18th Mar 2017, 14:51

Anyone who mistakes an old body style Crown Vic for a police car has no business driving.

18th Mar 2017, 19:03

If you read closely, it was brand new and was a 1999. In fact I got a speeding ticket by a marked one. There was no mistaking that. Read close before you jump down on someone.

19th Mar 2017, 14:15

That comment was directed to the original poster's claim of "no more tailgaters" which you defended based on your experience with a newer model 18 years ago. You assumed that someone would mistake a now-20 year old (and probably rusty) beater Crown Vic for a police car.

As if.

19th Mar 2017, 20:44

14:15. It was new not newer and they had new Crown Vic's then in both civilian and police models. You were incorrect, simply acknowledge that. We can move on. Love the twisting around; most on here that have really owned them are savvy. The last Crown Vic's manufactured were Fall 2011. What year did you say you owned? Was it an Interceptor? It's 2017. Some of us have had them and the insult wasn't applicable; at least ours were not. Not one drop of oil burned as well. Let's move on and be happy.

23rd Mar 2017, 00:13

Hmm... if I AM incorrect, then you apparently live in a municipality that is so strapped for cash that the police have to drive around in 20 year old Crown Vic Interceptors.

In that case, you have my sympathies.

23rd Mar 2017, 10:46

Actually in the Northeast it is done here. Some companies completely refurbish older models such as the Caprice. Complete overhaul and restoration. It's not being strapped. The police then have essentially a new vehicle and save for taxpayers. Cabs are also done in this manner.

As far as identifying police vehicles, it's not at all easy today. You could be pulled over by many unusual unmarked police vehicles in our state. Hard to spot. Could appear as an innocent van, sedans or SUV. Or even sports cars. We had Mustangs to Chargers in my small town.

23rd Mar 2017, 19:48

While I realize the comment "no more tailgaters" was sort of a fun gesture, I can personally say I really dislike the folks who think they're being cute and assume that everyone thinks they must be driving a police car. For starters, Crown Vics are being slowly phased out of service.

Secondly, it's easy to tell if the car being driven is legit or not: The license plate will tend to not have a expiration date like a civilian car would. If its some lil' old lady or grandpa driving one of these, whatever. But on occasion I'll see one of the guys who goes over the top, making sure that the search lights are installed-both sides. I tend to drive no different than at any other time, thus not giving these guys their little ego boost they want out of it.

It won't be too long in the future, where when people want to drive what they think looks like a cop car, they'll have to buy a newer Ford Explorer because that's mostly what I see around here these days. Now THOSE are tricky to spot.

24th Mar 2017, 18:56

Here's my take. Simply don't break the law and you have no issue. I don't care if they add dummy spots, push bars or aerials. I drive a sports car capable of speeds just under 200 mph. Which I don't do. I go to the local motorsports track, not on the street. We have Chargers to Expeditions as police vehicles. And state police helicopters. That's my concern, not having a feeling that someone is being a police mimic. My biggest fear is the drivers impaired and texting. And I hope the police heavily enforce those 2 situations in particular. I sold 2 motorcycles recently over people texting. Even in small groups together it has become increasingly unsafe My friend on a new Street Glide was stopped at a light and fortunately jumped off before being rear ended at speed. The guy was texting. I do not like tailgaters, especially ones wanting a better look. I get it comes with the territory. But it's very dangerous. If you drive, pay attention and drive with sense. Happy Motoring!