26th May 2005, 23:58

I have a 97 Crown Vic Police Interceptor and they are just the best fun that you can have. Cheap, fast, fun, loads of fun to drive and best of all - they have great air con. The Crown Vic is a great deal.

17th Oct 2005, 14:48

In response to the SS / 9C1 comment - I never claimed the Vic would be faster 0-60, but I can only say this car will do over 135 MPH, and the SS would not keep up to it on the TOP end.

The 1997 is much lighter (and aerodynamic) car than the latest CV's, and the 4.6 is overhead cam, which gives you more on the top end. I wouldn't think of beating an SS in a stoplight dual, but let me get you at 85 MPH +!!!

9th Dec 2005, 10:11

In response to the Crown Vic (police version) pulling away from an Impala SS is highly unlikely even at 85mph. I own a 96 Caprice with the LT1 BU4 (2:93 Rearend Ratio) and found out last summer that a 2002 Ex-Crown Vic Police Cruiser was unable to pull away from me; in fact I was pulling away from him at 70mph. But, the Crown Vics are still very good dependable cars, but do not meet the power of a Caprice or Impala SS LT1.

22nd Dec 2005, 08:36

Guess the guy was just hypnotized by my tail-lights then...

Each car is different - maybe mine runs a little stronger than average CV? Maybe his was not properly tuned - who knows?

3rd Mar 2006, 20:56

Regarding the Crown Vic vs. the SS, just check out streetfire.net and there's a clip of a stolen Impala SS leaving an entire fleet of OK state police Crown Vics in the dust. In fact the SS was even pulling away from the news helicopter at over 140 mph. Ultimately the guy gets caught only because the Impala ran out of gas. Seeing is believing. I own a former FBI admin. Caprice 9C1 and have had it up to 127 mph and it was still pulling hard. I had to slow it down because I was running into a pretty sharp bend in the highway. I've heard the estimated top speed to be between 145 and 154 mph.

19th Mar 2006, 08:21

Responding to the post on Mar 3rd, regarding the Impala SS "leaving the cops in the dust" during chase: Police are trained to stay back at a safe distance during high speed pursuit. They simply wait for the subject to screw up, or eventually have one guy sneak up and tap him sideways. Watch COPS tv show, commonly you see a pickup truck, or a P.O.S. chevy cavalier speeding far in front of police. It is not because they can't catch up. By the way according to Chevrolet, the top speed of 1996 SS, (or your 9C1 is 138 MPH -same as the 1997 Vic P71). I can say my 1997 P71 keeps up with my brothers Hemi Magnum (340HP) from 60 to 120 Plus- Good enough!

24th Apr 2006, 18:30

Believe it it or not the impala ss Do Not top out at 135.I got my aunts up to like 150 and it has 160 on the dash.

24th Apr 2006, 22:07

Not that we doubt you or anything, but how did you calculate your mph? Your speedometer is not accurate at that speed, so did you measure mile markers?

23rd May 2006, 21:09

The SS does have a speed limiter. Quick fix with a hypercrap programmer though.

26th Oct 2006, 08:35

I have a 97 Crown Vic with a rebuilt 4.6 and I'm planning on putting a flowmaster, chip and intake on it, but my buddy says it won't pass emissions cause I live in Mass. Is this true?

15th Feb 2007, 07:16

I've driven several of the P71 CVs and a couple of the older Caprices. They're both pretty capable considering their heft and the size of engines installed. They are also both pretty quick given their power to weight ratios, but unless all of you drove these cars in high school, I can't understand your back and forth arguments about whose car would beat whose.

Apart from a direct challenge between vehicles that have had equal care and maintenance along with virtually identical service histories, there is no point in saying, "Mine's faster than yours." What I'm hearing in this argument is a lot of Ford vs. Chevy stuff that is probably neither applicable nor appropriate to this forum.

Without benefit of a radar gun or timing against mile markers (as one of the more intelligent remarks suggested) in a direct comparison, there is really no way to say whose car is faster since none of you appear to believe the as-tested top speeds or the manufacturers' own claims for performance.

These are all good vehicles and if purchased in good condition after use in police service can provide years of very reliable civilian service.

If you want something really fast to brag about buy a used motorcycle.

24th Jun 2007, 02:44

Okay Chevy vs. Ford was an old one in the Sixties boys. Now tell me what superchargers I can use on my 95 CVPI.

6th Nov 2007, 21:11

I bought a lot of cars at a city auction last weekend including a 99 ford crown victoria 4.6L police interceptor. Drove it home and raced a 91 chevy cavalier 2.2L 4 cylinder I also bought, and the cavalier pulled away from the crown victoria the whole 1/4 mile race. Crown Vics will never compare to a chevy, let alone a caprice.

18th Dec 2007, 00:03

I know that a Ford Crown Vic with a police interceptor can beat any 4 banger out there. They top out at like 120. The Crown Vic could easily do 170. Not counting the v8, 4.6 liter.

12th Nov 2008, 20:25

I own a 1995 civilian Crown Victoria. Stock for stock, the Caprice 9C1/Impala SS will win vs. the p71 Crown Vic. The Chevy's run mid-low 15's stock. The Crown Vic runs mid-high 16's stock. The regular 97 Crown Vic and civilian Crown Vic have the same horsepower (210hp at the flywheel). Gearing is a little different (2.73 vs. 3.27) and shift points are a little different. Those are the only major differences.

4th Mar 2009, 18:59

Well I own a 95 9C1, and the P71's are not faster. The main reason is just torque match the gears. I've been running nothing but P71's, just to show the people that there's no comp from 97 to about 03 or 04. And with 250hp the P71 is a better run. From a stop they stay with me till about my 3rd gear, so 1/4 mile they can be a fight, but any roll speed or highway run they are not fighting at all. I think it's because the gearing or something.

5th Apr 2010, 02:49

Hey, I'm looking for a supercharger and all the necessary mods to put on my 1996 Vic. Bought the car with a cracked intake and 118,000 miles for $400. Best deal of my life.

10th Oct 2010, 06:05

Well I have 97 Vic PI 40 series pipes, and I haven't come across a Impala SS or Caprice that can run with me yet at all.

8th Jun 2011, 01:34

I have a 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt SS Supercharged with stage 2 kit, injen CAI, and Corsa touring exhaust, AND I own a 2001 CVPI.

There is no way my Crown Vic could keep up with my 4-banger. Cobalt is around 245 HP, and MUCH lighter. The governor cuts in at 158, which can easily be bypassed with a laptop. If one had the Quaife 6-speed conversion, the Cobalt can have a top speed of 180 MPH with enough nitrous.

These speeds would be insane, but owning both cars I can safely say the statement saying that no 4-banger can beat a Crown Vic is completely false. They may take more abuse, but definitely not faster.