1995 Ford Aspire from North America


A great little car for zipping around town


Hard to get started during rain or after a hard rain. It barely starts and has little power until it warms up to normal temperature. Then it runs normally. Solution is to replace spark plug wires with a new set from an auto parts store - $12 set did the job. Cleaning distributor cap and rotor did not solve the problem. Changing spark plugs did not solve the problem. Changing spark plug wires is all that was needed to solve a very difficult to diagnose problem. No dealer can afford the time to determine the actual cause, and instead will replace everything.

Second problem - radiator started dripping anti-freeze at 66,000 miles. Solution is to replace the radiator yourself. There is quite a bit of room to work so it is not a difficult job as on some cars. New radiator cost $160 at auto parts store. You need a 10MM box wrench and a pliers to loosen the hose clamps. Hoses came off very easily. Hardest part is loosening lower two fan attach bolts with box wrench. Take off fan, then hoses, then remove and replace in reverse order. New radiator takes a different cap.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2003

1995 Ford Aspire 4-door 1.3 from North America


The Most Bang for the Buck


I got the car and replaced the front brakes and turned the rotors. The hubcaps were turning orange/brown so I bought some paint from Wal-Mart for three bucks and matched the hubs as well as some places on the car that were peeling, it was a perfect match. I lubed the speedometer and still am since it keeps wiggling as I drive. The CV joints or the whole drive axle is showing signs of wear. I sometimes hear clicks and light thuds.

General Comments:

I installed a CD player speakers and a sub and it sounds really good in this small and open car. I really like how much space it has and is very comfortable. Funny saying this, but it seems to have more quality than the 1997 Z28 I sold right before getting it. Of course it has no V-8 or T-tops, but honestly I enjoy this car more. I bought it for $1000 that I had left over from selling the Z and love getting a consistent 40mpg, especially since I deliver Pizzas.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2003

1995 Ford Aspire 2 Door from North America


Cheap, Reliable, and Comfortable all describe the Aspire


Thing gone with the car are not many while under my ownership, but the car seems to have some type of electrical problem for the reason that the horn does not seem to work.

Other problems with the car are the stereo which was not in working condition when I got the car, and it seems it only had radio, and no tape or CD.

Rattling parts are also a neusance when playing loud music.

Another problem with the car is the parts all are broken easily.

Security is another flaw it can be broken into very easily as I had forgotten my key in the car once and a parking attendant had the car opened in no time, he just stuck a crow-bar like object in through were the window goes in and janked it up and it unlocked.

Power Steering is some thign I wish this car had for the reason that it is hard to turn the wheel when the car is stopped and you are trying to park.

General Comments:

Cheap, Reliable, and Comfortable all describe this car. A little of an eye sore when you have it as it came, but everything works fine and is as you need. This car has gone over my expectations, since I came into owner ship I have installed a CD player in it and have installed rims in it (which look great), tinted the windows, and had it painted a darker color (Blue Mist), after all this the car looks like you would not believe. Well overall I give this car a 8.5/10 for its Reliability, Comfortableness, and how cheap gas comes, $10 just about fills up the tank. Well I hope you all enjoy the Aspire.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2003

30th Jun 2003, 09:25

After reading your review, I have to agree with you. I, too, am a proud owner of a '97 Ford Aspire. I would've liked to see a picture of your car now because I had the same ideas for mine. I have a CD player now and I'm in the process of getting my windows tinted. Eventually, I want to get rims. Anyway, great job on the review!