27th Jun 2008, 16:35

I have had a 2002 Stilo 1.2 active for three years. The car, like all other Stilos, has the incredible ability to fix itself when faults occur. For instance the radio failed and was out of commission for a few weeks then started working again. The usual lights come on, rear fog bulb, airbags etc - in fact some times she goes through the lot when I switch the ignition on and then all go out again. I have the airbag light on at the moment and the driver's door wont lock with the key fob. The rear doors squeak although I have emptied cans of 'Three and One' over every joint. If it was not for these problems the car would be very good. It always starts and has never let me down on a journey. Would I buy another one - no. Am I selling it - no - not for a while anyway.

8th Aug 2008, 07:36

I have a 1400 stilo. biggest problem was the passenger door locking mechanism failing locked. my 60yo sister was not happy trying to climb out through the drivers door. Surely this is a safety hazard, thank god we were not in an accident, sis would still be sitting there calling me names.

Have warning light on at the moment to say a fog warning bulb has failed when the thing clearly lights up when switched on.

My dealer has gone into liquidation, I think I must have been on some liquid to buy it.

20th Aug 2008, 07:54

I have a 53 plate Stilo Multiwagon Dynamic JTD 45,000 miles. Bought from main dealer last February. Has been in the garage 8 times, one of those times for seven weeks and then again for 3 weeks.


Engine stalls - Alternator failure & Low Oil Pressure warning - dealer says there is no problem. I would beg to differ when you are pulling out into a busy road and your car just cuts out.

Had to have complete new rear axle and front anti-roll bar but still drives like it has no suspension, bangs and knocks - dealer says there is no fault.

Had to replace CD interchanger.

Passenger seatbelt is stuck, need to replace it for MOT.

Had to replace front door straps.

Paint on door sills is pitted and we have lots of rust.

Boot locks up and won't open. Luckily we have the opening rear window so I can get my dogs out through there when it happens but it isn't fun, they're big dogs!

Brake light switch faulty, after 5 attempts and a new switch dealer refuses to look at it again. Cannot drive car like that as brake lights come on intermittently causing power to engine to fail (not related to engine stalling with alternator failure as described above). Fixed problem with blu-tac and cardboard!

We have an oil leak, supposed to be caused by a faulty gasket which was replaced but we still have an oil leak.

Engine management system has failed now so we cannot start the car at all at the moment. It is sat on drive as we cannot afford this new and costly repair.

My problem is partly dealer - mostly car. Have emailed Fiat - had no response. Have phoned Fiat - no one ever gets back to me. Enquired about buying a new Fiat to the same email address, had a reply within 24 hours...

Had similar experience with Cinqucenco Sporting (R reg) - bought from new. Fiat finally agreed to swap the car after 14 trips to the garage in 6 months and the engine bursting into flames, whilst I was driving!

Had a Punto SX (S reg) was fantasic, couldn't fault it at all which lead me to forgive Fiat and invest in the Stilo. Not this time though. Never buying Fiat again, ever.

10th Sep 2008, 08:58

In October 2003 I got delivery of a pre-ordered (6 months) Fiat Stilo 1.8 Dynamic with all associated extras of my choice. My wife and I have been all around Europe in this car and I am very surprised that so many people are having the problems they say they have. My car will shortly be five years old, I have regularly taken it in for servicing and quite frankly it has been a superbly reliable, fast, comfortable etc.

However, this car which I ordered through the local agents in Gibraltar was specifically built for continental europe as one can expect. Could the problems being suffered in the UK be on account of having to change, structures, wiring, mechanical fittings etc. because you drive on the wrong side. I have had 15 yes 15 Fiats to my hearts content.

25th Jan 2009, 15:36

Man oh man! How pleased I am (tongue firmly in cheek) to realise I am not alone in the problems I've been experiencing with my Fiat Stilo 1.6 Dynamic (Dynamic??? Are you kidding???!!!)

Constant engine management problems (light coming on, & just now flashing on & off, car juddering scarred me to death!!) As for burning oil, don't get me started!

Oh yes, not forgetting the good ol' pulling to the left routine! Gonna take it into Fiat this week, hope the brakes don't fail as I'm driving into the showroom...

Regrets? Yeah, ever buying the damn thing in the first place!! 02 plate, 6 years old. You really don't expect it. Anyone got a Lada?

1st Feb 2009, 11:37

Hello everyone.

I just bought a Fiat Stilo 1.6 Dynamic from 2004 with 67.500 KM. Just reading all comments about the Stilo here..

I hope mine has less problems, but now I had once had the engine failure light on a few seconds and it went back to normal.

For now the car runs very good. Only the cruise-control does not work.. Have to change the brake light switch.. hopefully it works again then.

Yesterday I bought some new tyres. The old ones where from when the car was bought so I think the alignment is good.

Today I changed a head light bulb. The screen wash reservoir had to be removed, but I knew that before I bought the car.

Also I have a little moisture in the taillights; anyone has this problem too?

I think I'll take the tail light units off, dry them and extra seal the both parts with a polymer compound (did that before with my Volvo 480)

As for now I hope to drive in my Stilo for a long time.

Best regards

Ate from Holland


12th Mar 2009, 19:54

I have bought a 2002 Fiat Stilo 1.6 dynamic model at 46k miles. Since I bought it gave me very similar problems to what I have read from other comments. Here is a list of problems I have suffered:

It stalls, fluctuating revs, vibrating, airbag failure, light failure, pulling to left, steering problems, CD changer fault, doors jammed in freezing weather and working again after warmer temperature, burning oil, and many more.

Has anyone got an idea of replacing the light bulbs? How horrible are the headlights put together as it is impossible to change the light bulbs. Many problems...

It is a real shame to be so problematic, as apart from that it's a nice car, strong enough and comfortable with useful extras if it wasn't to be so problematic.