11th Apr 2007, 21:37

Not even the TC is made in the US anymore, but all the same the Panther platform cars will outlast any car from Honda, Toyota, or Nissan. I live in Ontario, and I have a 2004 example purchased from the Ontario Provincial Police. These cars go, and they don't break. The enthusiasts say, "A Crown Vic will outlast anything, so long as you change the oil." I live in Oshawa, and they build the Impala here. I even work for one of GM's subcontractors, and I will tell you, the 9C1 Impala does not stack up to the P71 Crown Victoria. And while the fuel economy isn't spectacular, the Impala isn't much better and even a car like the Cobalt only gets about 6mpg better than a CV. I will continue to buy these bulletproof cars until Ford stops building them.

21st Jun 2007, 08:58

I agree, the LX-Sport model is awesome to own/drive/ gets more positive comments from strangers than any car I have ever owned. What a shame it is known as Fords " best kept secret"!

1st Jan 2008, 14:32

There is always something faster out there. Yesterday I parked my 04 lx sport next to a lamborgini twin turbo, but you couldn't pay me to use that car as a daily driver.

1st Feb 2008, 15:25

I am about to purchase a 2004 crown vic and I am almost sure it is a "sport" edition; it has the 17" rims and dual exhaust, along with the shifter in the center console. How can I be sure it's a sport? Does the VIN# specify it at all?


4th Feb 2008, 13:03

Thanks for the response. The car looks great and has 29k on it. Do you have any suggestions on specific "things"/problems I should look for when I look over and drive the car?



6th Jun 2008, 12:50

I just traded my 2000 Crown Vic LX for a 2004 Criown Vic Sport, and I abosolutly love it. I thought my 2000 ran good, but the 2004 has a spirited snap to it when you hit the gas. The changes in differential gearing and and torque converter stall speed are well noted, and the stifffer suspension makes the car feel smaller and more agile. This is my 8th CV, and it is the best yet.

MDS Denver.

24th Sep 2008, 19:15

I have the 04 Crown Vic Sport in black with grey leather interior... I have 100,000 on it now... I found it on a used car dealership lot... it is really nice.. it looks good clean.

28th Sep 2008, 16:02

Dear All.

I just bought a Crown Vic 2003 LX Sport Today. I am the third owner and I paid 10K for it. What do you think about the price?

It is my first car and I always love CV.. They are awesome.

Any comments regarding maintenance on this vehicle? Any issues I need to be aware of in the 2003 model?



25th Oct 2008, 08:55


I purchased my 00 Grand Marquis 2 years ago with 115k

Now I have 150k, out of the 30 cars I had owned this is by far

The best. After this recession I will up grade and will keep my



29th Oct 2008, 18:53

I bought my '04 LX Sport USED in '04, almost as a fluke. I was very anxious about buying a 'Grandpa' car at the time (after having driven Infinits and Volkswagens, etc.), but now that I've owned it for 4 years, I can say that I've never owned a better car for the money. Roomy, easy and fun to drive, not bad looking, inexpensive to own and maintain, and some people even think I'm a cop in my Dark Toreador Red Sport---what's not to like?

16th Jan 2009, 14:58

I got this 2003 CVPI at 80K. Very stable and quiet. Acceleration is normal, but once on highway, it's the king. MPG is poor in the city, and pretty nice on highway. Anyway, totally love this car.

2nd Dec 2010, 12:52

I hope Ford reconsiders dropping the panther line.

They are that last traditional American and Canadian cars.

Keep your Hondas, Toyotas...

There is nothing like a Crown Vic, and 2004 was perhaps the best year, although any year is good.

2nd Dec 2010, 17:42

Right on brother! I'm 21 and own a beautiful Victoria and I will NEVER sell it. You can see my review Under: 1998 Crown Victoria LX, it's the one with 511 words. Enjoy your Panther!