21st Jun 2004, 15:36


I take pride in my Crown Victoria and I still believe in an American Automobile company to produce some of the finest autos in the world.

Ford is still producing such a car. The town car, grand marquis, and Crown Vic.

I believe in keeping our country strong and keeping jobs at home.

The Ford Crown Vic remains one of the top cars sold in American for American content.

It stands at 95%. More power to United Auto Workers Local 36 and all others.

Most of the best selling cars in America today are rated at anywhere from 0% U.S. Canadian content to not much more than 40%.

That is hundred of thousands of good paying American jobs lost to cheap foreign labor.

The federal tax burden in increased on all Americans, as all those good jobs that have been lost, have been replaced with low pay service jobs or retail, such as Wal-Mart, and most of these disenfranchised workers are on food stamps and living in government housing at all of our expense.

By the way my 1995 Crown Victoria, in family since new, has 204,000-miles on it.

Only problems.

1-both front power window regulators broke (130,000-miles)

2-uses oil, like 3-quarts every 3,000-miles. (Started to use around 120,000)

3-transmission has to be serviced every 20,000-miles or it starts to shudder. (Since new)

Not bad for a 204,000-mile car.

Same engine, water pump, alternator, tie rod ends, transmission and torque converter, fuel pump, power seat motor, a/c system-never recharged, radiator.

Most cars would have had to have most of these items replaced by 150,000-miles, especially with the hard miles we have put on this car.

80% stop and go city. Big city rush traffic.

Great Ford Cars.

5th Jul 2004, 22:14

While I agree that the Crown Victoria has a certain prestige on the road (I had an 87 in 1996 and again 1998 to 1999 -- same car but I gave it over to my dad for 2 years)... I can't help, but think the salutes from truck drivers might indicate they mistook you for a police officer? There's a lot of unmarked Crown Vics on our highways today. My own Crown Vic was a former police edition, and I had people pulling over constantly and my car wasn't even repainted in a police color -- mine was redone in red.

14th Mar 2006, 23:20

Its built under an american company.

15th Mar 2006, 08:45

Toyota builds cars in the usa, so I guess they are american!

15th Mar 2006, 10:38

Sorry, but you can't say "it's built under an American Company" because that isn't the definition all these xenophobic American car lovers are using to define "American" car.

21st Mar 2006, 21:22

The dictionary definition for "import" is: To bring or carry in from an outside source, especially to bring in (goods or materials) from a foreign country for trade or sale.

So, anything made outside the country in which it is sold is an import, and anything made within the same country is domestic. The name on the grille has nothing whatsoever to do with it. So, a Ford Crown Victoria is an import, while a Toyota Avalon is a domestic. That said, the Crown Vic is one fantastic car. Take one over a Toyota any day.

30th Apr 2006, 14:04

I wonder if the Crown Vic is currently in line for the most unchanged car design. Nothing significant has happened since its redesign back in 1998, and the Grand Marquis has arguably been the same since 1992. Arguably. That notwithstanding, it's a damn good car!

1st May 2006, 15:02

Yes, the Crown Vic might be the record for the longest lasting unchanged car design, but a close second would definitly be the Jeep Cherokee or Wrangler. Still though, the Crown Victoria is a awsome car. The fact that many car designs don't change much may be for good reason, people like them the way they are!

2nd May 2006, 14:07

Couldn't agree more-I am suddenly reminded of how Jeep couldn't help, but replace an aging, but beautiful and fully competent design like the Cherokee with something average and incomplete like the Liberty. It's a darn good thing they haven't done the same thing to the Wrangler, which remains a hit after who knows how many years! Bottom line-If there's a market for it, don't kill it!

12th Dec 2006, 15:35

Actually the 2007 Wrangler IS completely redesigned, though it doesn't look dramatically different from the previous version, which had been around for 10 years...

31st Dec 2006, 11:29

I'm in the market for a used 2004 crown victoria, but can't decide on the lx or lx sport.

The lx sport has the center console and floor shift and custom wheel, dual exhaust, but is harder to find and cost considerably more. Which is better resale value?

31st Dec 2006, 14:12

The target market for these cars is older people and those who need the room, so if you get one with a floor mounted shifter or any "sporting" characteristics it will not have a good resale value vs. one that is more traditional and what people are looking for in this car.

This has nothing to do with which version is better, but which version people want more of. It's one of the reasons automatic cars sell better in America even if the automatic is a detriment to performance, as in a small four cylinder car like the Chevy Aveo.

21st Jan 2007, 12:18

I have an '04 Crown Vic LX Sport and it is the king of the road. I bought it for a steal out in rural Oklahoma from a dealer who had it sitting on his lot for just over a year. So if you want to take about $12K off the price, I'd suggest looking rural. Since I had an '00 and fell in love with it, I was completely overtaken by the looks of the middle shifter and fell in love with the way the Sport handled over the regular LX. I absolutely love this vehicle. I blacked out the windows, put some chrome extensions on the original dual tailpipes, and it looks sweet. With the true power and performance and loads of room, this car packs such a sweet punch. I would recommend the LX Sport over the LX anyday, of course unless you cannot get the dealer to come off the pricey Sport cost. In terms of resale, not very good as it dwindles just about as much as the regular LX, but you've got so much more car to hang onto. I plan on driving this car into the ground before I have to get another. I just love it!

22nd Feb 2007, 10:50

I see there's a bit of an Import vs. Domestic battle going on here, so let me put in my two cents:

Toyota builds only a small fraction of their vehicles in the US, and employ about 30,000 Americans.

Ford and GM build over 70% of their vehicles in the US, and almost all of the remaining 30% either in the Canada, or Mexico, which all improve the US Economy. GM and Ford Combined employ over 660,000 Americans. (Daimler-Chrysler employs over 300,000 Americans as well)

In addition, 1 in 10 jobs in America are either directly or indirectly dependent on the Domestic Auto Industry.

22nd Feb 2007, 16:24


Sorry, but you have to take into account ALL the imports including the billion dollar Hyundai plant, Mercedes, BMW, Subaru, Nissan, and the rest.

Plus, you have not tallied the suppliers to these companies or the extended people employed due to their existence (restaurant workers, etc.)

The big three are DOWNSIZING like mad. GM wants to OUTSOURCE EVERY MODEL except for the big trucks. Chrysler is going to be sold to an Asian concern this year, and Ford may just be sold off piece by piece.

The FUTURE of American jobs in the auto industry is with the IMPORTS, not the big 3. For the Big 3 America is simply going to be a marketing arm. ALL the production will be done abroad.

And please explain to us all how Canadian or Mexican built cars support American workers?