20th Sep 2006, 04:29

I agree with all the complaints I have had the same problems. I will not buy this car anymore.

15th Oct 2006, 21:00

Purchased a '96 Contour with the 2.5 automatic with 100,000 on it. I was looking for inexpensive 2nd car that got good gas mileage. At least better than my truck. Tranny was replaced at 80,000. Owned it 6 months and started shifting hard between 1st. and 2nd. When car gets warmed up sometimes speedo quits working and it won't shift into 3rd or overdrive. Shop tried a new trans speed sensor. No help. Tranny needs replaced. They want $1800.00 to rebuild. Going to scrap it. Shame because everything else is in great condition. There must be an abundance of used motors and parts galore available just no good used trannies. Who would trust one. No more Fords!!!

6th Nov 2006, 18:16

I purchased my 1998 Ford Contour new. On and off I have had problems. Gas tank would not take gas... a recall. Heater burned out twice... a recall..cat converter bad.. the Ford shop told me it was fine until warranty was out then it needed to be replaced. Oil pan has a hole in it.. another 600.00. Window trim fell off... and I have a sports and those stupid attachments on the bottom 2 on each side fell off years ago... cost $100.00 for each one to replace. I have seen other sports without the bottom attachments...don't even know why they were there I was told to put a jack in if you had a flat. Trunk leaks and has for the past 3 years, but can't figure why it is leaking. My contour has 100,000 miles and the transmission is shot. Now let me tell you I took care of this car... but everyone I talk to tells me that a Ford gets no more than 100 thousand out of it then it is shot. I have friends with GMs and they get 200 thousand and more without any major problems. I have always purchased Fords, but after the Contour I will not. They just do not have a long lifespan. I did not drive the car much the first few years, but on an average if you drive 20 thousand a year you get 5 years out of a ford. Not much. I would not recommend anyone purchase a Ford Contour or a Ford Car. I believe in buying American, but in this case... to buy American means you are stuck paying out a lot more money because it does not have quality.

29th Jan 2007, 13:30

Inherited a 98 Contour SE in fall 2003 with only 42,000 miles. Car came from My mother in law and was well cared for, a cream puff, we kept it as a second car to get to and from work. Easy, mostly highway miles, we maintained and inspected the car regularly, wife drives it easy. After about a year at app 55,000 miles the string of problems began. Eat a front spindle, rattle in front end no one can find, ones side of stereo speakers went out, power antenna sometimes sticks, rear seat belt buckle jams intermittently and for no apparent reason, eats tires, Rear driver side tire wears out quickly even though we have had it aligned and adjusted, it still eats those tires. Electrical problems required some rewiring last year. Master cylinder failed, transmission problems have been starting and getting worse although has not failed yet. In the past 2 years the car needs repairs every 2-4 months, in addition to the master cylinder and spindle, car has eaten front wheel bearings, tie rod ends and ball joints ant all before 87,000 miles. Check Engine light always on despite several reprograms, fan light always on, but it hasn't overheated. We love the gas mileage and would love to try and get another year and 13,000 mils out of it, but the $200-$600 repiar bill every 2-4 months on top of maintenance is becoming a waste of money and effort.

27th Apr 2007, 20:04

Transmissions in these cars are all junk. Wish I knew why because I like the car otherwise. Seems most have the same opinion.

15th Jul 2007, 18:26

I totally agree with all the negative comments. My transmission went out at only 27 thousand miles, replaced the brakes and rotors twice. Now the wheel bearings are bad---all this and only 36 thousand original miles. Ford's better idea is a joke!!!

6th Oct 2007, 14:45

I have a 98 Contour and it has 140,000 miles on it.

The trans had to be replaced, but it does have 140,000 miles on it!!! But as far as how it runs at this many miles, I can't complain. It still rides okay and seems to be going strong!

2nd Dec 2008, 00:07

77,000 miles on my 98 Contour SE and my transmission just died. I've also had to completely replace the entire braking system, front and rear. Depressing to say the least to find out these failures are systematic.

4th Feb 2009, 10:22

You would think the big 3 could just make stuff that works.

They don't get anymore business from me, I will stick to cars that are good. Honda, Toyota... that's it for me now... no more domestics..

Although my Honda was built in Canada... forget the Big 3... they just can't make reliable cars that are designed to last. That and the fuel mileage of most is horrible.