15th Sep 2001, 21:14

Perhaps the customizing was part of the problem... Many pick-up owners can tell you that when you go changing tire sizes drastically (like having to buy new rims to accomodate them) that this WILL affect the transmission. Then add extra wiring and power drainage, well, everyone knows how computers are. The car would probably have been just fine if left stock. Had I been in the repair shop's shoes I would have voided the warranty too.

26th Jan 2002, 16:58

My own Escort has proven to be a reasonably reliable vehicle, with no major repairs in its 1st 60k miles. I did not add non-factory parts or try to "pimp out" mine, so my transmission and all other parts have had no problems.

20th Oct 2002, 01:46

I have a 99 escort and it has been nothing but a problem. I did not "pimp mine out" either. My transmission went out today completely on a major highway. I was stuck alone and no one would stop to help for two hours. Someone finally stopped and I called someone and the thing had to be towed home. That was my only transportation to work and now I would like to ask the ford people a question, what do I do now??? I bought a brand new car from you people and paid it off early and now I am stuck.

16th Jul 2003, 09:13

I have a 1999 Ford Escort ZX2 and the trans has been slipping for a while now (it's at 70k miles). It's just at the "annoying" stage right now, but I'm afraid to find out how much it'll be. I'm pretty loyal to American car companies, and my family has always had Fords, but I think in another year or so, I'll be looking for something else.


22nd Jul 2003, 09:22

I also own a 1999 Ford Escort ZX2. At 16,000 miles (the first time I drove my car) I noticed it idles hard and shakes. I replaced the transmission at 30,000 miles. Since then the shaking has gotten worse, and when I run the a/c or defrost my car stalls out. I have replaced everything the dealership asked. If anyone else has these shaking and stalling problems please e-mail me kmiller121@hotmail.com.

12th Feb 2004, 23:50

My wife has a Ford Escort ZX2, and while in the past I've convinced her to try & love her car despite the problems it's given her, the car is now starting to make me sick. If anyone can help with this problem, I would truly appreciate it. About 2 months ago, the serpentine belt broke apart, apparently because the tensioner had failed. This belt provides power to alternator, air compressor, etc. The mechanic fixed it & replaced the belt. However, since then, the belt has slipped off (not broken apart) 3 times, usually when car goes through standing water (6 inches deep of less). And this problem never happened before. If I had to guess, I'd say there is a piece that is missing to prevent this from happening. My email address is: a_f_156@yahoo.com and any replies would be most appreciated.

16th Feb 2004, 23:44

I guess I should knock wood. I have a 1999 Ford Escort ZX2 and it currently has 205.000 thousand miles on it. I drive 130 miles round trip to work 6 days a week. The only maintance I do is oil changes, tires, breaks. So far no major problems.

12th Mar 2004, 13:51

I actually have a 1999 ford ZX2 with 41,000 miles on it. I also have the combat bomb ground effects on it and RSL 17' rims and I have never had a problem with it. I actually think that it is a great car. I also have 2 12s in a ported box in my trunck and still haven't had a problem excpet for my limited trunk space.

22nd Mar 2004, 12:59

I have a 2001 Ford Escort ZX2, the car only has 41,000 miles and has an extremely bad vibrating problem. I took my car to the dealership to have the problem fixed and they informed me that Ford has known about these problems since 1997 and there is no fix. I'm am looking for anyone who has this same problem, and knows if there is any legal action that can utilized for being sold a car that the Company new had problems.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions please email me at parmock@msn.com.

12th Apr 2004, 19:57

My ZX2 hasn't had a single problem. I'm the second owner and at 70 thousand miles it's as strong as when I got it. It actually was made very well considering the the things I put it through. I have a quick manual transmission that's fast off the line. The only problem I have with it is its tightly packed engine which is killer on your hands to replace basic parts; oil filter, fan belt, etc.

22nd Apr 2004, 17:57

I own a 1999 ZX2 and it has pretty bad gas mileage for a 4 cylinder about 23 mpg. I do routine maintenance and can't figure out the reason. This car has 80,000 miles and seems to be slipping in first sometimes. This car also has a rough idle and jolts when put into reverse. Any ideas on the cause of and solution to these problems?

26th Apr 2004, 14:25

God.. I have 99 escort zx2. 80,000 miles on it.. i didn't have any choice when I bought that car. it was used and cheap, and I needed transportation badly so I just went ahead and bought it. but let me tell you, it is the biggest crap.. it idles real rough and shakes.. when a/c is turned on, the car shakes and almost dies.. today it started to stutter and hesitate when I pushed gas from a stop. I noticed a lot of people have these kinda problems when 80,000 miles is reached. I had a major tune up 2 days ago. and it doesn't make any difference. any ideas?.

6th May 2004, 18:37

I have 98 ZX2 and had my AC go out about 5 months after I got it, that and it made an AWFUL noise when I turned right. I was my AC compressor and my thermostat. Then I was OK for a few years. Last month the AC went again, the thermostat seems to go up and down when it wants, have 50000 miles and think my tranie is starting to slip. Not always, but sometimes... then I was told I need a belt tensioner to make this new AWFUL noise go away.

17th May 2004, 12:54

2000 ZX2 automatic.

Car has about 70,000 miles and the check engine light is on, I think it's only an O2 sensor. However the transmission has been in the shop twice and this time the case has split open. Not a very good car because of this. The engine seems okay, the body rattles a little, but is okay since the car is cheap to buy. I do not accept the fact that the transmission is very frail.

26th May 2004, 13:00

1999 Ford ZX-2 Automatic Transmission Saga.

24,000 miles 3 years + 2 months Transmission Failure. Ford 'grace warranty' due to time. Transmission rebuild at Ford dealer. $1870 80/20 split on cost.

33,000 miles. Rebuilt transmission total failure. Due to previous history $2400 60/40 split on cost + ford throws in a 72,000 powertrain warranty.

58,000 miles. Total transmission failure. First Ford answer "We have no record of an extended warranty". A few phone call later, they've found it. Car's at shop.. Will be forth transmission for this car.

No mods. no extreme driving.

Interestingly, the Service Manager says "I've never seen one of these fail" and "Our transmission guy is backed up at least 3 weeks" nearly in the same sentence!!