2016 Ford Edge 4 cylinder from North America




Nothing but routine maintenance.

General Comments:

Great SUV, good performance, gas mileage and comfort. Easy to service. Looks better than the previous generation.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2019

2011 Ford Edge SEL 3.5 V6 from North America


Smooth and sturdy


Front struts (Pennsylvania roads are awful in the winter time).

Rear brakes.

General Comments:

Overall I really wasn't looking for an Edge when I began my car shopping process. I test drove several other cars before the Edge. I looked at the Edge on a fluke and bought it after a test drive. It's roomy inside with great legroom (I'm 6'1) and I have to pull the seat up some to reach the pedals. Interior trim and pieces seem to be made well. My Edge, being a SEL, came with the Vista sunroof, MyFord Touch, and the upgraded gauge setup. With almost a 142.5K miles, there are no rattles on the inside. The MyFord Touch system works fine, but can be a little slow when first turning on in the morning. Sync has been great so far.

The one gripe I have is with the cloth interior, which is a light color that seems to stain easy when water hits it. Also the interior noise at highway speeds is very low and is comparable with my older Infiniti G37.

It has more than ample power from the 285 HP V6. Passing is a breeze when the time is needed. So far fuel mileage has been decent for the most part. Highway is about 27-28. If you run between 50-55 MPH it will get over 30. City has been about 17-19. My Edge is FWD, so taking off from a stop light you need to be gentle or else it will peel out.

The projector headlights are good but not great; I will be doing a HID retrofit ASAP. I will keep updates on the car posted on here.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2018

18th Mar 2018, 03:49

Good review.

One thing: "Pennsylvania roads are awful in the winter time".

And they are about 0.01% percent better during the rest of the year ;)

18th Mar 2018, 19:26

Sweet minivan!

1st Apr 2018, 03:46

Pennsylvania roads - comment is dead on!!!

9th Apr 2018, 19:59

I wrote the review and you're right, Pennsylvania roads are awful during the whole year. But the roads here in Philadelphia are trash LOL.

2013 Ford Edge SEL AWD 3.5 litre from North America


A well built, designed and attractive cross over


The only item that has needed to be replaced in this first year of ownership was the locking mechanism on the driver's side door, and that was replaced under warranty.

General Comments:

I find the 2013 Edge to be a good looking, well put together and feature rich crossover. Mine came equipped with the enormous panoramic roof, heated leather seats, backup camera, touch My Sync, headrest mounted video players, etc.

A lot has been said about the ease of using this version of the My Sync system, and while perhaps not ideal in layout or function, I have found that it works well and it's easy enough to get the hang of with a little practice and familiarity.

The interior is very comfortable and quiet, making long trips a pleasure and short hops around town a breeze. It will comfortably seat four adults or five on short drives. Steering is quite responsive, but a little isolated from the road for my taste. The engine is powerful enough and handles highways and hills with equal ease. That said, the Edge is a fairly heavy car and so acceleration from the stop line is not exactly thrilling. My combined city/highway mileage with 20 inch summer tires is 11.4/100 km and 10.4/100 km with 18 inch winter tires. Not spectacular, but it helps that the car uses Regular unleaded gas.

Visibility is good overall, although the B pillar can make left shoulder checking a little difficult, especially when backing up, but the camera system helps with that. Other than the door latch mentioned previously, nothing on the car has failed or broken, and maintenance costs to date have been comparable to my previous vehicles.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2016