8th Jul 2004, 23:08

1998 ford svt Love it. No problems whatsoever. Haters... i tell ya. Theyre everywhere. I think maybe down the road this ride will be worth a few chips. I love it Ford makes the best long lasting vehicles out there. Its all about luck, look at the damn thing I mean LOOK at it before you buy it. A word from the MNCBA. Thank you for reading.

22nd Aug 2004, 00:32

I bought a 2000 SVTC for under 11,000 last year... it was a bit more than I needed to pay for it, but climbing out of a neon was worth it... since then, have painted it chameleon (ha! that was fun) and replaced all the rotors with slotted/ cross drilled.. now, my car sputters and kills out for no reason... the mechanics thought it was the fuel pump, but I have perfect pressure, I have to replace the alternator, battery, starter and clutch... my svtc WAS awesome to drive... why so much work at the same time, and what is the cause for the sputtering / dying???


14th Dec 2004, 16:55

Hello I once had a '98 Contour SVT and it was the best car I ever had until an unexperienced driver wrecked into me and totaled the car. Ever since than I have been looking for one to purchase (at a reasonable price). If anyone is selling their Contour SVT please email me at princessbev2001@yahoo.com / I would really appreciate the help or whom ever might feel sorry for me loosing a real great car. Thanks.


10th Nov 2005, 12:24

Well for starters...I'd like to thank all you SVT LOVERS for all this SVTC feedback I own a 02 SVT LIGHTNING and I love it, but I've been craving this contour I'm currently looking for a 2000... I hope at-least most of this after market talk is true cause I won't stop till I get one and till it's fast. Please post any valid info about turbo's, superchargers or anything that will enhance this cars potential.

25th Mar 2006, 10:36

Just wanted to correct an earlier statement made... Grand Prix GTP's have a 3.8 liter supercharged engine, not a 3.4. I own a 2000, and it is faster than an SVT Contour, without a doubt. Even with an automatic, it's torque advantage cannot be overcome by the Contour. BTW, I like the styling of the Contour's, but they are just a little too economy car looking for me.

13th Apr 2006, 11:43

I'm about to buy a 2000 Contour SVT. I have previously owned a SHO. In the SHO, the 'cutting out' of the engine was caused by a failing Crankshaft Position Sensor. Has anyone had the 'cutting out' fixed on the Contour SVT and can report on what the problem was? Thanks.

21st Jan 2007, 08:34

I bought my SVT Contour in December of 06, and immediately I had one of the doomed transmission bushings on the cables wear out. Fixed that for $14. I can outrun an Integra GSR and stay on the tail of a turbo'd civic sedan. I changed the plugs and wires, and put on an intake and it howls just sucking in that air. I would like to say the car is trouble free, but much like other fords I own it has small problems that either need overlooking or a complete replacement. IE one of the stock manifolds is missing a bolt and is leaking, so I am saving up to put on a turbo kit from Arizona Dyno Chip. Anyways for 3K, I picked up a very nice luxurious and quick little ride. I love it now I need to save up and buy the other SVT vehicles.

22nd Jun 2008, 01:56

I own a 2000 C-SVT and a 1995 Ford SHO, and my SHO handles better and is faster in 0-60 and 1/4, but the Contour gets better gas mileage.

6th Jul 2009, 20:40

My 99 SVT is the best car I've owned, and at 55, I've had a few. It's my daily driver and it gets 24-25 mpg in Atlanta traffic. It's fun to dust the wanna be hot-rodders on Atlanta's streets!

No transmission problems except the cable linkage bushing, which I've repaired twice now with a modified rubber stopper from Lowe's for under a buck. Ford replaced the dash under warranty and I've had NO other problems.

At 105,000 miles, I'm looking to get another 100K and then keep her for one of the kids.

27th Mar 2010, 17:04

I have a '99 CSVT with 155k on it! The car has some minor problems (e.g. check engine light because of the cats, sunroof motor busted, and A/C doesn't work), but I'm amazed at how strong and reliable the motor is.

I had the transmission rebuilt because of bad synchro's, and the differential went.

As a '99 I'm still running with or beating Volvo S40's and C30's, Civic Si's, GTI's, and Cobalt sports with just a K&N filter.

Most of all though, it's a beautiful car and very fun to drive.

31st Mar 2010, 05:39

I am being totally objective when I say that the 2.5, whether SVT or not, is incredibly well put together. I've had a 98 Contour SE V6 for over 6 yrs, racked up 240,000 & the engine still pulled "Strong", & did NOT smoke at all.

I replaced the original automatic tranny at 225,000 & finally the oil pump got too old & failed, causing old faithful to jack a bearing up.

Now for the non-objectivity; that little car has truly earned my respect, & even though I'm picking up a 98 SVT to replace it, I may just drop another engine in (with a NEW oil pump of course) & keep it. God-Bless everyone...

14th Aug 2010, 15:05

I'm the biggest Ford fan ever.. owned many at 27. I've owned a 98 Cobra SVT, 93 SHO, a 93 Bronco Eddie Bauer, and now a 2000 SVT Contour.. I've loved them all..

Ford does make good cars and the best trucks. I think my SHO is still my favorite, though this Contour is a fast and fun little racer.

Only problem I've had is a loose bearing noise when revving up around 3 grand. Sounds like a rocker or spring problem. It got worse after messing with an M5 early 90s.

The tranny is a bit sloppy. It's easy to shift up a gear and find yourself down shifting.

The info here is awesome, and this car is fun... Long live the SVT!!

15th Aug 2010, 13:30

I am an architectural designer, and recently worked on an addition for a fabulously wealthy client in a million-dollar plus home. The lady of the house was showing me around, and I commented on the brand new Toyota Camry hybrid in the auto court. "That's my husband's. It's garbage!" the elegant lady snapped. "The REAL dream car is in my garage." She took me to one of the detached garages and opened the door. Inside was a beautiful 1996 Ford Contour. She explained that she had bought it new and driven it for the past 14 years. "I'm keeping it FOREVER". She said proudly. I've always liked Contours too.