1985 Ford Escort XR3i 1.6 Injection from UK and Ireland


Boy Racer, grown old. Like me!


Replaced the disk brakes after a couple of heart stopping moments.

Wiper switch suspect, I expect the light switch to burn out soon.

Replaced the seats as the paddings was long gone in both front seats.

Replaced a few hydraulic followers.

General Comments:

No where near as comfortable as the MK4 XR3i.

German built, Original battery tray!

Nervous handling on all, but the perfect roads. (not many of them around)

Noisy and uncomfortable.

GREAT FUN to drive!!

On that good bit of road, NOTHING would go round the corner faster!!

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Review Date: 20th December, 2004

1985 Ford Escort GL 1.6 from North America


This one was a loser


Needed a head gasket at 65,000 miles - a $600 repair after paying $700 for it to get me through a few months.

Demise of car was that rust ate away at the rear right wheel and wheel well. Nothing really to fix, because you can't bolt or weld to rust. Wheel started to splay outward. Driving over bumps eventually would have caused car to literally break in two. Ended up buying a late model Pontiac Grand Prix with low miles.

General Comments:

There are still a lot of old Escorts out there, and if you can find a good one, it may serve you well as basic transportation. Parts are cheap and a rookie can repair them. Look for a car driven a lot on the highway. Mine was driven to and from work in harsh conditions, no highway driving.

Stay away from the 1.6L with the 2 barrel carb. The 1.8L fuel injection which came in "1985-1/2" was 150x better, I'm told.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2001

24th May 2004, 15:26

I don't know, I own an 1984 ford escort that I bought back in October. and it has been great I paid $300 dollars for it and put 0n 10,000 miles, it has only had one major problem a month after I bought it the water pump went out and I had to get it replaced, but that was only $200 dollars. It is a 1.6 liter and has a 2 barrel carburater it gets about 35 miles a gallon and is still going strong with 300000 miles on the motor, and it starts every time. I've liked my escort so much now I own 2 more. On the highway i've had it going a 120 miles an hour and it sounded like a new car at those speeds and other speeds. But I'm selling it so I can get a ford ranger a much better ford in my opinion.

8th Nov 2004, 06:08

I have one escort 1.3L from 85. I have only problem with this, it "eat" a lot of money. today I get the decision to sell it.

21st Feb 2005, 21:55

I found a 1985 EscortL 1.6 in a barn last year with 20k. I did have to up date belts and hoses plus replace the front brakes and timing belt because of age. but over all it a fun and really doesn't cost that much to drive, parts are still easy to get. this is my second escort I've owned. I hope this one gives me as much fun as the last one I had. If you take care of a car, 99% of the time it will take care of you.

1985 Ford Escort L 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Watch out for that rust!


Engine is sound, but unfortunately my passenger side door pillar has been killed by rust, so a bit of welding is needed.

Old Escorts are very prone to the brown stuff.

General Comments:

Not the quickest of machines, but sound as a first car or cheap runabout.

Nice inside for its age.

Very stable at speed, good for 110mph with a bit of a tail wind!

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Review Date: 20th February, 2001

6th Jul 2001, 20:58

I also own an.85 Escort L. The rust isn't that bad on mine. The only really wrong with it right now is the idle needs a bit of work. Any ideas how to adjust the timing? Is it possible? I have an automatic transmission, 2 barrel carb. I've been trying to figure this one out, but can't seem to find the right bolt to turn, ya know? Any help would be appreciated :) Thanks!!