2001 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor 4.6L SOHC V8 from North America


Cheap reliable transportation in police form


Replaced ignition coil + spark plug.

Replaced bank 1 cam sensor.

Needs ball joints.

Needs one wheel bearing (driver's side).

Needs alignment.

Minor rust around quarter and fenders.

Rust on the roof.

Burns 1 quart of oil every 2,000 miles.

General Comments:

The car has been great. Easy to repair. OBD2 makes my repair jobs take 5 minutes. I can feel the ball joints and wheel bearing going out, but that's an easy repair. I just keep driving it, expecting it to break down, but it hasn't.

It has the Police Interceptor package, but is hardly any more powerful than the standard model Crown Vic. Just has the 3:73 gears and programmed ECM from police use. Also has an aluminum drive shaft and larger suspension coil springs.

Other than that, the car's interior feels like cheap plastic, but I don't care because it keeps driving. My last 4.6L Ford engine had about 180k miles, and started burning lots of oil through the valve seals. This one is starting to burn about a quart every few weeks. For the car's size, it does handle amazingly well. It's not all that powerful until you get up to highway speeds.

My fuel mileage is about 18MPG city/21MPG highway.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2012

7th Jun 2012, 22:16

Thanks for being honest about it not being that much faster than the civilian Crown Vic (which it isn't).

So many reviewers on this site claim their tired old CVPIs are some sort of indestructible super cars...

18th Jul 2012, 11:30

Update on my review: I changed my alternator last week. Did it in under 30 minutes while on my lunch break at work! Easy to change, that's for sure.

As for the other comment above, yeah, the car is really no faster than the standard model. In actuality, the car isn't faster than most V6 family cars of today's standards. Even the other officers I work with agree. In fact, they agree that the 90's model LT1 Caprices outperform in some aspects. But in no way would it keep up to the Dodge Charger Hemi Interceptor.

21st Dec 2014, 19:19

Our 70s model was with the 440 V8 unmarked detective car. No wonder Delaware switched to Mustangs later.

2001 Ford Crown Victoria 4.6 V8 from North America


Well-designed rear-wheel-drive American car


2 of the tires had slow leaks (suspected to be through the mounting area. I was told it is a notorious feature of these aluminum rims).

Brake warning light came on without cause at 45k; checked all 4 disc brakes, the master reservoir & pump, all in good working condition, no leak.

Parking brake cable is not frozen. (A bad switch? The mechanic did not bother to check further, & assured me the brakes work fine)

Battery went dead after months of sitting, due to the anti-theft system constantly using electricity.

General Comments:

The ride is very comfortable & smooth.

Many standard features, such as cruise control, ABS, traction control, electrical compass, auto-dim rear view mirror, etc., all highly desirable.

Repair cost is low -- parts availability is high, & the car is designed for easy services, no odd tools needed, no awkward positioning of components.

Highway gas mileage is surprisingly high -- 27mpg, great for a car this size. Mixed with city driving, it drops to only 21mpg though; still not bad for a V8 luxury car. This is a car built for long, highway driving.

It is rear wheel drive. Maneuvering is a bit tricky if you are used to front wheel drive cars nowadays.

There are not many storage compartments, other than a glove box.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2011

2001 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor 4.6 from UK and Ireland


The feel of a luxury cruiser with the right engine and price tag, built like a focus


The rear passenger air vents don't work, not essential so not fixed yet.

One of the rear view mirrors power adjustment does not work, again not fixed yet.

Rear seat belt mechanisms both intermittently stop you from being able to pull the belt out so you can put it on.

The UV joints in the steering colum corroded, luckily only needed a lube to get rid of stiffness. Will require replacing if the steering stops being direct.

The parking (hand) break keeps seizing, has been lubricateded once, but if not used regularly keeps reoccurring.

The oil pressure gauge only starts to work when the car has warmed up. I have been told that this is the sensor.

General Comments:

This car is a great mile muncher, comfortable smooth quiet powerful. Despite it's faults I can't stop looking for excuses to go for a drive.

As all British US car owners know these cars are not brilliant for UK roads, the reasons:

At slow speeds over uneven surfaces the ride is a bit neck snapping.

When I have the air con' switched on there is a noticeable drop in power which I didn't get with my Chevy.

Having said that you can drive this car sedately with a lazy attitude, or when you get it wound up it will fly. Just don't expect to beat the likes of a big German car off the line, but then it cost half the price.

The philosophy is simple, the feel of a luxury cruiser with the right engine and price tag, built like a focus.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2007

27th Jan 2007, 02:28

This is built like a Euro Focus, not an American Focus. Major difference. The Euro Focuses are notably higher quality vehicles and very popular sedans.

27th Jan 2007, 10:50

Ford still ONLY sells the original Ford Focus in America (seven years after it was introduced and 10 years after it was first sold in Europe), a fact made even more ironic given Ford Europe just showed off the third generation Focus at the Detroit auto show, a version that has no immediate plans to come to the US.

1st Apr 2007, 23:38

According to The U.S. Department of Energy Fuel economy guide the 2001 Ford Crown Victoria does marginaly better than the 2001 Mercedes-Benz S600... but not by much.

20th Nov 2007, 16:22

I own a Crown Vic, and very much enjoy the space of the interior and the bit of normal yank luxury you get for your dosh.

The one I own comes with the standard motor and trans, but with upgrades, this honey won't blow away super hot hatches or hi tec performo motors, but with 2x bottles of NOS in the boot and hit the button, I'll give you a couple of black tyre lines and the rear end of my motor to look at, to say bye bye to!