1997 Ford Crown Victoria P71 Police Interceptor 4.6 liter from North America


Fast, handles great, tough as nails


Front right brake caliper, rear window regulator.

General Comments:

This car is fun to drive. The police package makes this car fast and gives it great handling.

Saw this car on Craigslist, test drove it and fell in love. Two owner car. First owner was a municipal police department. It was the chief's car and lived a pampered life. Second owner hardly drove it and kept it in a garage. Clean Carfax report and mileage is accurate.

Plenty of interior room (I'm over six feet tall). The trunk is huge.

These cars are tough. I know because I drove several as a cop for almost thirty years. I plan on driving the wheels off my baby!

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Review Date: 12th March, 2018

1997 Ford Crown Victoria Base 4.6 from North America


No more tailgaters


Intake manifold cracked where heater hose connects in the rear.

Keep getting a PO171 code - still trying to track it down, no luck so far.

Replaced gas tank - didn't need to buy strap studs, found an easy way to install = $90.

Fuel pressure sensor on tank snapped off during removal = $70.

Replaced front brakes and rotors - previous owner installed them backwards = $100.

Right tail light wiring harness shorted out = $25.

Top mount brake light out = $5.

All around shocks needed replaced - like riding a roller coaster.

Whole exhaust replaced from after cat = $150.

General Comments:

I'd think twice before buying another version of this car, but I can't be too disappointed, I do live in the salt belt so most cars don't make it 10-15 years here before rust takes over. Probably going to derby this pig sometime.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2017

11th Mar 2017, 22:13

The drivetrain in these Panther cars will outlast the body by a long shot.

12th Mar 2017, 16:05

Unless you have a garage.

15th Mar 2017, 21:04

"No more tailgaters" = oil burner.

18th Mar 2017, 11:13

Absolutely. These were commonly used for high speed chase vehicles. Nobody would chance tailgating them for fear of a ticket. I had a new 99, in white. It was amazing seeing approaching cars slowing down quick and dipping their hoods. Thought I was a state trooper. I had a few of these and the Marquis for company cars. Very reliable, roomy and comfortable. Maybe the styling was a bit old fashioned, but they were free to drive. No insurance or repairs or depreciation. You can grow fond of that. And use the money saved to buy a fun new weekend car.

1997 Ford Crown Victoria LX 4.6 SOHC V8 from North America


Solid, reliable and a joy to drive


There have only been a couple of issues with the car: approximately 3 years ago, my mechanic noticed that the intake plenum had a crack in it just behind the alternator, and coolant was leaking out of it. This is a well documented issue with the 4.6 V8. As well, I've had one electric window motor fail. No other problems to date.

General Comments:

I bought this car in 2005 for my first vehicle. I did my research and determined that these vehicles, if well maintained, were reliable and well built. After finding one close to where I live (not an easy task), I immediately fell in love with it. The first test drive sold me, and I had my local mechanic check the vehicle over to determine its shape. Everything looked good so I took it.

It has been the most reliable vehicle I've ever driven. My parents have mostly always bought Japanese cars, but my Crown Vic has been more reliable and cost less to maintain than the imports. Fuel economy is consistent with what one expects from a V8, though 25-30MPG seems pretty good. It has the leather interior and loads of room. I use it mostly for driving on the highway, and it seems that this is exactly what the vehicle was designed to do.

I keep it in immaculate condition, and my neighbors and friends admit it's a beautiful car. I will never part with it, even if I need to update in future. Best car ever made.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2011

22nd Jul 2011, 16:57

These are wonderful cars, glad you are enjoying yours. I own a 1986 Crown Vic that is extremely reliable, just completed a 6000k road trip with it actually.

The reason these cars are so great is that they are one of the last rear wheel drive cars, which makes for effortless steering, smooth turning, and an excellent highway cruiser.

These are great car, and all the parts are super cheap. I would recommend it to anyone who does a lot of driving, and wants a reliable, cheap to maintain car.