1995 Ford Contour GL 2.0 Zetec from North America


Fun to drive and awesome to modify, you'll like it


The only thing I've had a problem with was the fuse box and blower fan which had recalls and were replaced by the Ford dealer where I bought the car. Other than that I've had no problems with it.

There is on other thing, they could have made it easier to change the PCV valve.

General Comments:

I've done some modifications to the car, like got the resonater removed, had the muffler taken off and had a hooker exhaust tip put on it.

I also removed the air box and replaced it with a ram air system of my own concoction.

The take off when I first got it was decent but now it hauls some balls.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2001

19th May 2002, 18:59

I don't know where you got your contour from, but ours has fallen apart since it has hit 100,000 miles. The lower control arm bushings are shot, and you have to replace the whole arm not just the bushings. I have not been able to locate a PCV valve. We have not been able to locate one through a parts store either. There is a awful noise that comes from the rear when you turn a corner. The mass air flow sensor has already been replaced once and needs to be replaced again. The motor mounts have been out for the last 40,000 miles. The blower only wants to work once you get the r.p.m.s up, and the car also will not idle when you have the defrost on. Here lately the manual transmission has decided to jump out of gear while driving down the road. The carpet has started to fall out of the trim I have set it back where it's suppose to be, but the carpet pulls back out. There is many more small things to complain about, but I don't have all day.

24th Jun 2002, 13:56

Ford quality control went sharply downward from about the '99 model year onward.

If they tell you that you need a new MAF sensor, often you can restore the old one by simply cleaning the little sensor wire. Get a can of brake cleaner (non-chlorinated) and soak the little wire with it. Be careful, the wire is fragile, so don't swab it with a Q-tip or spray it at point-blank range with an aerosol. This applies at least to all Fords and probably to other vehicles too -- they love to sell you MAF sensors.

28th Nov 2002, 14:57

Well, I am not the only one who bought a piece of garbage. Like yourself, mine has been falling apart as well. Much sooner than yours unfortunately. I have spent enough on this one to buy another car.

1995 Ford Contour GL Duratec V-6 from North America


Biggest piece of crap I've ever owned


Front stabilizer bar bushings. The entire stabilizer bar (as opposed to the bushings) had to be replaced because the bushings are pressed.

The EGR Sensor failed. Dealer says this does not fall under the emissions warranty.

Engine cooling fan and switch burned out.

Disc brake rotors warped (all four wheels).

Head gasket oil leak.

General Comments:

My ownership experience with this car has been absolutely horrendous. I received nothing but excuses and the runaround from two Ford dealers.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2000

5th Jan 2001, 16:44

I agree. I have a 1995 Ford Contour and it too is the biggest piece of crap I have ever owned. I am very disappointed. Not only is the car the worst car I have ever owned, but my experience with the Ford Dealership has been the worst also.

5th Apr 2001, 07:32

For 3 months, my 95 contour has acted like "Herbie", a car with an attitude. It will start to jerk when the tacometer is between 3.5 & 4, sometimes losing power, and then jerking into gear. The tac may go from 2 to 5 in just seconds. This only happens after it has been driven for 30 minutes or more. Has anyone else ever had these incessant jerking? I love my Contour, but it has had its problems.