2012 Ford Edge SEL from North America


It sucks!!!


This is the worst car I have ever owned! The power steering leaked and I had to make 3 visits to the service department to have it addressed.

The dealership never gave me my second key. The dealership treated me in a rude, dismissive manner, boarding on discriminatory.

The SYNC system absolutely sucks! It is clunky and hard to use.

The car itself has poor pick up and drives sluggishly. The MPG is awful, and the expense of driving this vehicle was ridiculous.

I would never, ever buy a Ford again!! Highly advise against purchasing this vehicle!

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Review Date: 4th July, 2013

2008 Ford Edge Base FWD 6 cylinder gas from North America


I'd rather walk than buy another Ford Edge

General Comments:

I traded in my 2004 Ford Explorer for this car. I wish I'd kept the Explorer.

The Ford Edge looks good and goes like stink. The engine is torquey, and the acceleration is strong for a vehicle of this size. Typical torque steer from FWD, but nothing I wasn't expecting.

That's the good, all of it.

Now the bad.

Road noise was outrageous from day 1, and it's only gotten worse. Can only assume it's poor insulation around the cabin, or more likely, cheap wheel bearings. Ford dealer seems to think it's perfectly normal and won't do a thing.

Faulty crank-sensor frequently sent the car into limp mode with a sickening 'crunch', starting about 26000 miles. Dealer was clueless, still does it once or twice a week.

Front tire wear on the factory Hankooks was comically bad. On my 3rd (THIRD!!) set at 32,000 miles! Original rear tires still have 70% tread!

Paint is pathetically thin. I'm pretty old-school with my cars, and like to buff them every couple of years. After seeing how thin the paint on this vehicle is, I wouldn't dare go near this with a buffer. I kid-you-not, a good highway-speed bug-impact can chip this paint down to the metal.

Factory alloys were permanently stained by brake dust within 12 months.

Fuel economy is a joke. Even driving sensibly, I can't get better than 13mpg around town. I get about 20mpg highway. Way lower than the official 16/24mpg figures from Ford.

Build quality of the interior is the worst I have ever seen on a car. A 30 year-old Yugo has a better put-together interior. Cheap plastic, weak hinges, easily-stained cloth seating, crap speakers, I could go on for hours.

I'm not a 'Ford guy' as such, there just happens to be a Ford dealership less than a mile from our house, and I'm lazy. I won't make that mistake again.

I'm ditching this piece of crap before the warranty expires.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2011

17th Sep 2011, 13:41

It would appear you had a lemon or something. Or how it's driven. You say you have poor economy AND the FRONT tires wear out. I own an Edge, and I know it can move if asked to, including spinning the tires, so poor fuel economy and bald front tires; see where this going?

Anyways, the other stuff, the fit & finish stuff and stereo, that was poor shopping on your part, as if you tried and tested it as you should before buying, you have have seen what it was; even though I disagree as my fit & finish is awesome.

I am thinking your road noise is because you have a basic SE model; there are different levels of road noise elimination depending on the model, and my Limited Sport is as smooth as can be with very little noise (and I have the big 22 inch sport rims & super low profile tires!)

So, next time, shop smart, look at what you're buying, and don't beat it up, and whatever you choose next will be a great car I am sure (I do suggest giving a higher end model try too though!)

19th Sep 2011, 00:53

Poor shopping eh? I'll go along with that. I drove the car the way it was built to be driven, not sure where you're going, sounds like you may be a tad confused. The Edge is still a poorly-built affair; if it was human, it would have huge shoes and a red nose.

5th Jul 2013, 12:20

I have a 2010 Edge AWD SEL.

My digital readout (city and highway) stays at 22 MPG.

I have by accident spun the tires at times. I feel it has fast acceleration 30 MPH and above.

I have the 6 CD changer, and the bass is excellent for a factory unit. The wheel controls are great.

I'm on my second set of tires. Maybe you never pay to rotate yours.

I like the system check. I use the digital compass more than my aftermarket GPS. I like the readouts and how many more miles to refill the gas. The lighters everywhere, even in the cargo area, are nice. Refill bike tires etc from the rear.

I like the keypad on the driver's outer door panel, so I do not have to run in the house for the key fob. I like mine, and it's the perfect size for a crossover.