1st Dec 2004, 16:58

I posted that review of my Strada, and it is still going strong! I've always heard Fiats are terrible cars, but I must have gotten the good one. A light metallic green 4 door with AC, rear wiper and stereo upgrades through the years. Paint is still brilliant, no rust anywhere! People just love it. I always get positive remarks on how "cute" it is. I guess all cars are prone to rust, but I wash mine regularly, so rust isn't a problem. I really do love my little Strada.

20th Apr 2005, 18:57

I love my strada i'v had it 8 years and it's now 21 years old and still going strong!!!

5th May 2005, 17:05

I have just purchased a 1988 Super Strada 1.5 for £80, it's only got 32500 genuine miles on it, has full service history & has only had two owners.

The interior is like brand new & there is only one rust spot on the off side rear wheel arch. I have just had it M.O.T'd & it only needed four brake-pipes to pass.

21st May 2014, 21:48

I was one of the unfortunates that bought a 1979 Fiat Strada 4 door hatchback. I lived in MD and bought from a Virginia dealer - actually ordered and waited for it. While I once drove 4 of us to FL and got 38 MPG on that trip (by the way the rear seat room was amazing!), I had 26 service repairs in 6 months. This was my very first new car purchase. God sent me a sign as I drove away from the dealer; it started to rain. I switched on the wipers and one fell off! Now that is a sign!

The upholstery came apart, the A/C compressor blew twice in 6 months. Then one day, while making a left turn, it died on me and I watched as someone plowed into me. It was my fault as I was turning. I fixed it and then sold it back to the dealer at a $1500 loss in 6 months. I paid about $7,100 for that piece of junk. Later I learned that my accident was due to a faulty carburetor Fiat had used, but by then all I could do was be happy I got rid of it. Amazingly comfortable, great gas mileage and could not keep it out of the shop. It looked like a Renault LeCar, but on steroids as it was much larger. I bought a Datsun 310, didn't have much better luck as the car rusted so bad in just 2 years. Eventually migrated to Subaru's and then Honda's.

Do not buy anything from Fiat or you will be very sorry I assure you. BTW - Chrysler Minivan owners - make sure you dump yours before 60k miles, as they lose value and serious engine problems. This was told to me by a Chrysler dealer.