23rd Sep 2007, 05:59

Hi, I've got a gti, but I would like it to be quicker. Is the bolt on turbos thing true? If so, where can I get one from? Please email me on ice_smooth86@yahoo.co.uk


24th Sep 2007, 11:31

Alright everyone I've just past my test at 17 and looking to buy a 1998 escort gti. I've wanted this car for years now lol and always knew that the insurance would be a killer. Anyone else here have the escort gti as their first car?? what insurance company are you all with?


Cheers for any help.

1st Oct 2007, 04:20

Hi I have had an 98 4dr gti for 2years now. I find its pretty quick. I have k and n and big bore exhaust. but how can I make mine go that little bit faster for as little dosh as possible?

1st Oct 2007, 10:03

Push it off a cliff, that will make it go faster for nothing.

5th Oct 2007, 13:18

Hey all, I've had my 1999 Escort GTI for a couple of months now. I don't know of any modifications its had, how would I know if its had any at all? It does 0-60 in about 8 seconds now, 2nd gear is awesome on it. Not had chance to race anyone yet, but they are a smart looking and nippy car.

13th Oct 2007, 12:10

0-60 in 7.1 seconds. So you're telling me that your 1.8 Escort with around 100 bhp that has a listed 0-60 time of 10 seconds is faster than a 200 bhp Golf GTI, a 190bhp Toyota Celica and a 3.2 V6 Chrysler Crossfire. For some reason I'm struggling to believe you; I wonder why?

13th Oct 2007, 20:45

Your escort 1.8 with an after market exhaust will not do 142 mph, the escort cossie was only listed at 137 mph top speed.

14th Oct 2007, 09:03

0-60 7.1 er no,142mph er no and 50 mpg... guess whats coming... er NO! And let's face it, no one in their right mind thinks a 1.8 heavy ass BMW is fast either, even a 1.3 Suzuki Swift would leave one standing. You can over estimate your cars performance all you want, but just don't go thinking anyone will believe you.

14th Oct 2007, 09:52

I've got an Escort GTi and previously I owned and Escort Finesse. Anyone found problems with the wishbone bushes? Both of the cars started swerving and they felt like the wheels were going to fall off and both times they had the same problem.

I love the car, but its not true that it will go 140mph although I have done 120 with plenty left on the rev counter. 1st gear isn't much different than the Finesse. 2nd is good in low revs and 3rd and 4th are great in high revs. What happened to 5th? It's very slack! You stick in 5th and it gets very sluggish. Not good enough for a gti I'm afraid!

Also, does anyone know if there are any perfomance differences in the GTi and the Si? Ie, engine tuning, gear ratios and suspension?

16th Oct 2007, 17:25

Had loads of problems myself with the wishbones on Escorts they eat front tyres (10 in 2 years- dear do!). Used to have a finesse now got a GTi and I think the tracking's out on this. I heard if you lower em its worse! Anyone know a way of strengthing them?

20th Oct 2007, 09:46

I want a escort gti, but worrying will it be to slow what do you think?

20th Oct 2007, 11:03

Gti does 0-60 in 10 seconds. you can be the judge of that. I used to have a 206 gti 140bhp; it did 0-60 in 8.4 (and I thought it was slow).

23rd Oct 2007, 14:56

A grand 40k miles that's a good deal man you can make a few bob on that.

24th Oct 2007, 10:38

If you fit the mondeo 2L cams, throttle body or MAF sensor (any) do you have to reprogram the ECU (mines a SLUG, not a JEST) got my eye on a Superchip though so would this sort it if you did have to fiddle with the ECU?

4th Nov 2007, 13:44

To all Escort GTi (115ps) owners. Don't be ripped off by the scum on ebay - you don't need the MAF sensor off a 2.0L Mondeo Zetec- you only need the throttle body. If you have a Escort Si (105ps) then the MAF may benefit you. However the MAF sensor (part No. 93BB-12B579-BAAFH60-02A) is the same on both Escort & Mondeo. Cost me 40 quid to work this out!

9th Nov 2007, 10:47

"And enough acceleration to keep a civic type R at bay up to 115 mph."

Lol that's a good one thanks.

14th Nov 2007, 14:21

Take it the local garage mate- they fix your car you give them money works for me everytime.

20th Nov 2007, 05:01

Engine cutting out: Low on oil? Fuel pump?

Anyone know how the GTi is different to the Si in terms of performance? Engine tuning, Suspenstion, etc.

4th Jan 2008, 11:21

Actually, the gti and si are identical, mechanical wise, the only differences being the wheels, body kit and some interior details. Oh and the much much higher insurance group rating.

8th Jan 2008, 03:41

Isn't there a 130ps GTi?

8th Jan 2008, 09:04

Nope sorry all 1.8L mk6/7 escorts are 115ps.

9th Jan 2008, 13:01

I got a GTI about 2 months ago and I think they are nice pretty fast of pull off, but mine seems to struggle with it gets to 90-120 really slows down after 90 and struggles getting to 120..

Any ideas?

9th Jan 2008, 13:53

"struggles to 120" You should be chuffed that it gets to 120, they only have 115 bhp after all. There is nothing wrong with your car.

13th Jan 2008, 08:49

Yes 130 is very fast mate, but your 115 bhp escort will not go that fast.

14th Jan 2008, 13:55

Anybody got a decat pipe cheap for my poorly Escort GTi? Mine has just collapsed. It sounds like I have got rocks in the pipe, and it won't go over 4000 revs. I got overtaken by a moped; that's bad!

14th Jan 2008, 15:18

OK just bought a black escort 99 gti a month ago and I love it. THEY ARE NOT SLOW. pretty lame what people have been writing. clearly don't know what they are talking about. never had any little boy racer cars pass me. saxos and golfs try to race me, but don't get near. I have no idea what my previous owner did to my car, but SHE FLYS. I have got big plans for her. the body, interior and engine is immaculate love it!

15th Jan 2008, 15:00

You've de modded it mate. You need to get it re-tuned fuel flow airflow everything is now out.

15th Jan 2008, 15:03

Add to above comment: the cams have to be locked out. If it's done wrong, your timings out. If the timing's out, get ready to lose a valve or two.

16th Jan 2008, 13:01

If you've overdone it on timing belt tension, it won't make a difference on performance, but could either snap or take another thing out; ie water pump bearings. You can under do the tension, but then belt would jump, causing the timing to go out.

16th Jan 2008, 13:03

Add to above again LOL, not running cold, auto choke not working is the most likely cause.

18th Jan 2008, 15:33

My ABS light is constantly on; how bad is this?

19th Jan 2008, 10:23

Mine was on until I had all the brakes done! New shoes, discs and pads! Then it went off! But with Fords it could be anything.

19th Jan 2008, 11:01

Depends if your car stops when you brake LOL. Normally wear limit or a knackered/or just dirty censor.