1996 Ford Aspire 4 door base model 1.3 from North America


Something Different to look at on the road


Mostly appearance items..

Wheelcovers faded and the paint fell off.

Seats are starting to fall apart.

Rear bumper paint is coming off.

Dents very easily, I have several dings all over the car and I have no clue where they came from.

Air bags lights flashes I don't know why.

Speedometer jumps sometimes.

Knob broke that controls climate fan speed.

I also believe there is some sort of bearing going out in the rear passenger side wheel, there seems to be a roaring that's getting louder with time.

Engine seems to have a lot of valve noise going on seems to get louder the more miles it gets.

General Comments:

This car was is exactly what its meant to me point a to point b, however this car just looks strange that why I like it. The power is horrible very hard to get to speeds on hills, but on flat land its not too bad. Great on gas.

In my opinion though Ford or Kia whoever built this thing used the cheapest materials they could find, and I have the original sticker that came with the car the first owner had left it folded in the glove box and they paid $11,000 for this car!! Surely they could have gotten a basic Prizm, Corolla, or Civic for that price in 1996. I always thought that the Aspire would have been about an $8000 car brand new. I only paid 2500 for it in 2000. Overall though it's a good car that will fade away into history and noone will remember in twenty years.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2003

1996 Ford Aspire Base four door 1.3 SOHC from North America


Very Relaible... and Cute


Paint on rear bumper starting to fade.

Wheel covers have faded I repainted them.

Seats are starting to wear.

General Comments:

Wonderful little car it has out lasted my expectations gas mileage is wonderful even more so now since gas is so high.

I have to say the interior is more durable than my wifes 98 Honda CRV we took hers camping and the rear cargo area was scarred up pretty bad, I haul things in the aspire all the time and it doesn't look nearly as bad as her CRV.

I love the shape nothing else looks like it on the road. The only bad thing I can't think of is the fact that anything can knock a dent into it, I have so many little dings and dents I just think the metal is really cheap.

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Review Date: 17th September, 2003

1st Nov 2003, 21:33

I have to agree with the CRV interior being cheaply made mine is also scratched up really bad-

1996 Ford Aspire 3 door Hatchback 1.3L from North America


Great gas economy


When I initially bought the car, I knew it was going to have to be repaired (prior rental). I had to have the front left tie rod, water pump with gaskets, oil pan gaskets, tune up, oil change, radiator flush, the works. The service was dirt cheap for the parts and labor. It was a total of $550.00 when it was said and done.

The car runs like a charm. I drive it on the highway everyday, and it had enough power to hang on today's roadways. Great gas mileage as well...

General Comments:

This is a must buy for people who like to do their own repairs. I just bought the Chilton's Repair Manual on amazon.com and some tools. It is extremely easy.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2003

1996 Ford Aspire Base 1.3 from North America


Excellent commuter car


The car had been searched by the police or DEA and the inside was pulled all apart. The rear seat was hollowed out for???. A trip to a local junk yard and $250.00 got me a whole new interior (seems as though gray was the standard color) including an almost new rear and passenger seat and a jack and handle. I replaced the timing belt myself (wasn't sure how many miles it had on it, better to be safe) It had three different used tires on it, so it got new tires and a front end alignment. When I got it the thermostat was bad and the car wouldn't heat up properly causing idle problems. It's easy to replace though.

General Comments:

Somewhat under powered, but it's a sprightly and fun car to drive, handles the snow well. Body is prone to dents (thin steel) but appears to be very rust resistant. Very good gas mileage, 40 mpg, but it has a small gas tank so you have to fill up just as often as a larger car. Easy to work on, and parts are easy to find at junk yards, at least where I live. Very good heater, but since the engine is so small I would not recommend air conditioning or an automatic transmission.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2003

19th Dec 2003, 23:23

Appendum to my review: Front wheel bearings started getting noisy at 176,000 miles so I replaced them (rather I took the front wheel spindles off and took them to a machine shop to have the bearings and seals pressed in, $50.00 labor plus $18.00 for the seals and bearings) and since it was apart, I put in rebuilt half shafts (C.V.s)