Escort wagon 1.6L gas

Cheap car, but plan your entrance into traffic!

181 words, North America


155 words, North America

Escort XR3i 1.6 CVH

Great fun, and handles like it's on rails

119 words, UK and Ireland

Escort Laser-2 1.3 petrol


168 words, UK and Ireland, 3 comments

Escort XR3i 1.6 Injection

Boy Racer, grown old. Like me!

88 words, UK and Ireland

Escort GL 1.6

This one was a loser

162 words, North America, 3 comments

Escort L 1.3

Watch out for that rust!

64 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment

Escort RS Turbo Series 1 1.6 turbo petrol

A beautiful performance pocket rocket

117 words, UK and Ireland, 5 comments

Escort XR3i (RS Replica) 1.6 CVH petrol

Go for RS looks, or don't bother

105 words, UK and Ireland

Escort GL 1.3 petrol

79 words, UK and Ireland

Escort GT 1.6

62 words, North America

Escort Estate Laser 1.3 petrol

23 words, UK and Ireland