1990 Fiat Uno Turbo 1.3 from Poland


A fast runabout


Blown head gasket due to overheating of the engine.

Overheating caused by a faulty fan switch.

Cracked exhaust manifold.

Brakes seem to keep on braking despite releasing the brake pedal. I have not located the problem yet.

Rust on front fenders as well as the under-body of the car.

General Comments:

I have owned several fast cars. Starting with the Golf Gti 16v finishing of on a Dodge Viper which I still have. However I always wanted to own a UNO because if the fact that it is so practical around town. So when the opportunity arose, a Turbo model it had to be.

Performance is a strong point of this car and it leaves many other, more expensive new cars far behind.

When driven lightly, it is economical, but when driven hard it can drain the pocket.

Some extra power will be required and it will follow soon.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2004

1990 Fiat Uno 60 DS 1.7 D from UK and Ireland


Brilliant, comfortable, inexpensive and reliable!



General Comments:

This is our second car which my wife uses. I drive a 2002 Alfa 156 JTS and very nice it is too!

The Fiat has been in my family since new - 1990.

Other than general servicing the little Fiat Uno Diesel has never failed. It is very comfortabe to drive - even more so than my Alfa with full leather seats!

It delivers well over 50mpg, and whilst a little noisy when cold (it is an early Diesel) once warmed up it is fine and indeed very happy to cruise at 70mph all day long.

It has no major rust, servicing is very cheap - cam-belt change was £90 compared to my Alfa at £450!!. It uses no oil or water and is a brilliant little car.

It do suggest though that you fit good quality tyres as due to the small wheels this really does make a good difference with levels of grip and overall handling.

I know of some of these cars covering well over 250,000 miles and I am sure this one will do the same!

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Review Date: 7th January, 2004

21st Apr 2004, 09:05

Just thought I would add that the car has just passed the very stringent annual UK MOT test. Flew through without any faults, which is amazing for a 14-year-old car!

Still starts first time no matter if its rain, snow or sunshine, gives over 50 mpg and still holds 80mph with no problems at all. Quite brilliant for a car that is worth little more than a good night out!

18th Nov 2004, 06:07

Just a small update. The rust moths started to eat the lower part of the drivers door and began to attack the wheel arches. Brand new wings and lower door fitted and sprayed for £250 and the car is now as good as new again, and it's now 15 years old!

Still starts first time and gives well over 50 MPG - great little run-about in town and it's still happy on motorways too.

6th Sep 2005, 06:00

Just to add it's still running fine a year later simply change the oil and filter regularly (no more that £16.00 for the lot), passed its MOT with no problems and just keeps going and going with no problems! The best value car I have ever owned and I own a few!

7th Sep 2005, 07:06

Thank you for keeping us all informed, I for one, appreciate the updates!

Sounds like a really canny little car!

28th Nov 2008, 08:13

After giving this car to my father in law a few years ago, he has just sold it and yet again is sailed through its MOT. It still has not developed any mechanical faults. Only problem was the lacquer is peeling off the paint. Other than that it is faultless still – amazing!

1990 Fiat Uno Formula 0.9 from UK and Ireland


Magic little car


Starter motor failed- replaced from scrap yard for £5.

Head gasket leak - replaced myself in 2 hours, gasket cost £7.

General Comments:

This is a really great little car, roomy, amazingly nippy and very reliable.

Have done some really long drives in her with no problems, she will take running at 80 mph all day with no complaints.

The 900cc ohv engine is very robust, doesn't burn oil & is surprisingly speedy.

It's best to replace the tyres for 155/13's instead of the stock 136's as they just don't provide enough grip, go to the scrappy and get some off a Uno 60S.

The doors seem to be the only part of these that suffers from rust, the rest of the car is very solid, if you catch it on the doors fast enough and treat it, you'll be fine.

When this one is worn out, I will definitely get another, maybe a model with a FIRE engine, as these are supposed to be really good.

All in all I can say these are brilliant, fun to drive and very easy to look after. Go get one.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2003