6th Aug 2002, 23:59

Having worked in the automotive industry as an Engineer, I used to like Fords. Then I owned a Contour... I think they build better trucks than cars at this point - I had a 1992 Ranger that was excellent for the 5 years I owned it. The Contour was a poorly engineered, unreliable piece of junk. The bad part is, I really liked how mine drove - I just got sick of watching it being hauled off by a tow truck every month or two...

1st Sep 2002, 02:24

Ford contour is trash. The alternator had to be replaced twice in under 2 years. There is a buzzing noise when you start it sometimes, almost like a grinding. The check engine light came on and off when it wanted to. Not a dependable car. Ford is pitiful.

17th Oct 2002, 08:57

I'm in total agreement.

I purchased my 1998 Contour when it was two years old, therefore only having it for two years. The check engine light began coming on two days after I had driven the car off the lot. After replacing the censors numerous times, my Ford mechanics have given up. The alternator had to be replaced when it went out with no warning, leaving me stranded out of town. The rotors had to be replaced because my mechanic said they did not meet Ford specifications, even though they had never been replaced before. Most recently, I was told I have an emissions problem that will cost $2,000 to repair and the transmission is also giving me problems.

I too will never purchase another Ford product. I can't get rid of this one fast enough! Pushing it off a cliff would give me much satisfaction.

5th Jan 2003, 12:31

I have had my Contour since it rolled off of the line. I had no problems with it, and burned many an import with it. After I was rear-ended, I considered it worth enough to fix, and after the wreck, I still have had no problems with it. I now am preparing for a 3.0L upgrade, as many have done, and it will only keep getting better. The next thing on my list to burn: Mustangs and Camaros.

5th Jan 2005, 12:48

I have owned my 98 Contour SE since Oct. 2002 and I have to say that it was a pretty dependable car until Oct. 2003. The transmission just went out while turning a corner. The car runs beautifully and the AC will run you out of the car. I have almost 150,000 miles on the car and to be quite honest, I would like to purchase a transmission and have the car fixed. The car has a lot of pep and is just an all around comfortable car to drive.