1990 Ford Bronco II XLT 2.9L from North America


If you happen to get one, keep it!


The only thing I know I'm gonna have to do is fix my ticking problem; when Ford designed the 2.9L, the oil pump didn't put out enough pressure to keep the engine lubricated when first starting it.

General Comments:

I've taken the Bronco out mudding and beat on her a little, but she's unstoppable and it's got good power. The suspension rides real hard, but I expect that from a short wheel base rig like that.

I haven't changed the interior at all except for when I put my subs in... I'm a big guy and I have some room to move around.

I plan to put a 5.0 in it eventually and make it my mud truck.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2015

1990 Ford Bronco II XLT 2.9 electronic injection from North America


This is a great all around suv


We've had small minor problems like the fuel pump need replacing, we've had the alternator rebuilt, water pump replaced, and new brake lines, the tranny is just now started to make noise and it slips every once in a while. The oil needle along with the RPM needle doesn't always work correctly. The interior of the truck has been faded for a few years, there is a few cracks on the dash and there is a few rust spots,

General Comments:

Over all this is and excellent suv I haven't had it long but since I have had it it's never been stuck it's always powered through whatever I have need it to.

It handles great with the exception of the loose steering.

If your looking for a suv with lots of power in the mud or off road activities and a descent suv for everyday driving this is one you should seriously look into.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2008

1990 Ford Bronco II LX 1.9 from North America


I've been offered $10K , but it's the best all around vehicle I've ever owned, and will never sell


A problem that is inherent with the 1989/90 1.9 engine is that the lifters can be noisy on start up; this was an engineering problem that Ford was never able/or just to lazy to fix. But at 59K miles Ford replaced the engine, only to have the same problem come up after 2000 miles. Ford replaced the engine again.

I went on line and came up with the "National Highway Safety Council" line of recalls, and service bulletins. I was never notified about recalls, and found a number of recalls and service bulletins that applied to my Bronco II; gear lash when you take your foot of the gas, the CV joint on the drive shaft, the retching noise when engaging the push-button hub engage, the light on the radio, a slipping clutch, noise in the transmission on long dives.

After pressuring the dealer, they replace all of the above. Because they miss-diagnosed the gear lash they ended up rebuilding the transmission, which did not fix the problem, so they replaced the rear differential / axles / wheel bearings, which did not fix the problem. They replaced the drive shaft, and that did fix the problem. They replaced the vacuum engaged hubs with newer upgraded hubs.

So that in effect I ended up with an all new drive-train at 59,000 miles.

General Comments:

The only things I've had to replace is the starter, alternator, muffler and tires.

I have added a Flowmaster muffler and 2.5 inch trail pipe, an KN air filter, a 60,000 volt coil. I now get on long freeway drives from 24 to 27.5mpg.

I use 30x9.5x15 Michelin tires with the tire pressure at 42lb. The tire have 74K on them and because of the Bronco's lite-height, they just reached the half-wear mark. The two inch wider tires allow this Bronco to corner like a sports car on the curves.

I wax the Bronco twice a year. I keep it in the garage, and it looks like it just rolled off the assembly line inside and out. My only problem now is that Ford put a clear coat only on the hood, and the clear-coat is getting that spider-webbing because of too much hardener.

I do the maintenance that Ford requires in their owner manual. I don't wait for belts or hoses to break. I replace the battery every five years.

I've driven hundreds of mile in my Bronco on steep mountain jeep trails. I driven across the U.S. four times, to Alaska, to Mexico and have never had a problem, never. I would get in it right now and drive across the county if I had to.

Would I buy another, if they still built the Bronco II, you bet.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2008