1987 Ford Escort L 1.6 CVH petrol from UK and Ireland


VERY reliable, but needs security


Wheel Bearing faulty, Replaced. downpipe snapped off, replaced with an ORIGINAL FORD downpipe. Gearbox has blown, Pig of a job to change! and the CV bot has split. Head gasket and Stem seals take a sip of oil now and then, but I can put up with it. Broken into 4 Times!!!

Engine Pinks like hell! an suggestions?

Has been converted to unleaded.

General Comments:

This estate car is a great runner, I bought it for £200 after my Orion Rotted away and failed the MOT. I have put my 14" XR3 alloys on her now along with 2 front Goodyear Eagle NCT3 and the car has hadled like it is on rails!

The 1.6 Carb engine is economical if you don't use the second choke, covered 140 mile on 1/4 of a tank! Accelerates well on the motorway 70-90 no problems at all, 90-110 was just as good. Had a performance exhaust on the car, but it was stolen overnight! So I put a standard back on it. The engine is well serviced and there is no tappett noise from it whatsoever! These cars are VERY easy to steal. Broken into 4 times so if you do intend to buy one of these cars, get familiar with replacing the quarter lights. My record is 5 minutes 22 seconds! My orion got broken into 12 times and stolen twice in the 2 years I had it.

FIT A KROOKLOCK and if leaving it somewhere overnight, disconnect the 12v supply to the ignition coil. (caught the little turds trying to nick it and they never got it started) now serving 3 months probation and for a 14 year old being banned for driving for 6 months... anyway.

Solid car, only rust is taking hold on the doors and small amount on the floor, will have that sorted soon.

Tons of room in the boot, just don't expect it to go fast!

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Review Date: 1st October, 2004

14th Sep 2005, 07:23

I think this review summarises the state of British society as much as the car.

Having just moved from an area like yours, you have my deepest sympathy. Oh, and just in case you decide to go into debt and buy a more modern car with better security, the little darlings will turn their attention from trying to steal it, to trying to wreck it. They'll run keys down the side of it, snap the aerial off, and bend the wiper arms.

UKP 3,000 worth of damage (to our Fiesta for chrissakes) in 12 months. The police never bothered to come out, never mind catch the little wasters. Beyond giving us a crime reference number, and offering us helpful advice like "don't park the car on the road" (what do we do, drive it into the house?), they were a total waste of time.

1987 Ford Escort GL Pony 1.9L Gasoline from North America


A low cost runner... I love it


I've had the car about a month, and I must say, with the miles on the car, it runs awesome. I paid 200 bucks for it, and I got my money worth from it already.

General Comments:

I recommend this car to anyone looking for a good old beater. They are great on gas, and seem to run forever. Don't get into an accident though, they are small cars. But it does weigh as much as my 1991 Buick Century, and if you know Centurys, they are big cars. So this little Escort must have something to give in an accident.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2003

1987 Ford Escort Pony 1.9L from North America


A good value car that's fairly reliable


This car has been fairly reliable for me, the only thing I've had a problem with is that I have lost compression in cylinders 1 and 3.

Fluid from the cooling system somehow got in the oil and froze in the winter, this caused the valve cover gasket to blow. This was pretty easy to fix, the valve cover is easy to get at.

The only other thing is that the clutch, which is cable operated, is getting loose.

General Comments:

This car is pretty slow to get up to speed. 0-60 in 9.5 seconds, because of the lost compression.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2003

20th Apr 2010, 17:20

Hi my name is Myles, and I am thinking about purchasing a Escort Pony. It has been sitting a yard for at least 2 years and I am wondering if it would be worth it to fix it up? If so, are parts still available for me to purchase?