1990 Fiat Uno i.e. 1.4 turbo from UK and Ireland


Excellent cheap insurer!


Clutch, turbo, bodywork (rust), the handbrake doesn't really work anymore.

General Comments:

Superb for the money, highly recommended if your insurance is caned, beats most hot hatches under 2.0 turbo, best dash (most clocks). A lot of fun.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2000

1990 Fiat Uno Turbo ie 1.4 turbo injection from UK and Ireland


Uno, it makes sense :) A mad rocket powered rollerskate!!!


Central locking was broken when I bought it, easily fixed.

General Comments:

This is my second Uno Turbo... I previously owned a MK1.

The mark 2 is that much better than the MK1, I love it. Anyone that does not buy one of these has no balls as they are the mutts nuts and cheaper than most Hot Hatches. When it comes to performance they scream on forever.

If you have the guts buy one now, or live in the sad solitude you deserve.

Oh yeah, some people get the 0-60 wrong.. it is 7.7 secs not 8.3, see the official Fiat site.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2000

25th Dec 2005, 15:13

0-60 times are very variable and very dependant on the driver, especially on turbocharged FWD cars like the Uno.

The 30-70 and 50-70 times are much more representative.

Good to know you like the car though.

11th Mar 2006, 17:21

My Mk2 Turbo has covered about 220000miles without any major problems. I flowed the head (about 100000miles ago), enlarged the throttle body, fitted a Cosworth inter-cooler, free flowing exhaust system and a fuel enrichment device. Result 166bhp @ 5000rpm (probably limited by over-fuelling at the top end, dyno graph) but more importantly 183 ft. lbs @ 3000. 0-100 in 15 sec. (Santa Pod), I have also seen the far side of 140mph three times (at that speed you are not really trying to count the increments on the speedo), to the surprise of one Porsche Boxter and two Ford Cosworths. Re-valved Konis and coil-overs are fitted at the front, standard Konis at the back. This lowers the nose and gives great traction with Yokohama AVS tyres. I absolutely love this car-will soon embark on the next stage, about 230 bhp and similar torque, but I must say that the first thing to do is to sort the suspension! Recently fitted lightweight Wilwood billet aluminium 4-pot front calipers and 284mm discs, along with 7*15 alloys (only 6kg each, but I had to wait 10 weeks) equals FANTASTIC stopping power. I could go on...

31st May 2007, 10:30

Goran: I have Uno MK2 1301 ccm, 74 bhp, 170000km passed...It`s great and vivid car!

21st May 2011, 06:38

Thanks for some great insight, I am about to buy a used Uno Turbo with 60000kms on it. I was worried if they can last up to 3000000. It seems it depends on how you handle it. Thanks again.

1990 Fiat Uno 45 S 1.0 from Italy


Reliable and cheap to run car with a lot of space inside


Clutch (normal after 95000 Km), ant. brake discs and tailgate lock.

General Comments:

The car is still very fast (145 KM/h) for its engine size and has no problem with electrical systems or roar. Fuel and oil consumption are still very low, that makes the car cheap to own and run.

Handling is easy also with rain or snow.

It has a lot of space inside, and it's easy to load it over the permitted weight. Unfortunately it's easy to steal or open, cause door locking is not reliable.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2000

13th Mar 2001, 13:46

I agree with the comments.

I run a 1991 45, 4-speed, for daily commute of 22 miles each direction. Recently used to take wife and our 3 children >300 miles each direction in preference to Renault Espace which is the vehicle we normally use as a family, because Fiat much better in snow.

Only real bother has been hesitation/cutting out when temperature gauge on the 'one quarter' mark when wearther cold or wet. Have had distributor cap replaced, carburettor pot cleaned out and temperature sensor voltage checked, all to no avail. Worst case has been in wet snow when had to wait 5 minutes to restart. Any ideas, or suggestions as to another web site I might try.


9th Aug 2005, 22:35

Have you replaced the fuel pump?

1990 Fiat Uno 45 Fire 1.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


In the last 12 months alone it has broken down 6 times. 3 items have been normal wear and tear but it has also had many faults causing the engine to cut out leaving me stranded in the middle of nowhere.

General Comments:

Even less reliable than my last car (an Austin Metro).

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Review Date: 14th March, 1999

6th Sep 2001, 09:21

My girlfriend had a Fiat 45 Fire given to her by her mother in May this year. The car obviously is showing its age, but it is a superb little car. It is good on petrol and the insurance barely costs anything even with no No Claims on her first insurance.

As a little run-a-round it's perfect. I even take it out myself if I'm just going round the corner, and I drive New Astra Sport!

The only thing which lets it down in my opinion is the performance, but then you get what you pay for.

1990 Fiat Uno 60S 1.1 petrol from UK and Ireland


Front shocks have gone dead 3 times in 30,000 miles, lighting electrics are very dodgy.

General Comments:

Good and quick for its size. Cheap to run and insure.

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Review Date: 28th February, 1999

1990 Fiat Uno 45S 1.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Amazingly for a Fiat not much. Clutch after 23,000 miles, sump cover/gasket at 24,000 (could have been a stone impact though), battery at 20,000 and drivers seat frame was dodgy from new.

General Comments:

This was our "second" car so it was not used daily, was parked outside in Scotland and was still a great starter. Most problems were fairly minor and parts are very cheap (even official ones). A great second car or young person's first wheels.

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Review Date: 29th October, 1997