30th Oct 2005, 09:35

I bought a ford escort new in 1999. I have put 160,000 miles on it... no problems. I have replaced my alternator twice (due to my big audio system), but that's it! It's a very great car... indestructible. Original water pump, transmission, clutch, timing belt... I just change oil every 3000 miles... :)

17th Nov 2005, 14:46

Good little car. Purchased in may of 97' drove it for 7 1/2 years it only cost me $200.00 for front pads and rotors. With my regular maintanance, I changed oil every 4500-5000 km it lasted very well.

The only problem I had was when my sons car seat had to face backwards the passenger seat needed to be inclined all the way forward.

Had it for 130,000km and it still had great fuel mileage.

2nd Apr 2006, 13:25

I bought a 99 Escort ZX2 a few years ago. I like the car, but it also has a few problems. It has vibrated a lot at stop lights and is worse when I turn on the heater or the air conditioner. When the car warms up there is a jerkiness when I take off. I haven't had it checked yet.

Sounds like it could be a transmission problem. Other than that, the only thing I have replaced is the battery and the oil.

12th Apr 2006, 10:44

I own a '98 Zx2 with 138000 miles. I am the second owner of the car since 2002. The only hiccup it ever had was it idled rough when I first got it (some new spark plugs, wires, fuel filter, air filter, and oil change later it was fine). Other than that I have had no engine, trans, suspension, computer, or braking problems EVER with the car. What will probably be even more surprising is that my Zx2 is modified quite a bit. Full exhaust (header to tip), intake, MSD DIS ignition, coil and wires, higher flow injectors/pump w/rail and fpr, adjustable cam gears, under drive pulleys, ACT clutch, fidanza flywheel, b&m shifter, solid motor mounts, ford racing tokico struts, ground control coil-overs, new bushings all the way around, adjustable sway bars, and stock 14" steel rims with performance street tires, stripped interior, disabled governor. This is my daily driven vehicle and I drive it hard. On the weekends my car sees 130+ mph multiple times. All I know is that a cars reliability may only go so far, but its how you take care of your car that determines it's overall performance. I change the oil every 3,000 miles, follow normal routine maintenance, and use 91 octane fuel. I've never had any abnormal problems with this car. I believe that most of the problems people have is either poor luck, or operator error.

18th Apr 2006, 16:04

My Escort is a Black 2000 ZX2. We bought it new in 2000 and have not had any problems with it except for a thermostat that stuck open at about 50,000 miles. The car still runs like a top and I am very impressed with it's reliability. At 61,000 miles and 6 Ohio winters it still has the original exhaust system and it gets great gas mileage. I have always bought and drove GM cars and trucks, but I bought this car for my wife after she picked it over a Pontiac Sunfire. After not having any Ford products since I was a teenager the Escort was a pleasant surprise for what I thought would be a throwaway car. We plan on keeping it another couple of years for our youngest son to learn how to drive with it. I'm glad we stayed with a domestic vehicle, it helps the economy!

27th Jun 2006, 08:27

I have an '01 ZX2, bought brand new, and I have been having the same problems with my serpentine belt that someone on the first page mentioned... It completely fell apart the first time, and since then it has fallen off twice, both times when it was raining and I have gone through puddles in the road... very frustrating, because then I get to wait for the tow truck in the rain. I have certainly not modified my car in any way... but this is getting more aggravating every day.

3rd Jul 2006, 11:24

I have a '98 ZX2, I brought it in 2000. My AC went out last year. I have 167,000 miles on my car.

My car takes me almost 70 miles a day just to work Mon.-Fri. The only problem I kept having with my car is the inner and outer tire rods for the front tires. Other than that, my car has not let me down. I only ask her to give me another year so I can finish my degree.

I am glad that I have not had any of the major issues with my car.

16th Jul 2006, 19:05

I bought my 1999 ZX2 new. Within the first six months, the check engine light came on. They said it was nothing. Around 30,000 miles the transmission started stalling, they told me that this type of car has a natural stall. I told them it was different that that. When I brought it in after the warranty expired, they finally tell me I need a new transmission. They said since I followed the recommended maintenance, I will only have to pay $500. My car overheated, and the alternator went out. Now at 97,000 the speedometer stopped working and the check engine light is on again. I will never buy another ford. I know people say that you get what you pay for, but these days compared to what people spent 40 years ago on a car, all these cars should last a lot longer without major problems.

28th Jul 2006, 09:58

I have a 1999 ZX2 and need help in removing and replacing the alternator. I have looked everywhere to find out how without taking it in to the repair shop. Any help will be greatly appreciated... thank you.

23rd Nov 2006, 20:49

I just bought a '99 ZX2 about a month ago. I did notice that it has the same vibration problem that others have mentioned. I have gotten that checked out and they just said everything looks fine and that it's normal. I also noticed that I have a pretty significant trunk leak. It seems to be entering on the driver's side of the trunk. The carpeting on that side seems to become soaked during a rain storm and water collects in the wheel well. I have checked out the weather stripping and it seems to be fine. I'm not sure where to go from here. Someone please please help me!!

17th Dec 2006, 10:57

I have a 2001 escort zx2, purchased as a program car with 10000 miles on it. It has had the rough idle ever since the purchase and has gotten worse. The only work was the rear driver side at the wheel, complete replacement, bushings and all. They told me escorts have a glitch in the computer that can't be fixed for the roughness at idler. The transmission has started slipping here recently. You have to be careful when passing because if you get in it to hard nothing happens, but motor rev. Now the shifter won't come out of park unless you remove the plug by the shifter and use a screwdriver to press on the manual release lever. Its getting traded off ASAP.