10th Feb 2007, 18:43

I own a metallic blue Escort GTi, which is standard apart from a full Magnex system and K&N panel filter. I left a BMW 320 away at traffic lights. They're not as slow as people make out; depends how you drive them.

By the way folks, Performance Ford mag March 2007 did a turbo conversion on a Escort GTi for under 3k, and came up with a safe 200bhp.

13th Feb 2007, 08:26

How anyone who owns a citroen saxo can slag off any other type of car is a total mystery. Badly made unreliable french tin can.

23rd Feb 2007, 09:19

Why on earth do these people say the escort GTI is slow, are they MAD?? they may not be the quickest car ever, but I've had two a five door now a two door both on R registration. top speed 140mph on a push. that's final!!

24th Feb 2007, 13:50

Escort GTi's are amazing. Yeah, they are slow as standard, but with the right money and mods, you can easily see over 200bhp.

As someone has stated earlier, Saxos will beat Escort GTi's all day long!

I would love to see Saxo even keep up with mine.


25th Feb 2007, 16:28

I bought an escort gti last week and its in mint condition, the only thing I'm worried about is that when I put my foot down, either setting off or at the beggining of 2nd gear the front end of the car shoots to the right hand side and I can't stop it doing it, does any body know what this could be as I don't have a clue, thanks.

14th Mar 2007, 09:11

Having heard so much about the Escort GTi I am after buying one - But being a boring old fart, want one that is unmolested!!

Have about £1500 it anybody knows or sees one can they mail me?? Cheers, R.


27th Mar 2007, 03:24

Hey, I bought a '98 GTI yesterday, and I'm loving it. Will get my mate's sat nav and see what the real speed is versus the speedo.

Laddo who commented on getting it as his first car - well - I bought mine on the back of some 17-18 year old who couldn't afford the insurance. Lucky me, I nearly lost her to some young lad who would have battered it. I'm 21; a bit more sense. Will look to mod.

You should get onto confused.com, or Directline. Easy to get a quote online.

28th Mar 2007, 09:13

Just a note to the guy who wants a gti for his first car - I am 18 and I am paying just over #1300 quid for a fast track policy with Bell Insurance. I am insured for 10 months and get a full year no claims after the 10 month policy expires. So you can insure a gti fairly easily. Cheers.

28th Mar 2007, 14:56

For the question about insurance; I am 18, it's my 1st car, I have insured it through my dads insurance as a 2nd driver. But if you can't do that, shop around, you can get a good cheap deal, they're out there!

30th Mar 2007, 13:14

Hi all, well I've had my Escort GTI for 6 month now and it's never let me down yet. It's a good reliable car, it's still a buzz to drive it, and who said the GTI is slow??? Well in fact I've done 140+. It hit the clock and the speedo was bouncing up and down, and I've got evidence on my mobile phone.

31st Mar 2007, 11:48

To the people having idling problems do you have a cone filter fitted? These have been known to cause problems due to the oil on them which coats the air flow meters hot wire with oil confusing the ecu.

31st Mar 2007, 12:35

Hi I'm looking to get a 1.6 gti does anybody know what power they put out and is it worth getting?. lol will it be a step up from a 1.1 fiesta?. and how do they handle mods?, thanks.

8th Apr 2007, 09:55

The escort gti is a 1.8 not a 1.6.

19th Apr 2007, 03:25

I want a 1998 escort 1.8 gti and just wondering what would be the first modification you would make to a standard model??

I want extra performance, but with out making my insurance to high, any ideas?

Cheers for any help.

25th Apr 2007, 10:36

Nope according to all the usual websites the escort gti has a 0-60 time of 10. long way from just over 8.

31st May 2007, 17:26

So far as I know the GTi only came in 1.8, Zetec-E 115bhp form, and is (I think) ins. group 13 if that's any help?

I've got an Si Estate with the same motor and it's a reasonably quick car, not fast by any means, but enough. You still get hammered on insurance if you're quite young... Meh.

12th Jun 2007, 06:34

The GTi comes in a 1.6 16v and a 1.8 16v version.

24th Jun 2007, 06:21

Hi there everyone. I've had my Escort GTI now for nearly 3 years, and really need some advice if anyone can help me? I'm wondering what size engine I could get in my car? I'm thinking something with a turbo? Not a bolt on turbo either.

Does anyone have any suggestions, and where I could get an engine from?


9th Jul 2007, 16:18

Hi boys, I've got an Escort Si (GTI rep). I've got a turbo fitted low compression, ain't no Saxo touchin it. GTI's are slow as standard, but with a bit of money spent you can turn them into flyers.

10th Jul 2007, 07:36

If I had enough cash, I'd be going the traditional route and getting a cossie engine in there straight away, 227 bhp as standard! Just need it all wiring up and mating correctly.

Don't forget to up-rate everything such as suspension, brakes etc. so you don't crash!

14th Aug 2007, 05:05

I'm 23. I've only been driving a year, and I'm getting my GTi soon. How much roughly will it cost to get it to 150bhp?

23rd Aug 2007, 11:17

Iv just gt a escort gti and wanna know where I can get a bolt on turbo from and wat would I need to up grade.

31st Aug 2007, 06:59

My Escort GTi can beat any Saxo VTS, cos I have all these modifications to it!!! Uprated Cam and blah blah blah!

Now do the same to the Saxo and I will bet that the GTi will never be able to match it. If you're going to compare, then compare like for like cars, not a modified car to a standard car as it's totally unfair.

Do the maths; the VTS has 120 bhp and weighs in at 950kg, and the Escort has 115 bhp and weighs in over a ton and more!

Even if the VTS is a french tin-can, nothing can be said about the Ford as most of them will rust away soon away!

11th Sep 2007, 07:07

Hey I have just bought an escort gti 16v 1.8, it's a lovely looking car and I am well happy with it. But I've noticed that the back slips out sometimes though and the gear box seem to grate when I put it in to reverse, is this a common thing with these types or cars? I'm not great under the bonnet so thought someone could help out?

Also any tips on how to modify it so it looks the part with out screaming boy racer (Or girl in fact!)

16th Sep 2007, 08:32

Hi lads.98 gti 3 door in red going on e-bay tonight. item number 260160824520.totally standard excellent condition.I've had it over 3 years never let me down. have a look,give me a call. you won't find better.01158772996.