19th Feb 2019, 13:51

Uh, yeah. But the review was posted by someone who GOT the car in 2016, not his great-grandpappy who bought the car new (probably before the reviewer was even born!)

19th Feb 2019, 20:22

Does it really matter when they got the car? Obviously the car is on its 4th generation of family hand me downs. Full of history and information of the car's past. Makes for a more interesting review. I guess that the author should have been more thorough about when the odometer originally read zero? Or better yet, if you really want to nit pick, you should correct them about the fact that it is virtually impossible that any brand new car has an odometer that reads zero off the lot?

19th Feb 2019, 22:48

Sort of a long shot, but I could be the person who wrote the review. Received the car the exact day "5 figure odometer" rolled back to "0" and then drove the hell out of it the next three years to the mileage of 132,000.

21st Feb 2019, 17:47

"Full of history and information of the car's past"?

Really, where did you see that? All the reviewer talks about is his experience since he got it three years ago, and which is all he is really qualified to talk about anyway. He did not have the car when it had 0 miles (or 1.8 or 3 or 4.7, whatever makes you happy) on it when new. The mere fact that a family member had it before does not change that in the least. Let's move on, as you are so fond of saying.

22nd Feb 2019, 19:25

I didn't see it anywhere. Full of information for the current owner being a handed down car. Also brings sentimental value.

Now if you understand we can move on. As I am "so fond of saying"?? Really, where did you see that? I just love it when others comment on here and they think they know who the are arguing with. Seeing how I've never used those words before.

22nd Feb 2019, 22:43

I can see where you're coming from. It's sort of like for example somebody reviews an '89 Dodge Aries that they put zero miles on.

23rd Feb 2019, 01:33

So, in other words in order to post on here, the review must exclusively apply to the current and only the current owner's experience, even though the author of this review knows about the car's past or the odometer reading when purchased, and so on.

This must be a new CarSurvey.org rule. If that's the case; outside of a few vehicles I've owned I have also posted about some of my own family member's cars that I knew the full history of the ownership because I have maintained and repaired them (if they needed any). I guess I should ask Steven to delete those reviews because I'm not "qualified" to talk about them.

Also I have seen reviews on here where the owner knew the previous owner and stated things about the car before they purchased it. I guess they are in the wrong too.

23rd Feb 2019, 20:09

This is not rocket science. The ratings section states "Distance when acquired". That means the distance the car has traveled, regardless of whatever the odometer reading is, when the REVIEWER got it. Not when someone else the reviewer was in contact with got it, even if they "repaired and maintained" it (as if that equates to ownership). When I read a review on here I expect it to be from someone who has extensive day-to-day experience with driving and ownership of the vehicle. Not someone who just happens to know the owner, even if they did change the oil or replace a bulb or two. Otherwise this site will just be full of someone's opinions masquerading as reviews when some people feel qualified to write "reviews" of vehicles they don't own, just because they have some connection to an

owner of the vehicle!

24th Feb 2019, 16:48

Uh, yeah... If you want to argue that a 5-digit odometer rolling over to "00,000" means the car has zero miles (?) on it, then the car now only has 32,000 miles, not 132,000.

24th Feb 2019, 16:58

Instead of nit picking reviews and arguing in the comments section, maybe you can share and point out some of your reviews on here. That way we all can see what a perfect review looks like.

25th Feb 2019, 01:55

I would personally like to thank you for pointing that out, I didn't even notice it. Was supposed to be 32,000 miles. Either it was an error on my part, or the site admin because the comment was altered and edited from what I wrote.

Anyways I will give you credit for always weeding out mistakes on here, which is probably what the author of this review made when posting the mileage.

19th May 2019, 00:40

These cars were definitely built good enough to have a 6 digit odometer instead of the actual 5 that it had. When I was a kid my grandparents had an 89 that turned over to 0, then went to at least 75000 before they traded it in for a newer car. It still was running fine (Illinois salt was starting to get the best of it). Was a well built car for its day and much closer to a modern day well built car (Honda, Toyota) in terms of long lasting (but not in fuel economy or performance). No doubt some people have tried to pass these cars off as lower mileage after they spin past 100,000 and turn back to 0. One of the best cars Ford ever made.

19th May 2019, 21:38

Thing about it is, some people have beliefs that just because a car like a Crown Vic that has a five digit odometer, it's not meant to go over that and accumulate a lot more.

20th May 2019, 19:44

Really? Kindly point out where that "belief" is SPECIFICALLY stated in any reviews or comments herein?

Thought so.

21st May 2019, 11:10

Staying in the review model, it should not be difficult to get proof from law enforcement, taxi agencies that ordered these vehicles with heavy duty components. High odometer reads are far from uncommon. Not to mention idling with air on at accident scenes, pursuits etc. I had a few “free” ones as part of my job as company cars. No bias as I didn’t have any personal investment in them. But I kept the maintenance up as I counted on them to be reliable to not miss appointments. It was more or less a tool, spending hours a day in them. Stop starts and driving a couple hundred miles often each weekday. Not fond of the styling today, but cannot say anything negative on the mechanical end. I also had Marquis as well. You want an honest opinion, ask people that have had company cars with no personal stake in them. I had over 35 years of various brands and models, plus some of my own. I found I was more upset when a company car went down. Time and aggravation over a work vehicle that was needed daily. Sitting in a service department especially. Crown Vic’s were great ones.

21st May 2019, 12:54

You must be new to this. The site admin doesn't appreciate it when arguments are reignited, but if you read various comments on here, it is mentioned quite often.

21st May 2019, 15:47

My Grandad had a 1988 Crown Vic and it too had the 5 digit odometer. It too also flipped over and had roughly 150,000m miles when it sold. I recall the interior was super, super plain. Bench seats both front and back. Even for the time it was pretty old school. But it would definitely haul a$$ down the freeway. Mechanically these were sound cars. Ford made them forever and ever, and so naturally all of the bugs and stuff were worked out of it.

21st May 2019, 23:27

Most recent 1976 Buick LeSabre review. There is a discussion about it on the first three pages of comments, not to mention a few other threads. Really don't feel like listing them all. Amazing how some on here tend to forget certain comments they have posted.

22nd May 2019, 14:53

You would probably be able to buy the 76 LeSabre cheaper than the newer review topic model 1989 Crown Vic.