14th Mar 2009, 10:23

Contrary to these comments, there is life after 40...

14th Mar 2009, 21:11

Well... I must truly be one of the lucky ones. I'm 40, met my wife at 38, and we still get it every morning before work. By this age, though, you definitely learn there is a lot more to a relationship than hittin' it. I always was young for my age, though, and have seen many guys who are 23 look like old men after being beaten down by life. But whatever...

These old "Mystery Machine" type vans are a lot of fun. I had a friend with a '64 Dodge Tradesman 100 van, similar to this '63 Ford, I think, with the engine compartment between the front seats. Fun little party vans!

By the way, the first comment referenced an "old cogger." Was the van purchased from an elderly dancing Irish gentleman?

27th Jan 2015, 04:28

Don't be a buzz kill! Charlie Chaplin fathered his last son at the age of 73. My half brother had a 25 year old girl friend at the age of 56, and I am still getting lucky once in a blue moon with a 20 year old in my 50s - Life is good! It's not easy as it use to be I admit - you have to try harder - but you also appreciate it more later in life, and they know it!

Vans are cool! I've owned 3 of them, and I want the infamous Ford i6 300 in my next one. UPS used thousands of them (many still in service), and they can go a half a million miles with no rebuild. Not a popular motor for hot rods, but you could sure tow one easily enough with it.

29th Jan 2015, 13:27

Why not grab a Chevrolet used high top conversion van? I found a nice one under 3k used. Put in a DVD and flat screen. And a fold out queen sized bed! Just close the blinds.

16th Jan 2019, 18:28

Yeah, just like that scene in "The Junk Mail" episode of "Seinfeld": George Costanza's parents (ugh) in the back of that conversion van that Jerry was trying to get rid of... "if this van is rockin, don't bother knockin!"

16th Jan 2019, 22:05

Mine was a high end conversion. Kept under a carport. Relatively low mileage. Was a steal. Not a hippy van.