8th May 2001, 12:34

I have a 95 ford contour. I have so far replaced a head on the car, brakes, swaybar and shocks and two starters. I will never buy a ford again the rest of my life.

22nd Jun 2001, 13:42

I have a 95 Contour GL that I bought with about 21,000 miles on it in 2000. This is THE biggest piece of crap and I'm trying my hardest to get rid of it. Gas milage, cup holders, gas tank cover, they all SUCK. I think the gas release from inside the car has worked 3 times. Thank goodness for the emergency release in the trunk! I will NEVER EVER buy another Ford. EVER!!

24th Jul 2001, 08:15

My car too is a Herbie. Jerking and spitting and stalling. I had the headlight fuse replaced, a new alternator put in, and it worked fine for two months. Then it started all over again and it has been in the shop for a week and they say I have water in my gas... yeah and air in my head... I am fed up with this car and will sell it.

If anyone has a remedy for this problem, let me know. I have taken very good care of this car - oil changes, filter, coolant system, hoses, brakes etc...

1st Aug 2001, 21:52

This car is 100% crap.


-leaky power steering seal

-fried electrical system

-cracked head gasket (insert new motor here)

-replaced rear struts.

NOW the cruise is going jerky (almost a power surge every once in a while) and there is a big squeak from the area of the NEW rear struts.

Crap crap crap.

Last time I buy domestic.

9th Aug 2001, 09:46

My 95 Contour has had no end of problems.

- Starter/alternator replaced

- Mysterious electrical system problems that occasionally caused the entire car to go play dead, sometimes in the middle of traffic

- Rear springs/struts needed replacement (dealership kept "fixing" by greasing them every time I complained about the noise - finally I brought it in for an unrelated problem - just after the warrantee expired - and they called saying "by the way your rear springs are broken").

- Much more that I have forgotten, but adding up to at least $1500/year in maintenance since buying the car.

And now...

- After 165000kms (just over 100,000 miles) the engine SELF-DESTRUCTED. My first and last Ford is dead.

20th Aug 2001, 09:12

The 95 Contour is the first and the last Ford I will ever have. I bought it when it only had 25,000 miles in 98. Since then, every month something fails!

One day the ignition would not turn, another day it would turn all the way. Just recently the catalytic converter has failed, and as I write this the authorized Ford repair shop informed me that it would cost $710 to fix the water pump.

Not to mention that the cup holder was broken the day I first used it, the sun visor is just hanging on top of my head, and I hear a squeaky noise from my brakes.

It has not been even a year, I had new brakes and paid about $400. The good thing is I have a life expectancy of 40-50 more years and am hoping to have couple of kids. You think I will ever buy another one of these crappy cars for me or for my family! I DO NOT THINK SO! If you don't have one yet, don't even think about buying one of these pieces of trash.

25th Aug 2001, 09:30

8/25/01 I bought my 95 Contour GL in August of 95, it had 2000 miles.

I replaced the timing belt around 25000 miles, it was making a terrible noise, the dealership kept it for a week before it was fixed. Luckily it was still under warranty.

During the life of my car I've either repaired or replaced the following: three timing belts, replaced the pulley for the starter, rebuilt the transmission.

I replaced the brakes many times.

The cruise control stopped working after the 2nd year of ownership along with the air conditioner. I fix the air and it worked for another year. One night when I was coming home something burned out from under the dash and then the fan would only work on med or low, now the fan will not work at all.

The lights on the doors work when they want to work. The light for the clock has not worked for three years.

The release for the gas tank hasn't worked for four years.

Two weeks ago the engine cooling fan burned out. Even though I had it at the dealership the week before, but they did not replace it because I have over 100,000 miles and they say the recall warranty covers up to 100,000 miles.

I had a total of five recalls, none were fixed because vehicle had gone over the mileage. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER FORD AGAIN.

7th Aug 2002, 00:09

My 1997 V6 was the biggest piece of junk I've ever owned. I found Ford dealerships to be particularly irritating - I was charged $80 just for them to tell me why the "check engine" light was on. Autozone does this for free. Then $80 per hour to fix all of the Contour's inherent problems, and I was also charged 8% of the labor cost as a "disposal fee" by my friendly Ford Dealer. when I asked why I was being charged over $100 for "disposal" after this dealership fixed my engine that was dumping oil due to a defective engine seal, I was told "that's our policy and we can't change it." Needless to say, I very satisfied with the Nissan I now own...

6th Sep 2002, 16:31

I have purchased a 1995 Ford Contour Gl. It is the biggest pile of crap, and I am unsure if it has 4 wheels or not (it feels like one is a square). The engine went after only 36,000 KM!! What kind of a joke is that? The power winds don't work, the power mirrors don't work, the AC doesn't work, the clutch has been replaced twice, the fan went, the belt always slips an needs to be replaced, and whenever the gas is given there is a second delay before anything happens. The bottom line is that this car is a pile of worthless matter, and needs to be burned. Ford must consist of a bunch of monkeys to possibly build a car that has so many problems.

19th Sep 2002, 12:49

I have owned a 1995 Ford Contour SE V6 since new. This car had been moderately reliable the first 3 years I owned it, but after that it has been nothing but problems. Now it has 103K miles on it, and I am embarrassed to say that I have sunk way too much $$ into it. Gone wrong since year #3: brake rotors warped, power windows broke, cup holder broke (worst design I have ever seen), gas leak, stereo broke, remote gas lid release broke, and the list goes on. We also have a 1998 Windstar, and have many problems with it as well. Bottom line... DON'T BUY A FORD VEHICLE!

14th Oct 2002, 22:24

1995 Ford Contour LX -

I am glad to see it's the car and not me. I have had to replace two water pumps, EGR valve, a starter, speed sensor, four warped rotars (after replacing them just months earlier), and various blown fuses (which go out on constant basis). I have so much fun with this car I think we might go join a circus together. The worst part of this whole ordeal is the way that the Ford dealership takes advantage of their customers. I have never worked on cars before, but after paying the dealerships's outrageous prices I have turned into a rocket scientist. The only problem is that the engine is turned upside-down and side-ways. Hmmmm... I wonder if Ford did this on purpose to make it too difficult for an average Joe to fix his car.

Never again will I ever buy another Ford.