18th May 2006, 06:30

Wow, I was amazed to see all of the complaints about Ford Escape. I am now facing putting in a new transmission in my 2002 Ford Escape XLT too!! It is going to cost me $3000 to fix it. I do have a lot of miles (130,000). I have had several problems with sensors with the car too.

23rd May 2006, 00:55

I own a 2005 Ford Escape, and around 1,700 miles my transmission started to make grinding noises. Since it was under warranty Ford replaced the tranmission and now at 17600 miles everything is OK. I even was able to get ford to get me an extended warranty just in case something like this happened again to me. What I did was call the dealer where I bought the car and they got me in touch with customer rep at Ford that extended the warranty for free. Even when you think that you cannot do anything you would be surprised. Also for other people that are having repeated problems with you transmission, remember that almost all states have a lemon law on the books, that means that if you have to have your car repaired several times for the same exact problem, the maker of the car has to pay you to replace the car with a similar kind of car. Although they will not pay for a brand new car.

24th Jul 2006, 23:09

My brother has a 2002 Ford Escape, it only has 86,000 miles on it.

We were coming home from vacation on the interstate when all of the sudden the car started decelerating, then the check engine light came on and then we heard a 'knocking' sound coming from under the hood. Luckily we were approaching a rest area that we were able to pull off the interstate.

It cost him $120.00 to have it towed to the nearest Ford dealership (he has an extended warranty). After two weeks they came to the conclusion that a rod in the engine blew and he needs a new engine at $7000.00!!! Of course the extended warranty company said they won't cover it because, get this, the catalytic converter went out, which caused the emissions valve to burn, which caused the rod to 'blow' in the engine, and in the extended warranty it states that the catalytic converter isn't covered, so out of luck!!

Every mechanic we spoke with (10 in all) says it absolutely is NOT true, we called Ford and got absolutely NOWHERE!!!I will go out of my way to tell people NOT to buy another Ford ever, because they DO NOT stand behind their product!

25th Aug 2006, 18:47

We own a 2006 Ford Escape XLT, which we purchased at the beginning of this year.

In the 7100 miles we have put on it since it was purchased new, the transmission has been acting up (it acts like it's in neutral when you let off the gas, and when you give it gas again, it slams into gear). Our local dealership says that's how it's supposed to shift.

On 8/11/2006, I opened the rear hatch and proceeded to remove the items in the rear. The hatch came slamming down and hit me in the back of the head, knocking me out cold!! I came to face first inside the rear compartment with my legs outside and the hatch pinning me into the Ford Escape. It was almost impossible for me (a grown man) to get the hatch off me and get out from under me.

One strut for the hatch was completely off and lying next to me inside the rear compartment, and the other was half broke and dangling from the rear hatch.

After regaining my senses, I took the Ford Escape to our local Ford dealership and checked it in, thinking they would fix it no problem, as we have owned many other Ford's in the past with no real problems. Well I was wrong; Ford say it isn't their problem, and they refuse to stand behind it and are trying to pass it off to our insurance company. Our insurance company has sent one of their investigators out to investigate.

I feel like the only way to protect other people is to come forward and possibly contact nhtsa.gov and get an attorney.

After many years as a loyal Ford owner, we will no longer purchase any more Ford's in disgust with Ford's unwillingness to stand behind their Ford Escape's defects.




25th Oct 2006, 17:10

Holy Buckets! First of all, I was also surprised to find how many 2001-200? Ford Escapes are having transmission problems. And unfortunately, I am ALSO finding myself with a possible $3500 bill facing me for a complete tranny replacement.

I have put in my share of miles (108,000) but have had been good about "pampering" it with regular oil changes, etc. UNFORTUNATELY my warranty only covered to 100,000 miles, so----what to do?

This year has been a bad one for this vehicle. I don't have my paperwork in front of me and I can't recall all the issues and exact prices, but a few consisted of a "Check Engine" light that resulted in a $800 bill; a "Break Light" issue that resulted in a $700 bill; New tires for $500 (but that's nothing against Ford).

This probably isn't the best time to be writing my comments, as my FORD mechanic just quoted me the price to fix the vehicle on the phone 10 minutes ago. I am searching on the net to get a cost for PARTS ONLY for a new transmission. SORRY, but this is just a bill that in unacceptable and impossible to pay for at this time. I trust my current FORD mechanic 100%--I have never had bad service at this shop. However, I will share some interesting information about FORD repair shops. I HAVE taken my vehicle to a different FORD shop in the past (twice) and WON'T go back. Come to find out, there isn't a "certified FORD mechanic" at the shop and awful customer service??!?! Hmmm...

Anyway, I think that's a different topic altogether. Unfortunately, I am finding myself with a dilemma: Fix it or buy a different used vehicle? And: will I ever buy Ford again? I'm just bummed! I too have a Yellow Escape, and must agree that lately it has become a LEMON.

30th Oct 2006, 20:40

Man, I thought I was the only one having problems with my 2002 Ford Escape XL!!! I have 83,000 miles and I will be getting a new transmission. I have spent well over $5,000 thus far on repairs and this only in the past 3 years. I plan on writing Better Business about this. everything else about the car is great (well, except for gas mileage).

22nd Jan 2007, 11:59

Here I was thinking that I was the only one with transmission problems!! I have 78,000 kms (approx 50,000 miles) on my truck. Approx 9 months ago my stick started to stay in what ever gear I was travelling in. For example if I was running in third, I would have to literally wrestle with my stick to go up to 4th or back down to 2nd. Originally I thought it was just the cold weather here in Nova Scotia, but after taking it into my local shop, I was informed that the shift cables were worn. I 'd nvever heard of this, but my mechanic informed me that Ford Escapes and Mazda Tributes were notorious for this. I ended up ordering the cables from my local dealership, and after 4 weeks, with still no delivery, I called them again, just to find out that they had in fact not ordered them (no reason!!!) so I reordered, and finally had them installed. During this time I had several near misses. When I contacted Ford customer service, they assured me that they had never encountered this and they were unwilling to assist in any way. To say that I was dissappointed in their service would be a understatement!!

Jim Miller

Halifax, N.S.