25th Jan 2008, 05:51

Update: the wierd noise was actually the front left wheelbearing.

8th Nov 2009, 14:29

2 years later, I am still driving my little ruby red Uno. It now has 230000km on the clock. Still going strong with small oil leakage.

I have spray painted the bonnet, bumper and grill, now it's as good as new. I recently had a problem with the tripod that keeps jumping out of the gear box, I spent a lot of money on trying to find out what the problem could be. After 3 CV joints and new gear box mountings, they told me that the Uno has a illness that causes the suspension to pull out off place. Took it to a wheel alignment centre and the problem was sorted. I have since moved to Namibia from Klerksdorp with my little red rocket and it is still going strong. I love my Uno. Will never sell it in my life.

4th Feb 2010, 05:25

Dear friends,

I am glad there are people who are still discussing their UNOs when likes of Korean crap is ruling the roost in developing markets like India.

Well, I bought my beauty in 99 after just a little drive. It has the basics and was incredibly cheap to buy. I had 10 years of trouble free driving in it except for a mild buzzing drone from driver's window owing to an initial poor modification done by a Suzuki mechanic, and a disinterested approach by a sinking Indian auto firm partnering Fiat in India then.

However, there have been some minor issues of late, which have been fixed very economically.

Presently, I have been looking for a second car as my son, a budding driver, loves my UNO. I have test driven a number of brands including Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, Suzuki and Chevrolet, but none are even close to the feeling I have driving my 11 year 70 K driven car.

I am waiting eagerly for the VW Polo in India, as India is a crowded country, and I'm thinking humans should not drive big cars here, more as a concern for fellow human species. There is nothing like the UNO.

17th Mar 2010, 10:55

Hey all,

For some time I also loved my Uno Pacer until about 3 weeks ago. My Uno is a ruby red Uno Pacer, however I have taken the P and the R out on both sides, hence it is now an Uno "ACE."

My car ran a bearing in the crank, and for 6 months the car had a weird misfire (miss). It felt like I was running on 3 cylinders. I investigated the problem and found it wasn't the coil, neither was it the distributor... wait for it... OK it was the number 4 spark plug getting blocked with oil... OK, so I had to change plugs every 2 days... eventually on my way to the nightclub, my car ran out of oil due to the leaking bore causing the misfire, and my bearings got damaged.

My car is with the engineers, and I'm struggling to get pistons, as there is a ridge on the bore now, and the smallest rebore will have to be 32 thou...

Uno Pacers come in rebore sizes of 12 24 and 32 thou... weird as it is... it's the truth... Costing me an arm and a leg now to have it sorted...

Well we going to try matching a 1600 piston and try to rebore to fit... if that does not work, then guys I'm sorry but I'm going to have to put in a Honda 2.0 block and make this little Ace into a pocket rocket transplant case... will let you all know how it goes... anyone want to email me, you can on : lee_quick_uno@yahoo.com

That's right, I loved my car so much I made this email address six years ago... Haha, ciao guys.

1st May 2012, 00:31

I own an Uno Pacer SX, metallic pearl charcoal in colour. Got it at 80000km, it now has 178000, never had any engine problems. Sorry to mention, but I should, it has never even been serviced; this little lady just keeps on going, never say die. I'd never thought I could love an Uno, but I do.

Fuel consumption is not too bad at all, 14km per litre. My front wheel bearings are starting to sing along as we drive, and my silencer is currently in the garage, but she's still very quiet.

Anyway, hope to hear from some more Uno happy people.


18th Aug 2014, 03:25

Gents, help me, my baby blew head gasket at 855000 km on the clock. Now I need to drain the milk. What size is the drain plug Allen key?

20th Aug 2014, 15:51

12mm Allen key.

13th May 2018, 19:46

Hi, I'm currently sitting with the same problem, as I've changed my passenger tripod 3 times. Could you explain what the wheel alignment centre did to fix this?

7th Jul 2018, 08:09

Hi guys, I'm sitting with the same problem. My Uno Pacer is breaking the inner tripod on the passenger side all the time. I replaced the mountings; what could it be?