1994 Ford Courier Dual cab 4X4 2.6 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Weak but reliable


Gas converter (for LPG system) broke down.

Overheats easily, once engine is turned off.

General Comments:

Not much has gone wrong with the car, but one thing that appears to be innate in its design, is the ease with which it gets too hot once engine is switched off.

I think its relative weakness, high torque even when doing a 100kph in 5th gear, engine heat, are all due to a comparatively small engine for a car its size. 2.6 and 4 cylinders is just not enough.

At a 100kph, you're doing 3000rpm. And on LPG, you can get only 300kms to a tank of 52L.

Just don't drive in hilly country, or pull anything too heavy, ie, don't have too much expectations about performance, and it will prove to be a reliable car that just keeps going.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2009

22nd Oct 2009, 05:33

Hi, I drive a 2 wheel drive long bed ute, 2.6 litre petrol, 5 speed manual gearbox. 1994 model. Engine is strong for its size, very willing.

I've never had an overheating problem except when the radiator needed replacing a 110,000km. I've had the little coolant hose under the manifold break & still it did not get overly hot. It was an absolute nightmare to get at though.

Lifters replaced at 80,000km, & the synchro on second gear are weak from the start. Fuel economy is extremely lousy at 14 litres per 100km around town unladen.

It now has 175,000 on the clock & the input shaft bearing in the gearbox is getting noisy. The thing has never let me down though, & it kind of grows on you well into old age. But I now think it's time to go. Maybe one of the new Mitsi range...

30th Nov 2009, 17:11

You know, just before I sold the car, the problem was fixed. And all it took was a new radiator and coolant.

And I took it to 3 different mechanics before that, none was able to 'reproduce the symptoms'.

And the day I sold it, and saw it drive away I thought: there goes my most reliable car.

1979 Ford Courier LXT 2.3L Gas Carb from North America


Super Little work truck that you can count on!


Fuel Filter Replaced, Couple of Hoses replaced, Glove box sticks a bit, Distributor cap replaced.

General Comments:

Not a powerful ride, but gets good gas mileage.

Great for hauling stuff around town. Always nice to have a little work for side projects. I wouldn't say this truck is for the big road trip or traveling.

No Major overhaul need on this Little truck and have flipped odometer 100,000+ miles :)

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Review Date: 28th July, 2007

30th Jul 2007, 07:48

You must haul a lot of stuff to have put 50K+ miles on it in half a year or less.

13th Aug 2007, 10:32

I drive 140 miles a day for work, 70 each way. The miles add up fast. It's mainly freeway miles so it's a little less harsh than stop and go traffic. This little truck likes to go, go, go :)

2nd Jul 2012, 18:07

What mileage do you get with it?

1997 Ford Courier LX 2.6 litre petrol from Australia and New Zealand


The Ute is on it


Actually nothing has ever gone wrong with the car mechanically wise.

The chair bolts tend to come loose a fair bit if driven offroad.

The aerial snapped off due to corrosion.

A lot of the roof needed to be resprayed because of rust, due to being on the beach a lot.

Needed a new battery after 6 years.

The speaker broke on the radio.

General Comments:

These are great cars. They can take a beating and never break down. The engines are a great motor with good torque, but they suffer at high speed. eg at 100kph you are pulling 3000 rpm, hence the shocking fuel economy. Even when driven easy, it still will never get over 375km to 50 litres of petrol.

1st gear - 35km

2nd gear- 70 km

3rd gear- 125km

4th gear- 150km

5th gear - 170 km.

Yes, they will only hit 170 max, and you need a very long straight road to hit this speed, and it's pretty much topping out with the rev limiter.

One thing about this car - they will do a great burnout easily because of the good torque.

The brakes are pretty dodgy, though they never run low for years. You just tap them and they will lock up big time.

The gear box isn't very smooth. It's hard to change gears, but the clutch is great.

Great work horse, and yes it can take a tonne. I've put 1400kg of tiles in it. 100km used 50 litre of petrol.

In conclusion, a great car. Will last a lifetime. Just needs a more economical engine eg V6 and a 6 speed manual or lower ratio box.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2006

3rd Nov 2010, 23:15

50l of petrol on 100 km? Is that just a mistake?

12th Feb 2012, 04:46

Yes, great utes never ever have mechanical problems. The fuel economy is shocking though.

7th Mar 2013, 07:21

With 1.3 tonne on the back at 100km against the wind