9th Oct 2015, 14:07

Try 0w20 synthetic oil to get rid of engine pinging noise.

9th Oct 2015, 21:52

I get 21 to 22 MPG on the highway with my 2010 SEL. Check your tire pressure. There's plenty of power on mine. I have basic rims, so no wheel flaking issues. The SEL package is worth it. I think the paint could be better. I had an A/C issue fixed at the dealer.

I now have 145k miles on mine. All highway.

12th Oct 2015, 21:18

My 2010 is far better than our 2011. Lot of electric woes with the 2011 dash. The 2010 is very basic in its dash. But still a lot of accessories, and the radio and cruise control are on the steering wheel. Both are company cars with above average mileage. We used to get new ones every few years. Now they are kept longer until a really serious repair crops up. We change our oil and all filters under 5000 mile intervals. I suspect some delay maintenance to save costs.

Neither one of our Edges has any tapping issues. Maybe changing the oil with better filters often is why we have not had this issue. I have had company cars for 30 years. Not one had an engine failure, as the air and oil filters are changed often. I also keep my fuel tank always above a 1/4 tank.

I do have a lot of praise for the Edge SEL. It's a nice size and pretty comfortable. I like the factory 6 CD changer and sound system. Also the split fold down rear seats. It has 3 12v cigar lighter outlets, which are nice for cell phones etc. It's also nice in snow. Other than new tires and brakes, and fluid changes, it hasn't tied me up in service facilities. I make my living out on the road, and sitting in shops costs me income. I use a half quart of oil between oil changes. Mine is a few years newer than this review. If you find a nice 2010, based on my experience, it's one I would freely recommend. I do not own this, as it's company provided, so it's not a biased opinion.

Good luck.

13th Oct 2015, 10:08

2011 came out with the troublesome My Touch system in the dash. If you are buying a newer Edge, be aware we had issues $! It's nice when it works, but...