2nd Apr 2003, 17:19

I will agree about the 2002 Ford ZX2.. Major vibration when idling.. had to have the motor mounts replaced and the trans. mounts replaced.. (at only 28,000 miles.. they are supposed to last about 100,000 miles) but only after I had brought it to them 2 times and they said there was nothing wrong with the car.. all other mechanics (other than a "ford" mechanic) say that there is excessive vibration in the engine.. I am also getting a new noise from the engine at times, sounds like a horn is blowing.. Would NEVER buy one of these cars again..

30th Dec 2004, 09:29

I have a 2003 zx2 and I am not happy with it. To start off my breaks squeaked after only 5,000 miles. I said something to service when I went in for my oil change and he try to tell that is was normal, he said that they put harder brake pads on the new zx2s and is help the car stop better. I knew right then that what he told me wasn't true. I mean, how am I supposed to know when my breaks are bad when the make noise all the time. I asked to talk to his manager. Even the service manager told me that they should not be making all that noise. They ended up taking these metal plates off my breaks that were supposed to keep my breaks from squeaking, when they were what was making them squeak. Now at 11,000 miles I have noticed that when my car is gear and I have my foot on the break that my whole car shakes. When I called service again, I didn't even have to tell them what kind of car I drove they knew right off that is was a zx2. They told me to bring it in, they said that they have had several come in with the same description. The are now ordering engine mounts and I was told this might help a little, but it won't make the shaking stop. I just told them," well, if it isn't fixed all the way you'll just keep seeing me until it is fixed." befor this car I had a 1989 comaro and I had had more trouble with this new car than I ever did with the comaro.