13th Apr 2012, 14:19

You simply cannot beat these cars, I've only rode in one once, and it was absolutely awesome. It was quiet, very smooth, too many highpoints to list. Just love these cars!

15th Apr 2012, 01:34

I love these cars too. I used to own an 86 with a 351 4 barrel. Wow, what a blast to drive. They sure don't make comfortable interiors like that in base model cars today either.

I also love the boxy styling of the 80's sedans; very classy and distinctive compared to the cars of today.

15th Apr 2012, 21:07

There's still some classic style Vics on the roads here in Eastern Canada. I own a '90 and it's only seen ONE winter. Excellent condition overall, and I'm trying to preserve it :)

16th Aug 2012, 22:20

Update on the car by original poster:

178000 kms on it now and counting.

Maintenance on this car is super cheap, only oil changes needed. I use good quality Castrol synthetic oil as I love my car.

Have not needed any other repairs.

I plan to do a transmission flush soon, just as preventative maintenance. I like to take good care of my cars. Apparently you must used Ford Dextron transmission fluid.

I am amazed at the decent as mileage I get from this large full size car, comparable to many newer cars for highway mileage surprisingly. As well you can seat 6 people if needed, have a huge trunk, and towing capability if desired.

This car is an absolute pleasure to drive. I recommend buying one if you can find one; I sure do not regret my purchase.

18th Aug 2012, 08:06

There is no such thing as "Ford Dextron" transmission fluid.

Use Mercon.

19th Aug 2012, 20:06

"I plan to do a transmission flush soon, just as preventative maintenance."

Be sure to also replace the plastic grommet that holds the throttle valve (TV) cable in place. Your Ford dealer may have the replacement brass grommets in stock.