1998 Ford Escort ZX2 4 cylinder from North America


I love the fun, fast, cute, reliable ZX2!


A CV Boot in the front end broke (it's a rubber boot filled with grease), and was causing noise. It was likely caused by some inexpensive (4 for $100 type) tires that were put on by the previous owner.

That's the only thing that ever went out on this car. It was an absolute dream-car, just change the oil, change belts, transmission flush, and other routine maintenance and you'll be rewarded with a fun car.

General Comments:

This was a great car. My wife and I just sold it as we wanted a larger, safer car in a '98 Toyota Camry. Unfortunately, the Camry has numerous problems, while the '98 ZX2 was trouble-free! The ZX2 always got 30 miles per gallon or more, while the Camry barely gets 20 miles per gallon. I wish that we'd kept the ZX2.

This car is very fun to drive.

It accelerates very quickly; it can blow away many cars at a stop light or quickly merge onto the highway.

Steering is a little mushy, but is responsive.

Brakes are fairly good.

Wind noise at highway speeds is acceptable.

The A/C is fantastic, on the '1' setting, it will freeze you in the summer (and I live in the southern US where it's hot).

This is a very beautiful car; very sporty and fun looking.

The cabin is "cozy". I'm 6'2" and fit fine in the front 2 seats. The roof can be a little low sometimes, but I just recline the seat.

These are excellent, economical cars. The prices are extremely inexpensive used. We sold this ZX2 for $3,500 in December, 2004. I may purchase another one for myself at that low of a price!

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Review Date: 8th February, 2005

1998 Ford Escort Si Hatchback 1.8 Zetec from UK and Ireland


A surprisingly fun, economical and practical car


I had a problem with the Electronic Control Unit, which meant that the car wouldn't start properly and would over-rev before cutting out altogether.

The catalytic converter went.

Needed new suspension bushes at the front.

General Comments:

Generally, the car was excellent and had everything I would want, including; air conditioning, CD player, power steering, central locking with deadlocks, alarm, immobiliser, airbags, electric windows and front fog lights. So in terms of equipment levels, the car scores very well.

Performance wise, the car was just as good. It had a good amount of punch and good acceleration existed in all gears.

In terms of economy, I did tend to drive it fairly sensibly, hence a 45mpg return, which is not bad considering it's an 1800cc engine.

Comfort wise, the car was not the most comfortable to drive. Whilst it had sports seats, there was minimal padding to make long motorway journeys comfortable. However, the suspension provided the right level of comfort against performance.

Apart from the 3 issues above, the car was very good. I do slightly regret selling it, but it has meant I was able to get the Escort's successor - the Focus!

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Review Date: 14th December, 2004

1998 Ford Escort ZX2 1.9 from North America


Good, reliable transportation-if I could buy another one, new, I would


Tie rod ends went... at 125,000 miles!

Front seat bracket broke-fixed it with a muffler clamp.

General Comments:

I've always lived by the adage, take car of your car and it will take care of you.

This car owes me nothing, nada, zilch.

At almost 130,000 miles the tie rods are the only thing I have done to the car except for tires, brakes, a battery and servicing it every 3,000 miles.

It has taken me back and forth on a trips upstate without any problems-a 500+ mile trip every 3 weeks for 2 years.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2004

1998 Ford Escort ZX2 2.0 Zetec 4 cylinder from North America


A great car for a new driver, just avoid the automatic!


Transmission slips slightly when going into second gear.

Emergency brake cable rusted and broke.

Scary noise (probably from transmission) sounded like a circular saw at one point.

General Comments:

When I bought the car I knew the brakes need to be worked on and they ended up needing a complete overhaul, rotors, calipers, etc.

Back seats very tight for any person over 5 feet.

Nearly useless front cup holders, in front of shifter and under stereo and climate controls.

Very sporty feeling with good handling and decent acceleration from 130 horsepower. A lot of fun in the curves!

The car has almost a complete lack of acceleration with the air conditioning on, but at least it blows cold.

I get a lot of compliments on the looks from others which is great considering I only spent $2100 for it!

It is a very tough car, very durable. I took it racing off road with my buddy's Impreza and it killed him. It can take bumps, rocks, and small logs without flinching, but the 14 inch wheels don't do well in a mud bog!

The transmission, and Ford's reputation for automatics, prevents me from giving it full props.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2004