11th Nov 2001, 21:39

My BII has been one hell of a truck. I hit a deer doing 75 and it took out the radiator and grille and that's it. Very cheap to maintain.

2nd Aug 2002, 08:05

I own an 89 bronco II with 173K miles. Replaced heads, water pump, transmission. Just can't seem to let go of it. I hit a deer at 60mph. I thought it was done. All I needed to replace was the bumper and grille. Only problem I have with it now is a loss of power, esp. going up hills. If I let off the accelerator, it smooths out a little bit. I had the engine analyzed, and it came up as a speed sensor. Anyone who knows exactly where and what a speed sensor is or does, or had this problem previously, E-mail me at ChellFeesh@aol.com...put "Bronco II Fix" as the subject. Thanks.

6th Dec 2002, 21:28

I will drive my Bronco II until it can roll no more. I have owned my 1990 2.9L beaut with 265 K miles for almost 13 years now and still drive it to work everyday (about a 47 mile round-trip). It still gets about 20-21 mpg as long as I keep it tuned up occasionally. Any vehicle will require care and feeding over it's lifetime as the primary mechanical components which receive the highest stress give out. The real key is how much it costs you. If you do it yourself for the simple to medium repairs such as brakes, water pumps, tune-ups, etc., you will save in the long run. I've had imports before and when it came time to repair their occasional mechanical malfunctions, the parts would always eat my lunch $$. My experience with my BII has led me to stick to nothing but Fords (F-150 and Explorer) to fill out the rest of my family's vehicles. I look at the other MFGs out there, but always come back to Ford (Geez, I sound like an advertisement). I firmly believe I will eventually break the 300K mark in the BII. Heck, I just had the original clutch replaced last year at over 260 K miles... utterly amazing. My advice: buy what you like new and what fits your style and take very good care of it by following the MFG's recommended maintenance cycle's, but do most of the routine maintenance yourself and you will save big and make your baby last for a very long time! Hallelueah... amen brother.

4th Jul 2003, 02:11

Boy, the guy before me is like me. My Bronco 2 is an awesome vehicle. It's at 183,000 and I too, have brought it in at regular tune up intervals. I've never hit a deer or anything like that, and runs wonderful. It's just such a dependable vehicle-like a good horse or something.

25th Feb 2008, 21:56

My b2 has been excellent! had it for 3 years, 210k still original drive train! can, t buy a better truck for the price.