lots of (adjustable) room in front and back.

This car does eat tires though - I've found that putting cheap tyres on is a false economy. Invest at least in the mid-range priced ones, they'll last a lot longer.

I'm sure there are more reliable, better built cars in this class, but you'll have to pay a lot more for them. This one has done really well, over 134,000 miles so far, and I'm hoping it'll carry on for a while yet.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2012

2003 Fiat Stilo Multiwagon 1.6 from Finland


The Fiat Stilo Multiwagon is the worst car I have ever owned. I will never ever buy a Fiat again


We bought the car used, and we have now owned it roughly 2,5 years. Here is the list of things we have fixed and the cost to repair it. I know that some of the things are to be considered regular and expected maintenance, like change of tires and new tires. Still, this list and the total cost vastly exceeds the costs for our previous car, a Peugeot 405.

August 2011 -? €

- The car stopped running on one of the cylinders.

- One of the front wheel suspensions broke.

- The exhaust pipe cover plate is loose and has to be refitted.

August 2011 - 450€

- Lambda sensor changed.

- Rear windshield wiper changed.

July 2011 - 830€

- Front headlight washer changed.

- Fan speed knob changed.

- Light bulb changed.

- Exhaust pipe changed.

July 2011 - 38€

- Engine Fault message diagnosed.

July 2011 - 300€

- Air conditioning repair.

- Oil change.

- Brake check.

April 2011 - 55€

- Light bulbs changed.

November 2010 - 225€

- New summer tires bought.

October 2010 - 21€

- Oil fill-up.

September 2010 - 250€

- Air conditioning repair.

- Light bulb changed.

August 2010 - 560€

- Air conditioning light repair.

- Hand brake wire changed.

- Oil leakage fixed.

- Washer fluid leakage fixed.

- Light bulb changed.

June to July 2010 - 2013€

- Front wheel backlash. (Don't know the English word for this)

- Loose exhaust pipe cover plate refitted.

- Rear bushings changed.

- Exhaust pipe hilts changed.

- Air conditioning service.

- Oil pan repair.

- Fan light repair.

- Rear door lock repair.

- Bottom cover changed.

Mars 2010 - 80€

- Oil change.

- Oil filter replacement.

December 2009 - 100€

- Car battery changed.

November 2011 - 109€

- Light bulbs replacement.

- Oil fill-up.

- Replacement of something I don't know the word for in English.

September 2009 - 460€

- New winter tires.

August 2009 - 415€

- Brakes changed.

- Oil fill-up.

June 2009 - 68€

- Change of something I don't know the word for in English.

April 2009 - 900€

- Brakes changed.

- Towbar mounted.

April 2009 - 320€

- Air filter changed.

- Light bulbs changed.

- Brake fluid changed.

- Washer fluid fill-up.

- Spark plugs changed.

- Oil fill-up.

February 2009 - 29€

- Light bulb changed.

In addition to the list above, the following is either irritating and/or should be fixed, but isn't urgent.

- The ash tray doesn't stay closed.

- The plastic panel of the boot floor is cracked.

- There is a crack in the front windshield, which slowly grows larger.

- Rust has started to emerge here and there.

General Comments:

There are a few pros of our Fiat. It was cheap to buy and it has cruise control, but that's it. I can't recommend Fiat Stilo Multiwagon to anyone. You will have a hard time finding cars of lower quality.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2011

21st Aug 2012, 15:08

Now it's a year since I submitted the review above. During this year I've had the car turned in for repair at seven occasions regarding various problems. This has cost me 2633€ in total. It's more than I've spent on any of my earlier cars in one year; even the Porsche 944 I once owned.

Fiat Stilo Multiwagon is nothing but crap, and I would replace it if I could only afford another car, but I can't right now, since I've spent all my money on repairing the Fiat. I will never ever buy Fiat again. That's a promise.

8th Jun 2013, 22:24

55€ to change light bulbs?!

80€ for an oil & filter change?!

Every other cost here is also double what it should be. Says as much about whoever charged you those amounts as it does about the car.

Everyone knows that FIAT stands for Fix It Again Tomorrow - find yourself a garage that isn't going to rip you off...

24th Feb 2015, 10:06

It all sounds like normal wear and tear to me.

25th Feb 2015, 16:44

July 2011 "brake check". That is an engineering flaw with the vehicle, not normal wear and tear.