5th Feb 2007, 10:43

Another 2002 Ford Escape transmission victim:

I purchased my 2002 Ford Escape new in Fall of 2001. At approx 90K miles my transmission died with no prior warning. Paid over $2,000 to install a re-built. Now only 1 year later, my transmission is slipping again. What a horrible decision to make. Do you throw another $2,00-$3,000 into the "black hole" only to face the prospect of doing it a forth time in about a year? This vehicle has been a huge disappointment to me. My brother works for Ford at World Headquarters and I still have not been able to get anywhere with Ford. Even with the family plan discount, I will NOT be buying another Ford, ever!

13th Feb 2007, 12:20

I too am having transmission problems. I have a 2003 Escape limited. I bought it used with 43,000 miles on it and bought the gold extended warranty to cover bumper to bumper up to 90,000. miles.

Well my car just rolled 50,000 miles and my transmission is gone. Out of no where it just went while I was pulling out of a gas station after refilling. Thanks god the dealer just called and said I am covered, but reading all these transmission problems makes me think, that I will be getting rid of this car within the time frame of the waaranty of the transmission that they are putting in.

It's too bad, besides this problem I have really been very happy with this car (for the 7 months that I've owned it)

I have never had a transmission problem with Acura or Honda (what I've always driven up to this point)

This is the first American car that I've ever bought, and now unfortunately probably the last.

9th Mar 2007, 06:10

All these comments are similar to what happened to me with a Ford Taurus. The transmission went out at 55,000 miles and Ford wouldn't do anything about. The Taurus is also a front wheel drive and the transmission is very expensive. We went ahead and had the transmission replaced. After about a year Ford sent us a letter saying they would pay for the cost of replacing the transmission and the towing bill when it broke down. Also I heard from a lot of people that had the same problem. I have not bought another front wheel drive vehicle since, but I have bought Ford Explorers with rear wheel drive and had good service from them.

25th Apr 2007, 21:20

I have an escape, late 2001. the transmission has just gone at 90,000 Km. I believe the Hub has broken inside the box.

I first noticed the OD light flashing, stopped and found I needed a lot of revs to get going again, by the time I got home I was unable to get reverse or lock it into 1st. or 2nd.

A very expensive overhaul with what I thought was a very nice vehicle.

2nd May 2007, 13:42

I also have an escape 2003 with 40,000 miles and I already have to replace the transmission, I took it to the dealer and they said that it would cost me around $3,000 dlls.

15th Jun 2007, 15:58

I have a 2001 Escape with guess what...? Transmission problems. I bought it used in 2005 as a "certified" pre-owned with the extended 7yr/70,000 mile warranty--luckily. It is in the shop as we speak---for the third time-- for this transmission noise that sounds like the noise reverb strips make when you drive over them. It usually occurs when I accelerate after slowing, not braking, like for a curve. The tachometer also jumps/vibrates when this happens. The previous times it was in for this this the assistant manager told me that unless they can reproduce the sound or it completely breaks they couldn't do anything about it.

Also broken on THIS visit--fuel gauge stopped working 3 weeks ago (when gas hit the roof), wiper fluid sprayer on drivers side just dribbles, ABS recall.

Other issues I have had--tie rods replaced, wiper fluid container replaced, check engine light issues and I'm feeling I'm missing something else.

Like others have stated, I love my car, but something is obviously amock here. I had planned on getting a Hybrid after paying this off, but now I'm not so sure.

1st Aug 2007, 10:27

I recently bought a 2002 XLT Ford Escape that is an accident recovery vehicle, from day one driving it off the lot went to fill with gas and I couldn't add any, the gauge read empty. So then I realised the gauge was wrong, then the check engine light went on my way home (2 hour drive) and so I drove it back to the dealer, where it was too much water getting into the sensors?? so that was fixed along with the gas gauge - it being the sending unit. Every time I turn to the left I get a sharpe squealing sound like metal on metal and then its gone, I' ve never heard that in a vehicle and people say I should get it fixed... more importantly bolds had come loose on the air compressor unit in the engine and were flying around so I had my mechanic fix that, some bolts were stripped and the proper ones had to be ordered b/c the ones he pulled off weren't even the correct bolts, so that was cheap... but reading all these reports makes me nervous about the transmission... I do notice the kick back in RPM's when you get up to about 80kms, it will kick when I go to a slow speed too, people say its normal.

All I want is a vehicle that will run good with the proper maintenance done regularly, I've had my fair share of being stranded and waiting for tow trucks, but I never imagined this model to be a problem like the ones I am reading about.

9th Aug 2007, 12:47

Well, these postings have been eye opening. I bought my 2002 Escape used (36K) and I now have 78K. I am waiting for the call from the transmission shop now. The car no longer drives in drive, but works in reverse and the low gears. I am guessing based on the posts above that I will not be getting good news.

In all fairness though, I (my wife) had a ’95 Pathfinder and the trans went on that at 95K. When I called the trans guy and mentioned ’95 pathfinder, he said β€œit will not go in reverse?” He was dead on.

29th Aug 2007, 20:13

Wow... I just read all these commments... and my 2002 Escape is in the shop... for bearings and tranny problems... I have had nothing, but headaches with this SUV... It went on fire at 70k on the highway (with my kids in the vehicle with me!!!)... Ford replaced the motor (I had bought extended warranty) but I had a heck of a time getting this... Ford company does not care at all about their customers... nor about their well-being! Anyway... 2 months ago I lost my brakes while driving home so I had a wonderful time getting it home safely... I got it to the Ford dealership and I had many issues with the braking system ($1,800) worth!! And now... here it is again.. in the shop... the front bearings alone are going to cost me $450.00. I don't even have a quote yet for the tranny. I am so disappointed with this vehicle... this was my 3rd Ford vehicle and it is defintely my last... I can't jeopardize my life, my children's lives or those around me because you just don't know when something will decide to quit on you... I have been sick to my stomach all day! And the sad thing is... I have been driving my vehicle like this for a month and Ford told me today that it is UNSAFE to drive!!! SICKENING!!! DO NOT PURCHASE A FORD...


New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.